Friday, February 25, 2011


Capt Needler and Sgt Wicker with MY husband!! Should I be worried??? He does have his arms around them.. LOL I think he has even hugged them goodbye before, the little sluts LMAO.. So let me tell you about Wicker-She is a SUPREME medic that would save your husbands ass with a hand tied behind her back... And Capt Needler, well she is equally a bad ass and we love them both like DAUGHTERS.. And trust me, Capt Needler has every reason to hate my husband, LOL he likes to throw staplers... But she doesnt.. She is about taking care of the soldiers.. She is also married to a former soldier who is fabulous as well. PS- I dare one of you to call wicker a slut- READ-MMA FIGHTER.. Really..
My dear friend, Kristin-former naval officer now army spouse!

Okay people, female soldiers are no more whores, sluts, family breaker uppers, etc than ANY MALE soldier.. Its called paranoia ladies...I can promise you that the female soldiers in your husbands unit are not AFTER HIM... It is HORRIBLE, the things I have read lately about female soldiers and I am insulted for them.. Maybe because Sal is an MP and has ALWAYS worked around females that I am totally fine with it Oh, and another small thing-I trust him.. Maybe its more a trust issue than a paranoid one.. WHo knows.. What I do know is that through the 22 years of military family member-ness, I have met WONDERFUL soldiers-male and female.. Worthy of wearing the uniform and living by the military code and values..I hope those of you who have called these wonder women, these horrible things, realize that SOME of you will have or do have daughters and POSSIBLY some of them will join the military... Is that what you want people to think of females in the military?? Is that what you want people to think of YOUR daughter, if she joins the military?? Umm no.. You dont, but you perpetuate the stereotype by continually making insane comments... Here are a couple of wonderful females that I know and love that are soldiers.. Dar, Dannielle, Sarah,Shepell, even a current army spouse, Kristin, was a Naval officer.. All of them have either served or are serving.. None of them sluts, whores or anything even close to that.. All of them have served with my husband(Except Kristin) and if you ask Sal, he would go to war with ALL of them and trusts them.. There are MANY more we know who I can say the same thing about.. So, stop and think about what you say. I have also seen SOME of your comments and complaints about your soldiers not passing pt tests, being chaptered, getting article 15's, so they are NO fabulous role model in the Army.. So, women join the military for the same reasons the men do.. Serve their country, be part of something wonderful, college, experience, etc.. So THINK before you speak..

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Boot Campaign!!

GREAT PROJECT.. Donate or buy if you can!!! Pass along !!!

Just a brag on my man :)

I got this email from a former soldier of his. She was and is a fabulous women, no longer a soldier but carries what she learned into her civilian life. I remember about 3 nights before they were to deploy in 2003, we had the platoon over for dinner and her mom had called her cell phone and asked to speak with my husband.. THis was her baby and she wanted to make a connection with him, so she knew who would be leading her baby girl into war. SHE did a phenominal job and we are proud of Lacey. Anyway, I like to think Sal is the best, LOL as do all spouses want to think that, but when you get letters from soldiers who you havnt seen in 6 years, about your husband, it makes you stand a little prouder of him than I could already be..

Here goes-

Hi Mary. Not sure if you remember me, but mSG. Urzi was my squad leader when I deployed with him to Iraq in 2003. I don't have his e-mail address so I hope you don't mind that I have forwarded this message to you.

I learned on Wednesday that I was going to be promoted - I am currently a Deputy Sheriff for the Parole and Probation Division for Marion County. In my interview for this process, I was asked how I had developed my leadership skills and what a leader was to me. I want msg. Urzi to know that I literally was thinking of him when I answered the questions...someone who leads by example, someone who if fair, firm, and consistent, someone who takes cares of soldiers (or deputies - same thing:), someone that makes you want to work for them, and someone who embodies respect, selfless service, loyalty, duty, honor, integrity, and more.

