Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet boy

Seven years ago a little man blessed our lives. Roman was the last chapter in our family. The final bambino! It was very bittersweet to know he was the last one. 6 amazing pregnancies, so very blessed and that would be coming to an end, it made me very sad, but his being in our lives made me super happy. Romans birth was typical and pretty normal, not too fast and not too quick, he would be the only birth I had an epidural with-AMAZING, LOL Weird, but amazing. At the time he had some complications after birth, toxic level of bilirubin, possible blindness, a few markers of DS and some muscle issues, but he came through all of it like a champ-Or so we thought. Little did we know at the time that some of these issues wouldn't come into fruition until he was around the age of 5-6 and they came with a vengeance.. Vision, minor brain damage and with that came dysagraphia, SPD and anxiety. These are all things we have been recently dealing with and while they can and do pose a challenge to every member of this house, he is still very loved and a blessing to us. He has made us become even MORE patient and to learn some different parenting tools. He is an amazing little man though and we love and adore him each and every day..

Dear Roman,
You are seven today!!!! Yay 7!!!! At the age of 7 you have an extrememly high IQ, you can read and write, ride a 2 wheeler and skateboard like a pro! I love coming home from work and snuggling with you and listening to you talk about what you liked and didn't like at school. I love that you are such a protector of your big brother Dominic and keep him safeguarded from all egg products. I love that you love bacon and think I make the best pancakes and oatmeal. I love your dumb jokes and your eskimo kisses. I love that you are so strong and brave. This year has been a journey for you and I know you hate having meltdowns and fight them so hard.. Somedays they just get the best of us. I know as you get older it will become less of a struggle for you, as you are learning how to cope with these things. My wishes and hopes for you and your future are for you to be happy and loving and do what you enjoy. I think you will make an excellent chef one day and cant wait to eat at your restaurant. Thank you for keeping us on our toes and for the challenge, LOL.. I love you so much, sweet baby boy.. Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers day is always bitter sweet for me, well has been for the past 25 years with the loss of my dad in 1988. I get a tiny bit sad because I don't get to call my dad or send him a card or buy him a gift-all I can do is send him a thought and a prayer and spend the day just thinking about the funny things he would say and do. I am lucky in that I also have a stepfather is amazingly kind and loving and puts up with all our crazy, haha.. BUT, my dad is gone and never coming back. He never got to see his amazing grandchildren that my sister and I gave him, he won't get to bounce a great grandchild on his knee and that makes my heart heavy. Don't get me wrong, I know he is watching down with amusement at the crazy antics his family provides. I miss him. I just miss him. I remind our kids that we are here only for a short time and to make the most of it with your family.

On a happier note, I have an AMAZING husband and father of our 6 children and grandfather to our 4 grandmonkeys. There are so many wonderful daddy stories I could share about Sal, he really is one of the best fathers I know. He is strict when its needed and loving and patient always- and trust me, I test that patience all the time!!  A few things that stand out to me are watching him meet his 1st born for the first time, walking a daughter down the aisle, teaching a 16 year old how to parallel park in the pouring rain, saying goodbye to a daughter leaving for college, and being the BEST monster/wrestler to 2 little fellas who think he hung the moon and the stars. I just want to take this moment to say thank you to my husband Sal and Happy Fathers day! I could have never wished for a better father-ever! I love that you are not only the father to our Biological children, but that you have taken so many "kids" under your wing and stepped up to be the father figure they needed, whether it was a soldier, airman or kid in our lives. You took the time in Italy to drive the teen bus after hours so the kids could have a normal teen life of hanging out late at the movies or bowling and ensured they got home safely, you have given butt chewings when needed but amazingly after, you just let it go and move on, you have woken up with my crying because a nursing child was waking up for the 20th time in 2 hours and you just held me and encouraged me and told me that this wouldn't last forever and it would be okay. You have provided so many wonderful memories for this family and I love you!... Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman are 6 lucky babies to have you in their lives...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers day!

Happy mothers day to women and men everywhere!! Motherhood isn't just about birthing or adopting a baby. Motherhood isn't even for mothers sometimes. I know many single dads who raise their children and have to be both dad and mama, so hats off to them as well! Some people haven't even had children yet, but are mothering to nieces, nephews, friends children, children in general. Our 6 children have HAD many wonderful "other mothers" in their lives, to include my sister and sister in law, my mother, mother in law, great aunts, friends of ours and other military spouses and their teachers. It truly takes a village to help each other out in raising our children and I appreciate all the women in my life who have helped out with our babies through the years, especially as we have all spread out all over the world through the years and can't always be together.

