Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I cannot believe its nearly 2012!!! We have approx 3.5 hours until we reach 2012, so I wanted to blog a bit. This year has had its ups and downs and MANY learning experiences, had some disapointments, some struggles, some successes and failures. C'est La Vie! As my wonderful husband always tells me when I am being a negative Nelly-"Honey, its life and it isnt perfect, but its all good in the end." Boy, I hate when he is right but glad he reels me back in. One thing that never changes is my love for my family and friends, you KNOW who you are. You bring fun and love and happiness to our lives.

Im very proud of our 6 kids as well. Nicholas came back safely from Iraq and is now with his wife, Megan and their son, Deuce.They are all together at Ft Bliss and planting their roots. Our oldest grandson, Gbaby, lives in Missouri with his mom Paige and they are doing well too. Ashlee, Blake and Kaydence are still on recruiting duty in Tennessee and LOVING living there. Ashlee is training to be an optical tech and having a great time. Cassidy and her partner, Katie are doing awesome and have a cute apartment, new jobs and Cass is plugging away at college. Anthony is in his Sr Year and working hard to graduate, still playing basketball. He now has a girlfriend, Dana and we just love her to bits. They are really cute together and i'm proud of them both. Dominic and Roman are crazy as ever and always have me laughing or pulling out my hair, sometimes at the same time. They are both doing great in school and LIVE to be outside, even in this frozen tundra. They both got their first guns and are ready to shoot. Sal is awesome, he truly is the best man I have ever known and he makes me so very happy. 2012 will bring our 23rd Anniversary AND 23 years in the Army. Hard to believe 23 years for both. He is still hemming and hawing about retirement, LOL... Right now he is the Provost for the Ft Richardson side of JBER and also the Liason to the AF Security Forces, he really does enjoy it, but REALLY misses having soldiers to lead(He is so awesome at that) But maybe next duty station. I had a great 2011 in the working aspect. I got what I refer to as my 1st grown up job, LOL.. I've been a stay at home mama for 23 years, so working was VERY scary for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and who I work with, its a GREAT group of people and they have been patient and helpful to me. 2012 I hope will be a wonderful year for all my friends and family. I hope we all meet our goals, or have fun attempting, I hope we learn good lessons and realize what is important. I also hope 2012 brings home more soldiers to their loved ones. I am so over deployments!!! I wish for strength, patience and understanding to those spouses that are holding down the fort. Remember, each day that passes is 1 closer to the reunion. Keep strong and keep the faith.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So much..

Well, it's been a long while since I last blogged. I have been busy with the holidays, kids, work, helping out with events at work and consumed by some icky news. A few months ago I went to the ER for kidney stones and they found a mass in my abdomen, so I had to wait to get more images so they could see if it has grown and lucky me, it has. Later next week, I will be having a contrast MRI and then we will go from there. The Dr. Called the mass, suspicious-SIDENOTE, I dislike that word.. I really had a moment and still do from time to time, because I am an over-worrier. I worry about everyone and everything, it is a character flaw really. I keep thinking what ifs?? What if this was my last Christmas? What if I dont see my older kids again? What will happen to my sweetheart? etc.. Its ridiculous, I know, but it is what it is. I'm not scared to die-that is the Gods honest truth, I really am not. What I am scared of is leaving those I love. Who will be Julie's BFF? Who will be Ronni's big sissy? Who will make sure the little boys match their clothes? Who will buy Tony his pricey kicks?(It surely will not be Sal, he makes sure the 6 kids know they only have clothes and shoes because of me, LOL) So, enough of this nonsense and onto fun things..