I am not sure that I ever told msg. Urzi "thank you" enough for having my back and bringing me home safely. I want to tell him now. I will try to thank him by taking care of my deputies. I am grateful to have him as my teacher of leadership. I know he will probably think this e-mail sounds too cheesy and he's going to play off what he has meant to so many people, but I still want him to know anyway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mucho Pain!

Ugg!! 2 days ago, I woke up with SEVERE back pain, like cant walk and stand upright kind of pain.. Today, I couldnt stand it and for those that know me, I REFUSE to go to DRs! So, I called and they got me right in. It could be a couple of things, 1 being arthritis and the other a bulging disc-both suck ass! They sent me in for xrays and since I just turned 40, also put me in for a baseline mamogram(not looking forward to that at all, but it must be done) They also got me an appt with physical therapy for my back and that is for tomorrow-YAY! I feel tres miserables! I dont like pain ,but have a high threshold for it, but this is just horrible! I have tried, wet heat, heat, soaking, shower, massage, stretching, walking, sitting, laying, ANYTHING short of jumping off the roof (but if I knew for sure that would stop the pain, id probably do it) I have to brag a wee bit about our 17 year old.. Today Sal had him stay home with me to take care of me and let me tell you, he did a FABOOSH job.. He took really good care of his baby brother, cleaned 2 of the bathrooms, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, tidy'd up the Arctic room and anything else that needed to be done.. LOVE YOU ANTHONY! So Sal and the little boys are down in the Urzi and sons gym! Sal and Tony have been building up quite a nice gym in the basement. We are on our mission to get fit.. again, LOL.. We get so busy with other things, we tend to put off eating as healthy as we should and working out, so we bought a very nice weight bench and weights and a uber awesome treadmill :) So, I have to take it easy for a couple of days(twist my arm, LOL) I can't wait to feel better though, I need to get some spring cleaning going on!!!!
On a mucho happier note... Today is the 3rd anniversary of our daughter Ashlee and her husband, Blake!! Congrats you 2... Mom and Dad are BEYOND proud of you both.. You are working very hard at being not only a wonderful example to other young military couples, but a good example to your daughter. Your love for each other shines through your faces... Love you both!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you!

Dear Sal,

22 years!! Can you believe it? Remember that morning 22 years ago when we said "I do"? We were both so nervous and excited. We were so grown up, (or so we thought, LOL) We were about to travel on a journey that would littlery lead us around the world, through wars(sometimes even at home) We were beginning our life as a family. I just want to thank you for being the man that you are. You are my rock, my love, my partner in life. I love that in our marriage, we have an equal partnership in all, whether that be raising our kids, or helping around the house. I love your beautiful blue eyes, they are dreamy. I love that you ask my opinion about things and can take it when it isnt in agreement with yours. I love that you put up with my feisty bitchness and think im always cute.. You make me feel like I can do anything and everything, everyday. Im proud of you as a father to our children, no kid could have ever asked for a better father :) Im glad we took this journey together and cant wait to see where else it finds us.. Together we are a great team and can face anything.. I love you baby!!! Happy 22 years and MANY more to come!

sad day

my sister, Ronni and our dad at her bday party!!!
my father and I

23 years ago today, I saw my father for the last time.. I was 17 and my sister was 11... He died quickly and painlessly of a massive heart attack. My little sister was sitting in the backyard with him when it happened.. He was only 38, I am now 2 years older than he. I miss him, Ronni misses him, my mom misses him and we are all sad that he misses out on all the wonderful things that have happened over the years. I like to think he watches us and there have been MANY times, little things have reminded me of him and makes me believe he is watching me.. Anytime a Marty Robbins song comes on, I cant help but stop and remember how at peace my dad looked listening to him sing. Anytime I hear "all the gold" by the oakridge boys, I have a chuckle, because he and Ronni and actions to that song and he would play it over and over and we would all bust a gut laughing. I remember him teaching me how to make an omelet and attempting at giving me lessons in understanding football(he was wasting his breath, LOL, and he knew it, but he tried anytime he could) I remember there wasnt a holiday that went by without a cute little gift for me, my sister and my mom. He was a great father. I cant ever imagine him having sons.. His girls were his life! He even curled our hair for school when we were little, if my mom couldnt do it. Of course like any father, he was be embarrassing, when you were 14 and act a fool in front of your friends, but id give ANYTHING, for those moments. I always felt safe when he was home, he was so big and strong and manly. He set the bar very high for Ronni and I, in what to ask for in a partner, but I think he would be proud of his sons in law. Its sad when someone dies and you start forgetting things like how they smelled, or the sound of their laugh, when that happens I really have to concentrate on it, I honestly cant remember what his voice sounded like though. I can however remember his laugh when I stop and think about it. I just miss him so much! A girl shouldnt lose her father, ever.. Daddy's should live forever, I think..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You want the truth Part 2