I have truly loved being a mother, when asked in High School what I wanted to do with my life, I easily with all my heart answered- Be a mother. It's been an adventure for sure and hasn't always been the Donna Reed show I had hoped, I haven't always gotten my way in what they choose to do, but when they call for a recipe or call me for advice or call me daily just to say "hi mom", then I know we did something right. When they continue our family traditions with their new families, it makes me shine with pride. When they are stubborn and fight for what they think is right (even when it is against me LOL) I am proud that Sal and I raised 6 individuals who are good and decent and loving and kind. I love their strong minds and opinions. They have given me such joy and pride that I can't even think of the best moments in their lives as there are so many! With each birth, I was just as excited and elated as the first, it never got old. Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman have made me laugh until I've cried, worry sick, be hot fire angry, be disappointed, be full of pride, and have the privilege of being called mommy.

So, thank you to my sweet children. You will never be too old for me to worry about you, love you, kiss you, hug you, be mad with you, be proud of you. I will ALWAYS be here for you-good times and bad. Thank you kids for making me the woman that I am today. I love love love you, to the moon and back....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My "Army Wife" Life: Month of the Military Child

My "Army Wife" Life: Month of the Military Child: So, April is the month of the Military Child and I am proud and happy to be the mother of 6 of them and our 4 grandchildren also just so ha...

Month of the Military Child

So, April is the month of the Military Child and I am proud and happy to be the mother of 6 of them and our 4 grandchildren also just so happen to be Military Children as well. To be a military child is to be brave, strong, resilient, adventurous, proud, flexible, lonely, imaginative, resourceful, funny, amongst so many other things. I can give you an example of what our oldest 4 kids went through in a 2 year period. We moved to Germany so they started a new school, got settled in and BAM, daddy had to deploy. This would be their first deployment as older children and they knew the risk for their daddio and it was a scary and uncertain time, dad returned safely from 1 year in Iraq and then we PCSd (moved) to Missouri, where again, new schools, new styles, new traditions, new life. This is pretty normal for most Military Children and they thrive very well! When the service members are gone off to war, the community embraces these kids and they all inherit several parents that help take care of them.. It truly takes a village with military families and I love, love, love it! So, in today's installment of my blog, I interviewed our 4 oldest military brats, who are now adults and living all over the globe. SGT Nicholas Giovanni Urzi is an MP and stationed at Ft Bliss, Ashlee Marie Urzi-Seidel is now an Army Wife and medical tech in Tennessee, Cassidy Renee Urzi is living in Texas and going to College, Anthony Giancarlo Urzi is a college student here in Alaska and will be transferring to Iowa this fall to finish school. Our 2 youngest kiddos need an honorable mention, they are Dominic Gianluca Urzi, who is an aspiring comic and future celebrity and Roman Gianmarco Urzi who wants to be a Chef one day. So, here is the interview with our oldest. Hope you enjoy..

