Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Roman!

6 years ago this afternoon, we gave birth to who would be our 6th and final Army Brat. In true Urzi boy fashion he weighed in at a whopping 10lbs!!! I still can't believe it's been 6 years since we had him, seems like only yesterday. Roman has provided us some crazy family stories and also given us much happiness and love. Our family didn't really feel complete until he was placed in my arms-then we knew he was EXACTLY what our family was waiting for to be complete.
Roman is a perfect combination of all the other 5 kids, it's a little crazy actually. He has the exact hair color and sense of humor as Nicholas, the temper and spirit of Ashlee, the lovingness and eyes of Cassidy, the mischieviousness and loyalty of Anthony and the love of life and laughter of Dominic. He has been a cutie pie for us and we just love him..

Dear Roman,

6 years old!!! Yayy 6!!! I love that you are such a strong and good boy. I love coming home from work everyday and hearing you tell me you want a cuddle and you get on my lap with your cute blankie and just melt into my arms. Although right now as I type this journal you are having a HUGE temper tantrum and making me crazy-I still think you are a cutie pie and love you-ALOT! I secretly do not want you to grow up. I cannot lie, I get very teary eyed at the thought of you not being a little boy, you are such a cute and sweet little guy. I hope you always have that innocense and love for life. I love that you call bacon bits, bacon bites and I love that only momma can make you perfect chocolate milk, its cute that you like to dip EVERYTHING in ketchup and that you know exactly how to order at starbucks. You make me laugh little man. Momma loves you to the moon sweet boy, to the moon....