I forgot to mention all the fun rights of passage you will miss out on when you make a choice to be a young teen parent..
I didnt get to go to my sr prom. I could have gone, but Sal was in basic training and I was due any moment.. I didnt get to partake in Sr Ditch day or the Sr Class trip, or walking down the aisle with my friends on graduation day.. Want to know what I was doing that day? Learning what dialation meant and learning that LUKE AFB didnt do epidurals for vaginal births(DIDNT LIKE LEARNING THAT ONE) I also learned that having a baby wasnt glamourous like on tv. My make up wasnt fresh, I looked like hell warmed over.. We didnt have the money then to make a beautiful nursery for our sweet baby. We had hand me downs of EVERYTHING.. I did splurge on a carseat and stroller(the stroller wasnt really a splurge, but it wasnt used) I also realized that babies require LOTS of diapers!!! I also realized really quickly how to use cloth diapers and that its NO fun carrying a bucket of gross cloth diapers to the laundry mat... I learned how to creatively budget and not always eat the HEALTHIEST of meals but we had full tummies at the end of the night. Also, did you know that toothpaste, toilet paper and paper towels don't magicially appear like in mommy and daddys' house??? (they dont!, they really dont!) Now, is being a teen married couple and parents all horrible? NO! Do "adult" married couples struggle? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! BUT like any marriage and parental responsibility, it comes with ALOT of hard work.. Are you ready to clean hotel rooms for extra money??? I did it in Germany the 1st time we lived there... NOT FUN!!! The 1st time we were in Germany, my friend Jen and I both worked 2 jobs.. We were housekeepers at the marriott in Frankfurt Germany and we worked at a video store(she too was a young army spouse) Point is, yes there can and will be success stories(I like to think Sal and I are one of them) BUT the reality of it is, it isnt always successful, more times than not-it isnt.. Are you ready to stay up all night long with a teething or colicy bebe? Are you ready to not take vacations, or buy the latest trendy clothing? Are you ready to NOT be able to afford medicines and vaccines for your child(ren)? Wait, there is nothing wrong with waiting.. If he loves you for you, he will wait too.. If he or she isnt willing to wait then let them loose.... Its okay to stand your ground and say, im waiting until I am really ready for a baby.. I love our children and greatful that I had a man who was willing to climb that mountain with me and carry me when I needed it and Me, for him.. Enjoy these years.. Dont try and grow up too fast...

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. ~Chili Davis

You want the truth?