To my friends with loved ones deployed, keep on keeping on. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are doing a wonderful job. It isnt easy to do this. It isn't easy to answer the questions from the little ones like "Why isnt mommy/daddy here for Christmas?, Why is mommy/daddy so far away? And the ever popular statement-" I want mommy/daddy, not you!!!" that is a heart breaker, but they don't REALLY mean it(not always anyway) Make sure you are having some "ME" time and some time with grown ups. Get away and have dinner with some friends, sans kids. It is worth the investment of a great babysitter!!! Don't be a martyr and try and "suffer" for this deployment. I can assure you your soldier wants you to be happy, get out and do things and keep your life as normal as possible. Those of you that have older kids and teens, they will at times TRY and manipulate you and your feelings. Hold strong and steady, they secretly want you to say NO, they want you to keep things the way they should, they want boundries, so stay strong!! Call back-up if you need to. Remember, while your soldier is the backbone of the military-you are the heart, the soul and the stability. Kisses...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maybe Sal IS right... AKA Mary's ramble du jour

So, Sal speaks this gibberish about the "R" word..You know, RETIREMENT!! It scares the bajeebers out of me. Why? because this has been our life for 23 years, I was also an Army brat. This crazy and unpredictable life we live is SOOO normal for me that being *GULP* civilian, scares me to death.. For 23 years we have been told where to go, where to live, when we will be apart, where Sal needs to be each second, how we should behave, how long our grass should be EVEN special places to do our shopping that ONLY military can use. Our soldiers can get into trouble if WE miss Dr Appts, are no shows to other things, etc.. Its a WHOLE different world and a world that I love.. This life has also given us stability-YES, I said stability. We ALWAYS know what is expected and our topsy turvy, curve ball thrown life IS INDEED our normal.
That being said, I have been reading articles and opinions on various FB pages, etc all the whining and complaining about this life. There is indeed a difference in the "NEW ARMY" vs the old. I miss the old. I see it with different eyes than Sal, but he is worried about this new Army. Back in the day (didn't ever think I would get to use that term-haha) When a soldier joined the Army it was typically his/her patriotic duty and/or for the challenge and focus. Soldiers came into the Army and understood by graduation of BASIC that they were now in a whole different world and when someone said jump, you jumped-no questions, no comments. Possibly because of the way OUR generation was raised. We were EXPECTED to behave, use manners, never call an adult by their first name,etc.. Call us sheep if you will, but I see our generation as wonderful and with a strong work ethic. Most of us in the 80s HAD to have a job after school, no ifs ands or buts about it. Sal had a FULL time job AND went to school, as did most kids our age. The new generation(our children will vouch for this) are and were SPOILED(not everyone, but it is pretty typical) Our 6 kids didnt go without a thing, they had a parent home 24/7 and got anything and everything.. Not a good thing, LOL. Our Army is now kinder and gentler and with some of that is really wonderful. They have REALLY stepped it up for military families to have a comfortable exsistance. For other things, I think it really has caused more issues... They keep giving and giving and some people just want more or notice what they AREN'T getting.
So, why might Sal be right? Well, because if he doesnt retire-I MAY lose my mind on some spouses. Yes, deployments and separations indeed suck. Suck beyond suckness, but the Army and military DEFEND this country, so those things will happen. Im not complaining about before or during a deployment. We can all and are entitled to have our pity party, we need it and deserve it.. Im speaking of the ones that are just never happy with a thing.. Those, need to speak with their military member and discuss whether this life is for them. I've spoken to MANY soldiers and family members that have been in the military for many years and they have the same opinion. We are losing great NCOs daily because of this. And then there are those that refuse to retire*cough SAL cough* who just wont go, because they worry about future leadership. Daddy, its time to go :)
This life has been truly amazing for us. We have met great and dear friends who are really part of our family more than friends, we have seen amazing places like Italy, Germany, etc.. Our kids have learned to appreciate the time we have with each other and have also learned to move on very quickly. I've learned to be strong, even when I didnt think I had it in me. Sal has watched young soldiers turn into great leaders. We have also said goodbye forever to many amazing people due to war AND peace time. So to future spouses in the military, it goes by fast so try and enjoy what is offered. Be strong and change things that need to be changed, not by whining or boohooing, but by throwing yourself into it and be part of the solution not part of the problem... Mazel!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deployment 101

Good morning class! Or afternoon, depends on what part of the Earth you reside.. So, you are about to embark on a deployment huh? 1st off, hugs, 2nd off you will be FINE! It is scary to go through a deployment, whether its your 1st or 10th.

