Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, im a slacker...

I just have had sooo much going on in my private world, I havnt really felt like blogging much-I sawwy, LOL.. So, our daughter went back to Texas. She has to follow her heart and dreams, but I miss her already. ROMAN, Oh sweet baby Jesus, Roman misses her like crazy and has been crying for her all ding dong day long.. GAH-Cassidy, LOL.

Im having some depression issues-blah.. I think ive had it for quite some time, but really only recently do I admit it. Just feeling overwhelmed lately, but I am okay :) Here is my PSA-

"Id like to thank Jules bebe for talking me off the ledge recently. My heart has been bruised a bit and she has seen to it that I smile and or laugh throughout the day, whether its bringing me flowers or calling every phone I own until I answer it, LOL.. So, spank you Jules bebe and get that truck ready for the ALCAN-Bitches... LOL.. Id also like to apologize to my sweet man, Sal.. I have been a raging BIOTCH, even more than normal and he just loves me. MITTER COTT, thanks for having my back!!! Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee-Thank you today for making me remember that I am a great parent and that I have done it right :) Who would have thought our wild child would be such a calming force? Love love love you!

So, Alaska is starting its beautiful summer and WOWZA! I honestly cant get over the whole daylight 22 hours a day, LOL.. Its cool, but definately have to adjust to it. It does NOT help my insomnia at all!! Here are a few tidbits about living in Alaska, LOL..You know you live in Alaska when-

*At baseball practice you have to tell your son to not step in the moose poop

*you keep your garage door open and find a furry guest rummaging about-A BEAR!

*no fireworks for the 4th of july(it doesnt get dark, LOL)

*you pay 4.75 a gallon for diesel fuel

*you pay 5.00 a gallon for milk-AT THE COMMISSARY

*most of the commercials are like AFN ones

*You see the most amazing sunsets

*rare do you experience thunder OR lightning

*you have to buy darkening curtains

Tony went on a Halibut charter in Homer last weekend and caught 2!! Sal and I and the Merciers are camping out friday and intend on drinking lots of vino and stuffing myself full of smores and of course keeping a watchful eye on DA BEARS, LOL..


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  1. Was thinking of you recently so clicked on over to read how you were doing. Hope the depression has lessened.
    Saw the post about Daniel. I remember when he passed.
    That was a sweet tribute to Sal who is such an awesome dad (and you are a rockin mama - don't forget that!!!).
    Love the stories about Alaska. Would be weird to have 22 hours of daylight.
    Anyway, hope you are doing okay. This blog background is so cute!