Okay, so im watching the pregnancy pact on LMN and I just want to slap these girls! I was a teenage mother.. Me, Mary Simpson-Urzi, was a statistic.... I got pregnant at 17, dropped out of high school, married at 18.. I THOUGHT I knew it all and didnt need school, thought it was cute that I was having a baby.. HA! Double HA! It isnt romantic or cute to be a teenager in school and pregnant. Even under the best circumstances its hard... I LOVED high school, loved everything about it, BUT you quickly learn who your true friends are when this happens, so there goes that support.. You dissapoint your family, again there goes that support.. You dissapoint yourself and paralyze your future... So, yes I married the father of my unborn baby, quietly with no beautiful fanfare, in secresy.. Not even a picture.. So, yes Sal and I married and had a few things GOING for us-1, he was joining the Army so we had that stability, 2-we had housing allowance, 3-medical benefits, 4-on the same sheet of music with our relationship and were ready for the hardknocks.. And there were PLENTY of them... Sal had to work 2 jobs (the army and in his off time at a dairy in Va) He did this for many reasons, but most importantly to provide extra income to his new little family(we didnt get WIC, or any other assistance) And diapers arent cheap, infact diapers, baby food, wipes, just basic needs of a wee one can bankrupt a budget faster than congress takes a vacation... So, poor Sal was working 12 hour shifts, and working HOURS at a dairy.. Why didnt I have a job? Because daycare is EXPENSIVE annnnd high school dropouts dont get hired on at well paying jobs-TYPICALLY. So, we agreed that he would work the extra job and I would stay home(isolated alot.. In a new town, no family or friends around, nada.. Just me and the bebe) It was very hard not to complain about him never being home to help when he WAS helping!! Then surprise surprise, we were getting ready for another bundle of joy.. Now that is 3 mouths to feed on an E2 pay(less than 1k a month) We had to buy a new car that would fit 2 carseats, so that was yet another bill for us. We then recieved orders for Germany.. I did eventually get my deploma(im not COMPLETLEY stupid) But it was a long road.. Sal and I had many roadblocks along the road, even times were werent sure our marriage would succeed. Times I felt and sometimes still feel that I havnt been able to do some of the things that I wanted to do, just for me.. My whole world is about my husband and our children and now grandchildren.. My life has been devoted to them... Which I have LOVED doing, but there have BEEN MANY arguments about Sal following his dreams because I have been here to take care of the homefront and not vice versa... Its hard.. you feel torn, underappreciated, worn out and all before you are 30! Yes it is true, I wouldnt ever change my life because I feel it has made me stronger and better, BUT it was hard.. When we are 16 and THINK we know what we want in life, I can promise you that TYPICALLY it wont be what you want in your 20's and 30's... THINK before you have unprotected sex(abstinance would be MUCHO better, but im realistic) Think that for the rest of your life you will be taking care of a human being, striving to always teach him/her to be a good person, do the right thing, etc.. That is serious business.. Just think that a few moments of "fun" can lead to a lifetime of responsability before you are really ready.. So, back to this movie. OMG, a whole group of girls planned and got pregnant in 1 town.. FOR WHAT? crazy girls!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

T-Minus 2 days and a wake up

Until I am the BIG FOUR TO THE HELL-0!!!!! Weird, since I dont feel ancient.. I really don't, well my bones and joints do-but in my head and heart, I definately dont feel "ancient" Dom asked me the other day how old I will be and I asked him how old he THINKS I am.. He said 23-umm yeah, we will go with that.. I told him, no, mama is going to be 40!! He scrunched up his face and said "Oh".. As if to say, Oh wow, I didnt know people could live that long, or, Oh, Ohh, im sorry, will you be dying soon? LOL.. Anyway, it is what it is.. i'll be 40, not a big deal.. RIGHT?? RIGHT??? (testing, testing, is this thing on?) 40 years has been good to me. Ive had some sad times to appreciate the happy times, ive been glad, mad, in love, out of love, not married, married, no kids, then 6 kids, and grandkids. Sal has taken me to live all over the world and ive seen and met some wonderful and not so wonderful people. Im actually for the most part extrememly happy with my life (trying to weed out the people in my life that cause undo hardships) Ive cried, laughed, lost a father, informed I had a brother and another sister. Ive been furious, insane, watched my love go off to war multiple times, but also witnessed him coming back home. Ive met amazing people over the years, I have a super husband, sister and sister from another mister, sister in law, nieces, nephews, brothers in law and children and grandkids to entertain me and to love and be loved by.. Sure, there are regrets and things I wished to have done much earlier in life and im currently trying to get over some of those things, LOL.. I hope I live at least 40 more, maybe one day even see great grandkids. So, 40 isnt going to be TOOOO terrible, right? With the right makeup and lighting, im hoping I can pass for 30 for a few more years.. Hmm, I should research which public places I go to and make sure they have the right lighting, haha. Smooches..