Friday, April 8, 2011


the picture of this soldier, sums it up
If I didnt think my husband was underpaid before, I surely think he is underpaid today. Yes, today is the last day for Congress to figure this out. If they dont figure this out, OUR military-You know the ones who at anytime could give their life for this country, the ones who miss out on ALOT of their family life, the ones who step up to the plate, you know, that special 1% of the nation, Yeah, they will be getting only HALF their pay on the 15th of April.. Do you know what half of not much is? Sure, sure, it will be backpaid, but some families cant back eat, or tell their babies to ration the diapers and milk... Little children will have to wait until next year to play baseball or soccer. Now, the military isnt the ONLY thing on the line and we surely arent the only ones that will suffer at our govts hands, but for SHAME that this is even an option. My husband, isnt unlike any other soldier, has deployed 4 times for this nation, has moved us all over the world anytime the Army says so, he has MANY times worked 24 hour days, he also is sometimes a marriage counselor, financial planner, father, leader, therapist, disciplinarian, mission planner, appt keeper to hundreds, attends ANY and All promotions, WLC graduations, farewells, volunteer, hospital visitor, strong shoulder, etc.. SURELY he is worth his full pay. He does all of this before he comes home, where he continues to be the head of the house and reads to kids, helps clean up after dinner, gives baths, helps with homework, takes me on dates, makes sure we know he loves us and appreciates us.. His ONLY true "me" time, is his sleep and even that can and is usually interuppted by child abuse, domestic violence, duis, death, mayhem.... Soldiers deserve MORE than to be pawns in politicians ridonculousness. Soldiers worry enough about deploying and the possibility of dying for this country, than to worry about their families back home, struggling with bills, food and money. Its no secret, most military families live paycheck to paycheck as it is. So, if you know of a military family that needs help during this, help them.. Even if that is a ride to the store, a dinner, an ear or shoulder. We are Army Strong and will be okay.

To Congress, SURELY my husbands' son and son in laws' life, along with the lives of ANYONE else who wears this uniform is worth their full pay.. Do the right thing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello friends!

Its been a long while since I have actually posted a blog-sorry. Things have been hectic, some good and some bad and with work and kids, you know :) So today I went to a nutrition class because my blood work came back BAD..I had an elevated blood sugar after fasting, and too low of one type of cholesterol-booo.. The class was amazing and I actually learned alot. Carbs CAN be our friend, BUT we have to know how many and what kind. I need to increase my veggies and fruits and proteins. Did you know an average size bagel is 4 servings?? YIKES-that is INSANE!!!!! I never knew that. Im obsessed with getting my health and body back on the right track again. In HS I am fairly sure I had an eating disorder. I used to chew my food but not swallow it, LIVED on bubble gum, diet pills, diet gum, consuming only orange juice, throw up, not eat, you name it, I did it.. WHY? Because thin was good and fat was bad. Oddly I was perfect sized in hs, yet thought I was a cow.. We are weird when we are teenagers... So, Sal actually made me stop all that and just be content with who I am, which was also a bad thing(and him telling me im beautiful and perfect even gaining weight, didnt help, LOL.. It was fabulous to feel so comfortable in my own skin and knowing that my husband thinks I am gorgeous wether I am 100 lbs or not 100 lbs, BUT it really kept me from taking as good of care of myself as I should have. OF course, if he had ever told me I was a fat ass, his butt would have been out the door, LOL soooo, he cant win, LOL.. But, I have been losing the weight, slowly but surely.. That class today opened my eyes about cardiac issues, diabetes, etc.. I dont want to go down like that and I wont. I have never been so motivated in my life. The Dr. was very realistic and said to make baby step changes, increase this, decrease that, so that is what im doing :) I know I can do it. So cheers to eating better and excersizing more! CHEERS!