Friday, February 25, 2011


Capt Needler and Sgt Wicker with MY husband!! Should I be worried??? He does have his arms around them.. LOL I think he has even hugged them goodbye before, the little sluts LMAO.. So let me tell you about Wicker-She is a SUPREME medic that would save your husbands ass with a hand tied behind her back... And Capt Needler, well she is equally a bad ass and we love them both like DAUGHTERS.. And trust me, Capt Needler has every reason to hate my husband, LOL he likes to throw staplers... But she doesnt.. She is about taking care of the soldiers.. She is also married to a former soldier who is fabulous as well. PS- I dare one of you to call wicker a slut- READ-MMA FIGHTER.. Really..
My dear friend, Kristin-former naval officer now army spouse!

Okay people, female soldiers are no more whores, sluts, family breaker uppers, etc than ANY MALE soldier.. Its called paranoia ladies...I can promise you that the female soldiers in your husbands unit are not AFTER HIM... It is HORRIBLE, the things I have read lately about female soldiers and I am insulted for them.. Maybe because Sal is an MP and has ALWAYS worked around females that I am totally fine with it Oh, and another small thing-I trust him.. Maybe its more a trust issue than a paranoid one.. WHo knows.. What I do know is that through the 22 years of military family member-ness, I have met WONDERFUL soldiers-male and female.. Worthy of wearing the uniform and living by the military code and values..I hope those of you who have called these wonder women, these horrible things, realize that SOME of you will have or do have daughters and POSSIBLY some of them will join the military... Is that what you want people to think of females in the military?? Is that what you want people to think of YOUR daughter, if she joins the military?? Umm no.. You dont, but you perpetuate the stereotype by continually making insane comments... Here are a couple of wonderful females that I know and love that are soldiers.. Dar, Dannielle, Sarah,Shepell, even a current army spouse, Kristin, was a Naval officer.. All of them have either served or are serving.. None of them sluts, whores or anything even close to that.. All of them have served with my husband(Except Kristin) and if you ask Sal, he would go to war with ALL of them and trusts them.. There are MANY more we know who I can say the same thing about.. So, stop and think about what you say. I have also seen SOME of your comments and complaints about your soldiers not passing pt tests, being chaptered, getting article 15's, so they are NO fabulous role model in the Army.. So, women join the military for the same reasons the men do.. Serve their country, be part of something wonderful, college, experience, etc.. So THINK before you speak..


  1. Great post!! I would like to think that women are not sitting around pondering on how to get some for free and then says, "I know!! I'll join the millitary!!"
    I think that it is osburd that anyone could lie down under the blanket of protection that these women help provide and then make such accusations.
    Our gender has to work twice as hard to even get half the recognition that men do. Has allways been that way (desendent of Lizzy shoemaker, who had womens rights accepted in Kansas) and that will never change. Its harder to have our own women hold out a fist rather then support the fact that we too make a difference.
    These women have husbands, children and parents that fear for their safety every day, who love them and want them home.... and they get this in return? Those women that you speak of who has made such remarks should join that church that protests at millitary feunerals, for they are no better.....

    Again, great blog post, and thank you for supporting our own..

  2. I can't say enough how great this post is. I'm an Army veteran, and the wife of an NCO who's soon to retire. I've been around the Army a while. I think the one thing I would change if I could change one thing is the perception of female soldiers by wives. I really can't stand how if one female soldier does something stupid, even if it was 100 years ago, some wife is probably going to throw it in my face as hard as she can if I say something favorable about female soldiers. In no other subgroup of society is it remotely acceptable to treat people like that based on the actions of people they don't even know, but if you're a female soldier or even prior service, you get thrown under the bus for stuff you didn't do all the time. It drives me nuts.

    I didn't join to steal anyone's man. (Do these people even know that half the Army is single, and the male to female ratio is like 10 to 1? It's not like there's a man shortage or something.) I didn't join because I was too ugly to get a man on the outside. In fact, I don't know anybody who joined for those reasons, yet that's what we get flung at us all the time. The wives who do it must not realize that we probably joined for the same reasons as their husbands. Me, I wanted to see the world (boy did I get that wish! LOL) and one of the MOS's they offered me seemed cool (and it was!). I know a lot of guys who joined for that reason, too. On them, it's noble, but on me, my motives are questioned. That's ridiculous. Service to our nation is service to our nation, and gender doesn't matter when it comes to that. Wonder when everyone will get the memo.