ME: Where were you born?
       Nick- Luke AFB
       Ash- Virginia (Ft Belvoir)
       Cass- Frankfurt Germany
       Tony- "mom, you know where I was born" (Luke AFB)
ME: Tell me 2 things you liked about being an Army Brat
        Nick- Moving around and doing something new in different countries
        Ash- Moving to new places, meeting new people
        Cass- Exploring new cultures, having friends all over the world
        Tony- Being spoiled and seeing different places
ME: What are 2 things you didn't like?
         Nick- Graduating in Waynesville, Not graduating at Ft Bliss
         Ash-  Not having dad home for special moments (Ashlee has her own rules and only gave 1)
         Cass- Starting new schools and being far from other family members
         Tony- Moving and leaving friends
ME:   Favorite Duty Station?
          Nick- Camp Darby, Italy-It's our homeland
          Ash- Giessen Germany, it's where I met my future husband and my best memories are there.
          Cass- Ft Bliss Texas because it's where I graduated  and it's my home.
          Tony- Ft Bliss, but Alaska too, because it's where I met Dana Rae (love of his life)
ME:    What thoughts went through your mind when your dad would deploy?
          Nick- Nothing, I knew it was for a bigger purpose and he WOULD be back....
          Ash-  My thought was what would life be life if I lost my dad? I was pissed, upset, sad but also
                    very proud of him for having the courage to do what he was about to do and show
                     amazing strength.
          Cass-  Scared, proud, nervous and sad just because you never knew what could happen.
          Tony-  "Here we go again, I thought it was dumb but a good thing we was going to protect us"
ME: What was life like when he was gone? Did you mom go crazy?
         Nick- Life was normal, we kept going through the motions and mom tried hiding it, but I new it
                   Was eating her inside.
         Ash- When dad would leave we would go on as normal as possible. One example comes to
                   mind, it was Christmas and normally dad would be the one to pass out all the presents but
                   that year, Nick did. He stepped up when dad was gone. Without a doubt, we drove mom
                   crazy!! Dad was gone and with 4 kids at the time, it's hard to discipline all of us for things
                   when you are focused on one child LOL so we got away with some things-BUT it was
                    VERY RARE!!! Mom was always so strong, I don't think I ever saw her shed a tear
                     While my dad was gone which as an Army Wife now, I don't know how she did it
                    because being strong in this lifestyle is easier said than done!!!!!!!
         Cass- Life was hectic but we made the most of it. And only sometimes did we drive you crazy
         Tony- It wasn't too hard for me, I knew dad would be back home and YES She was MEXICAN
ME: What would YOU tell a military child aged 10-17?
         Nick- How lucky they are to experience everything all over the world and not live sheltered
         Ash- I would tell them that they are a special kind of child. We go through so much heartache
                  and separation than most civilian adults and that things will sometimes be hard to do, like
                  say goodbye to many amazing people, but we get to see different cultures and people and
                  places that some people save their whole lives for to see, or never get the chance. We
                  appreciate small moments that most take for granted.
         Cass- That it is hard, but we make the most if it. Not everyone gets to experience this life.
         Tony- I would tell them to enjoy the lifestyle while it lasts!!!
ME: Do you ever resent your AWESOME mom and dad for bringing you up in such a life?
        Nick- Never
        Ash-Never! They have raised us this way, and it's normal for us. It's an honor to be in this life.
        Cass- Never! We always ended up meeting old friends again!
        Tony- Naw
ME: Do you think being a military child better prepared you for the real world?
        Nick- Yes, in every way because we saw everything and had a lot of freedoms to learn for
        Ash- I think our parents prepared us for the real world. Being a military child did teach me not
                 to fear change and to never sweat the small stuff and to show those we love that we love
                 them because we should not take life for granted.
        Cass- NO! I didn't know anything about rent, bills, water, trash, LOL Now I have to figure it out
        Tony- Sort of-Major change going from spoiled to YOYO (you're on your own) LOL
ME: Did being part of a military family make you want to join the military or run for the hills?
        Nick- That's obvious lol.. It's been 6 years since I put on the suit (uniform)
        Ash-  I strongly considered it, but then I got married!!
        Tony- Ash, you would have never survived the military HAHAHA!
        Cass- I never thought ever once that I would join the military, It was great as a child.
        Tony- Nah, I ran for the hills! College is my route. I want to live in one spot only!
ME:  Last one- Your fave childhood memory-
         Nick- My favorite moment was good and bad LOL. The day dad got back from OIF1. Right
                   before we went to pick dad up, mom stopped at the post office and my report card and I
                   had gotten a C on something and mom said dad was going to kill me! When he got off the
                   bus, he wasn't  too mad LOL
       Ash- My favorite memory? That's hard because there are so many, but my most fondest goes
                back to when dad was home, he always made it a point to spend time with us one on one
                and make those memories. So, it was homecoming day in Giessen and in Germany, they
                don't have corsages LOL. Dad went all over town to find one and when he couldn't, he got
                creative and made one. He got fresh flowers close to the color of my dress and a purple
                hair tie and a hot glue gun and made me the best corsage ever. Mom was out of the country
                helping my aunt, so he was on his own! He took me to the YAYAs(my other mommies)
                and they did my makeup . My most cherished memory.
      Cass- Giessen Bingo Nights!!!! A lot of the parents were deployed so everyone always got
                together and just enjoyed it all together. We were like one big family
      Tony- LOL Tony doesn't have a fave memory, LOL



