Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

So, today is fathers day. I want to blog about the best dad-My sweet pea, Sal. Why is he the best dad you ask? Well because NOTHING is more important than his family. I can remember with each birth, how he held those babies so strong and proudly and the love in his eyes was blinding. Sal has a career that doesnt always allow him to be here for each milestone, but he is always there in spirit and NEVER forgets to call them to wish them goodluck on a test, game, prom, ANYTHING... Sal has to be a disciplinarian at times, but he does it always in a loving way. He has always put his needs and wants on the back burner for this family and im always in awe of that. He is an equal partner in this marriage and in parenting our children so I wanted to say thanks to him tonight in my blog, so here goes-

Dear Sal,

WOW, this is your 22nd fathers day!! There are 6 wonderful people who had you in their lives to love and be loved by. I have sooo many wonderful memories of you as a father. There are a couple times that REALLY stand out in showing what a wonderful father you are. 1, is when I was out of the country and Ashlee had to go to a ball and YOU handmade her corsage(in Germany they arent a typical thing to go out and purchase) You did it McGiver style and it makes me crack up when I think about it, but it turned out beautifully and Ashlee was soo proud to wear it, you also took her to our friends to get her makeup done and you took pics for me, so I could be part of it. The 2nd time was when I was out of the country and you took Cassidy to get her 1 year pictures done and you even did her hair with a cute little ponytail and made sure to matchy match her outfit and everything! Ive watched you hold a tiny hand of a baby that was holding you tight as they were learning to walk, watching you hug a son who had just witnessed his own son entering this world, and holding a hand of a "little girl" as she was walking down the aisle to marry the new man in her life. We have leaned on each other when the tough times of parenting, pushed us to our limits and leaned on each other while watching the wonderful moments. You have loved these 6 humans we were gifted and loved them unconditionally, through and through. I love hearing you read to our kids, with your serious monotone voice(especially funny when they want you to read Dr Seuss), So, Sal-thank you for being my partner in this journey and being the most wonderful dadANY child could be lucky to have.. You are a beautiful man, truly.... Love always...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 day late,

YESTERDAY was our daughters 21st birthday, and I DO usually blog on the actual day, but it was so hectic yesterday, I didnt have a chance to sit and collect my thoughts. So here goes, little guuuurl!

Dearest Ashlee Marie,

The day you were born was a beautiful sunny day in the DC area and it was fathers day(Yes, I get dad the BEST gifts, right?) It was also the 1st birth daddy got to witness(he was in basic for the birth of Nicholas) We were sooo young and had NO idea what it was going to be like to have a 12 month old and a newborn, but we quickly figured it out, LOL...When Maj Strange handed you to me, I just bawled, dad bawled, but not you.. Oh no, you looked at us as if to say, " listen bitches, im the new sheriff in town and im going to run the show! You were partially right in most of that. We NEVER thought we would ever have a girl, so you were quite a surprise! You were sooo tiny and just perfect. So, we took you home to introduce you to your big brother and he really wasnt toooo sure about you. Everytime YOU cried, he quivered his lip and cried too-awww.. It has been an adventure raising you, somedays I wanted to hug you because I just adored you, other days I wanted to hug you so hard you would pass out until you were 29! LOL.. You have become such a wonderful woman, daughter, sister, wife. Daddy and I are just in awe when we look at you. So beautiful inside and out and we adore your determined mind. Im proud of you for all you have done and look forward to see all that you will do. Its amazing to see you as a mother now and what a good job you and Blake are doing to raise her and show her the love and patience that kids deserve. We love you,

Hugs and kisses,

Mamma and daddy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

22 years ago

At 12:07pm(az time) after 47.5 hours of labor, I welcomed our 1st child into the world! Sal was at basic and ait and there I was, 18 and terrified. I can remember each and every moment of that time. I remember when they told me to push, I was so excited(didnt know id be pushing for 10 hours off and on-bitches, LOL) When he came out and they handed him to me, I just cried. I couldnt believe that I-MARY URZI, just gave birth to this amazing fellow. He was so calm and mellow and just looked me dead in the eyes and we just stared at each other. I remember talking to him after everyone left(yes, I have conversations with newborns, LOL) I told him that I was new at this and probably wouldnt be perfect, but that 2 things I could guarantee to him was that Id always love him unconditionally and 2, be the best mother that anyone could ever be. Today he is in Iraq and I cant give him a hug and kiss, or sing him happy birthday to him. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP? so, Nicholas Giovanni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. We love and miss you and will see you soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, im a slacker...

I just have had sooo much going on in my private world, I havnt really felt like blogging much-I sawwy, LOL.. So, our daughter went back to Texas. She has to follow her heart and dreams, but I miss her already. ROMAN, Oh sweet baby Jesus, Roman misses her like crazy and has been crying for her all ding dong day long.. GAH-Cassidy, LOL.

Im having some depression issues-blah.. I think ive had it for quite some time, but really only recently do I admit it. Just feeling overwhelmed lately, but I am okay :) Here is my PSA-

"Id like to thank Jules bebe for talking me off the ledge recently. My heart has been bruised a bit and she has seen to it that I smile and or laugh throughout the day, whether its bringing me flowers or calling every phone I own until I answer it, LOL.. So, spank you Jules bebe and get that truck ready for the ALCAN-Bitches... LOL.. Id also like to apologize to my sweet man, Sal.. I have been a raging BIOTCH, even more than normal and he just loves me. MITTER COTT, thanks for having my back!!! Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee-Thank you today for making me remember that I am a great parent and that I have done it right :) Who would have thought our wild child would be such a calming force? Love love love you!

So, Alaska is starting its beautiful summer and WOWZA! I honestly cant get over the whole daylight 22 hours a day, LOL.. Its cool, but definately have to adjust to it. It does NOT help my insomnia at all!! Here are a few tidbits about living in Alaska, LOL..You know you live in Alaska when-

*At baseball practice you have to tell your son to not step in the moose poop

*you keep your garage door open and find a furry guest rummaging about-A BEAR!

*no fireworks for the 4th of july(it doesnt get dark, LOL)

*you pay 4.75 a gallon for diesel fuel

*you pay 5.00 a gallon for milk-AT THE COMMISSARY

*most of the commercials are like AFN ones

*You see the most amazing sunsets

*rare do you experience thunder OR lightning

*you have to buy darkening curtains

Tony went on a Halibut charter in Homer last weekend and caught 2!! Sal and I and the Merciers are camping out friday and intend on drinking lots of vino and stuffing myself full of smores and of course keeping a watchful eye on DA BEARS, LOL..