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Roman

I don't think I've shared what's going on with Roman, except privately with people in our lives. Roman has a lot of worries and anxiety and we are not sure why. It causes him to have major meltdowns over things that most of us would find trivial. He as he is getting older also shows signs of depression, to where he could go a few days even without eating- just sleeps. Roman also doesn't like loud noises or crowds and has to know exactly what we are doing, to the hour. Roman has no problems in school and is super smart, has friends and usually is just fine day to day. He has a wonderful teacher that can tell when he is overwhelmed and deals with him accordingly. The people in his private life are also very understanding about Roman and are nothing but awesome with him, and I'm thankful for them all. Romans inner circle is very small and that's how he likes it. So today brings us to a neuropsychiatric appt. where we are trying to determine if its neuro due to some birth and some newborn issues, so friends that is where we are at. Thank you for the love and support

Friday, March 15, 2013

My bucket list

There are so many things I'd like to do before I leave the Earth, I know I won't hit them all-but it should be fun to try, right? What is on your bucket list?

1-Visit Scotland
2-Visit England
3-Walk around in the rain in Paris
4-Celebrate NYE in NYC
5-Ride a gondola in Italy
6-Sleep in!!!
7-Sit on a deserted beach and watch the ocean float by
8-Catch a Salmon
9-Take a road trip across the US for no reason at all, and stop at out of the way places
10-Sleep in!!! ( I am hoping if I put this on the list more than once, it will happen-haha)
11-Survive another round of teenage years
12-Design my dream house
13-Live in my dream house
14-Go on a police ride along
15-Have frozen hot chocolate in NYC
16-Get my nose pierced

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "Lavish" Life

My head has many crazy thoughts about the recent article I read regarding the lavish spending and the lavish lifestyle that military families live-This my friends is so far from the truth. The Author talks about so many things that I truly believe he didn't research. I am so irritated by his writings because bottom line, it isn't true for most of what he talks about. From his writings, he makes us sound like we are rolling in the dough and live in massive houses, get medical care and practically free groceries. What he doesn't speak about is the sacrifices that the military and their families make each and everyday. Only 1% of the population is even in the Armed Forces! These brave men and women DEFEND this country. These brave Americans lay their lives on the line and those that "survive it" come back changed people (not bad, just changed) Does this man know that my husband has listened to soldiers dying over the radio in an attack? Does he know that my husband has had to see HORRIFIC things, even holding onto someone in their last moments? He has watched soldiers do brave things to save others and risking their own lives and not even blink an eye to do it. My husband is no different than any other battle hardened soldier in what he has done or seen. I bet this author doesn't jump out of his skin when someone drops a tray or at the pop of a balloon or flinches going under a bridge. He should really do more research in making these budget cuts sound like they are going to save our economy, to which they will not. Should EVERYONE tighten their belts, including the military-Absolutely, but do NOT insinuate that we are living some crazy Trump like exsistance because Sir, we are not.. I can only speak for my family, because every military familys' story is different but this is ours.


My husband joined the Army at 18 years old-just a child really. Sal had a new wife and a baby on the way, he was making our lives better while serving the nation he loves. When he joined the Army in 1989 his base pay was 700.00 a month, he made more bagging groceries in High school than he did his first 2 years in the Army. We were given a housing allowance, medical benefits to which I am greatful for, they provided us a safety net. Sal deployed in 1990 to Iraq for Desert Storm, I was in limbo staying with family and had another baby, at this point he was making a tiny bit more money. We had VERY limited contact while he was downrange, as there wasn't  the technology there is today. Fast forward many years and more deployments to today.. My husband is an E8 with 24 years in (pretty normal in his MOS, unlike the 10 years you put in your article... Anyway, last week was the last college class he will take until we can figure out how to budget it so he can finish his 2nd degree, which BTW, he is just  nearly there, but with the suspension of Tuition assistance, who knows when he will get to finish really. It's a shame that one of his lavish benefits is non exsistant currently, I mean, he has only proudly served this country, sacrificed family time for it, missed out on births (yes, I said births) to help this country and he continues to make family sacrifices for the Military and the country as do we by supporting him and making sure he knows that we understand and support him. He could just say ahh, soldiers can take care of themselves, no sweat off my back-I am getting paid regardless, but he doesn't, he goes in and does an exceptional job in taking care of them and our community. All he asks for in return is the respect from his country and to be treated fairly by this government and it's people. He pays taxes, LORD do we pay taxes for what? To support some that are on welfare as a job? But he can't finish his degree and now by your article you make it sound like we are lavish and wasteful. Did you know that housing allowance is based on rank and zip code and that it fluctuates year to year and sometimes even goes down? I didn't notice that in your article. I also didnt notice you mention that our commissaries buy at cost and sell that way and charge a surcharge to cover pay, and other expenses and that the people that bag our groceries don't even get a wage, they earn tips-Most of whom are retirees or students trying to supplement their "Lavish" income.  There is NOTHING lavish about my life and the lives of other military families. It isn't lavish to wipe the tears of your child saying goodbye to their parent for a year, or listening to a 17 year old son cry himself to sleep because he just misses his dad or being a "single" parent cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night because not 1, 2 or 3 but 6 kids have the stomach flu and I am here with them alone, it is not lavish to figure out your budget so that you make sure there is enough for yearbooks, sports, clothes and food so that your soldier isn't worried about you while he/she is downrange. It isn't lavish to wait 2-3 weeks for a medical appt, or wait 2.5 hours for prescriptions to be filled. Military and their families deserve to be taken care of, there is nothing lavish about that.

I wish the Author would have actually interviewed several military families to see and hear their individual stories. There are people who join later in life and give up very lucrative careers to serve this country and there are kids who join because they are promised a better life, a life that will give them goals and a future and an education, but why should they join now? We have military members downrange, having to buy some of their own equipment, paying for part of their meals-so that "exta" deployment money isn't even an extra amount of money for them and their families anymore. The good thing about Service Members and their families is they will keep their heads held high and bounce back after all of these cuts to our lives.. I do however wish that those that keep cutting our budgets, try and cut theirs as well. Congress cannot continue to live THEIR Lavish lifestyles while the rest of the country has to make sacrifies and tighten their belts-Its not fair. They work for us as a country and when people slack, they get fired.. So maybe next election the votes will clean it out..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

15 months.....

So, today while driving home I suddenly realized that in 15 months we could be starting a new adventure due to Sal retiring, as I was driving I was thinking about how our lives have been for the past 24 plus years and a million memories came flooding through my brain and my eyes started to tear up.
  It is bittersweet to me, I have learned SO much from this life we chose to live. There have been good times and bad and MANY lessons learned. Living in the military bubble has not always made for an easy life or easy marriage-there have been big mountains to climb, dissapointments, surprises, excitement, sadness, loss, gifts and a million pride filled moments.

When Sal joined the Army, he had no intention of staying past the 4 years he had signed up for, it was "supposed" to be temporary, just a step into his career field while serving his country. Sal didn't come from a military family and while I did, I was relieved that it wasn't going to be "forever". My dream was to do this for a few years, move to Flagstaff Arizona and build our dream cabin and raise our 10 kids-hahha, seriously. We even bought cabin plans, knew where we wanted to buy our little plot of land, but it wasn't meant to be. The Army showed my then teenage husband what responsibility, loyalty, compassion, pride, integrity and honor meant and once that bug bit, there was no turning back. Reinlistment after reinlistment happened and before we knew it, he was reinlisting indefinately and put him to 20 years of service-Hahahah, not really 20 as he now hit 24 years and still hasn't retired.. Honestly, we love this life. We have met so many AMAZING people that we are proud to call family. We have learned to adapt and roll with the punches and that just when you have things "figured" out, the Army changes it, not always a bad thing. I look at the fast changes as this is where we are meant to be and do, so we roll.

Things I will really miss are the friendships made. In this life you make friends REALLY quickly. You jump in all the way, or you dry up. Not always do you meet friends for life, sometimes you meet friends for now, or you quickly realize that this person isn't meant to be your friend. Our children, Our PRECIOUS "brats" also have to jump into the friendship pool super quickly and adapt to a new surrounding, new fashion, styles, lifestyles, whats cool at the new place and find your niche in a clique  and prove yourself YET AGAIN, that you have what it takes to play for a team at the new school. "Brats" also miss sporting seasons because a PCS happens and throws ithe timing out of wack.. It isn't always fun and if they move to a "non military town", you feel like an idiot and not in the loop of the town kids-It's hard for them, but they are brave and good and proud and fight through it and come out a super star-usually. Our children also have to say goodbyes to their dear friends and hope and pray that their mom and dad PCS to where we are going, it does happen sometimes!!! Oh Happy Days, when that happens!!!

I will also miss the safety net of this life, its consistantly inconsistant and you expect the unexpected, it's our normal.  I will miss running into the commissary thinking it will be a quick trip and running into 15 people and chit chatting, having some gossip, giving a hug to a spouse who is having a crappy day and hasn't heard from their soldier in 2 weeks. I will miss watching soldiers do PT in formation in the mornings and hearing the roar of the cadence they sing and the pride in their voices. I will miss hearing "yes ma'am, no ma'am" and hearing children NEVER call an adult by their first name, but always saying Miss Cathy, or Mr Shawn, even when the "brats" are in their 20's.

I will really miss all the little things that really aren't so little when you think about it. I am scared to live in a neighborhood that is "regular" I love seeing Rank and Names and Units on the front of the houses on post, I will miss seeing the welcome home daddy/mommy signs all over the place. I will miss the slow drive of the MP car keeping watch over our street and the wave and smile from the MP in the car. I will miss the crazy street names we have seen on over the years- Artillery Road, SGM Christian Fleetwood St, Patriot Parkway, etc. I will truly miss this bubble.

There are things I wont miss too... I wont miss deployments, separations, missed holidays, dinners, bdays and anniversaries. I will NOT miss the middle of the night phone calls, or the holding of breath when the doorbell rings and my soldiers is not home. It will be nice to be around family and friends that aren't military. We love our families and being away from them has always been our biggest struggle. Its hard not being able to just jump in the car and go help them when they need it or missing the birth of new nieces and nephews and grandchildren.

Sal is excited to retire, while the Army and MP CORPS have been a HUGE part of his life, he ready to hand over the reigns to the new crop and watch and see them grow and develop into great NCOs and leaders. I think the last day Sal puts on his ACU's and his training cap, will be a very hard time for him and I am thinking a few tears will be shed- from him!!

“Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”
George S. Patton Jr., Patton Principles

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am still here!

Gosh, it has been FOREVER since I have blogged.. SAWWY, just been very busy with life and work, etc. I have also been afflicted by writers block-BOO! I love to write and blog and I ALWAYS have so much to say, it's just my thoughts can't find a focus.

I will update everyone on the familia. Well, we have all just been busy busy as always.. So, Sal is doing great and while he won't fully admit it, he really does like his job here. He misses having his "own" soldiers, but he makes an impact on those that reach out. I do believe this position he has here really will benefit him in the civilian world. Lots of goings on here at JBER, so sadly, it keeps him a little overly busy at odd hours of the day and night-it's par for the course of this life, so we smile and move forward.

I am good, had a couple medical things, but nothing to horrific, BUT I do not really enjoy psoriatic arthritis, it makes me feel way older than I am somedays. I have been watching what I have been eating, but this week is a cheat week-not just a day, but tonight I made some paleo and will get back on track tomorrow. I am trying to ease my way into Paleo, so I am doing one meal a day paleo. It is actually a very good way to eat, so it has not been very hard. Work has been going well, it is really my cup of tea to talk to people all day, I really just love it.

So, now for the kiddos, LOL I'll try and keep it brief. All the grown up kids are doing fine, staying busy, going to college, prepping for PCS's and living life. I miss Nick, Ashlee and Cass being home. I know some parents cannot wait for their kids to move out and move on-but I am not one of those parents. I really miss the crazy chaos, hectic lives and their faces.. SMOOCHIES from mama!

Our baby boy, Tony will be heading off to Arizona this summer to continue his education. I am super excited for Tony and Dana, but I know I am going to have a REALLY hard time saying goodbye to this kid. He is a wackadoodle and I love it. I think I have cried nearly each day at the thought of him going away, but I know its part of life and that he has to cut the cord sometime... RIGHT? REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

The littles are still silly beans, but they make me happy. Both are doing great in school and are getting ready to start baseball season and are just enjoying life as we all should. I love watching them sled out back, they just have this zest for life that I wish I could bottle and share with the world. Belly laughs, action figures, silly jokes and cuddles-its what they do and I love them for it.

So, that is all that is going on in the Urzi house.. Hope everyone is doing well!