Somethings in life dont get easier, saying goodbye to your love is one of them. YOU do however learn what you are made of and find out all kinds of interesting things about yourself. Now, i'm not one to sugar coat things, so people either love my advice or want to punch me in the throat. I don't sugar coat things because I would be a HORRIBLE liar/mentor/friend/role model! Some things in life suck. There are things you need to know about deployments. First there is the RUMOR that there is a deployment pending-Relax, when its official you will be notified, 2nd, These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are in the military-Guess what that means? yep, they will be called upon to deploy.. So while its romantic to be married to one of these heros, the reality is that you will go through a deployment.. Good news is MOST spouses are built from steel and learn really fast how much they can endure and even blossom from this. Once you DEFINATELY know a deployment is coming, have your cry, your fit, your whatever-THEN put on the big girl panties or big boy chonies and get moving on the many things you need to do BEFORE the military person leaves.

Some things you will need to do before is: POA-POWER OF ATTORNEY, these will allow you to get things done with finance, banking, housing, credit cards, etc.. You will need multiple ones, contact your banks and financial companies to see if they require their own specific one. The military does these for free for you, so GET IT DONE!

Next is make a budget. Why make a budget? Well because while you will be getting extra money(approx 525.00 more each month) you and your sponser will be living in 2 separate areas and both will need money. He/she will need to pay for internet, phone cards, anything extra that he/she will require. Most soldiers use their eagle cash card, but guess where that money comes from? yes, your bank account. What we do is have a budget of how much Sal puts on his eagle cash card each pay period. For Sal, its 75.00(to be honest, out of the 150.00 he gets a month, id have to say he only uses about 40.00) YOU also need to be on a budget, because when that money comes in, you do enjoy and get used to it-Remember, it stops that moment he/she walks off that plane...Save as much as possible, you will want to have a nice trip when they come home, or buy some nice things for your house when he/she comes home.

Talk about your RR with your soldier, and include family and friends if that is what he/she desires, they love him/her too and are wishing nothing but positive things as well. If your soldier doesnt want family around, let them figure out how to let them know.

In regards to OPSEC, you CAN tell your parents, soldiers parents, etc where they are going, just let them know that it needs to be on the DL for a little bit. It puts their mind at ease, really it does. Make sure you send out his/her mailing address to his family and friends, I cannot stress how much soldiers enjoy hearing their name called at mail call. The more the better when it comes to love and support.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anthony Giancarlo Urzi

So, 18 years ago I gave birth to our 2nd son. At the time we thought he would be the last of our spawn, so I savored each and every moment with him. He was born at 11:49am at Luke AFB in Phoenix Arizona, he weighed in at 8lbs and 11 ozs and was 20 inches long. Tony was born with a bitty bit of hair and was the yummiest baby ever. Sal was in Germany, so my stand in was my sister, Ronni. It was a quick labor and fairly easy. My sister kept reminding me I was having a baby, LOL.. Tony was a VERY particular kiddo.. He had OCD and tactile sensitivity, so his needs were WAY different than the others, LOL.. Some things we couldnt do with him was to put him in overalls(the straps were never even and exact enough) He has to wear socks with a red line across the toes and he had to line his feet up in them just right, his shoes had to be tied a certain way and GOD forbid if anyone touched ANYTHING he was eating, LOL.. Oy, he wore me out, but I didnt mind, we just thought he was a picky kiddo, LOL.. So, eventually he grew out of those things and became one of the FUNNIEST people I know... Im proud to call him my son and proud of him.. so here is my Dear Tony letter..Im trying to do this without tears..

Dear Tony,

WOW! Today you turn 18!! 18 means so many things. It means you are an "adult", you can make adult decisions, you can vote, you have to register with the Selective Service. I cant describe how much we love you. I love your funny sayings and love that you dont swear-that is a rarity in your age group. I love that you ALWAYS help homeless people and encourage others to do the same. I love that when you talk about playing in the NBA, that you also say you will always feed the homeless and help them. One of the greatest memories I have of you is when you and little Nic fist pumped a not so cool little freshman in front of your peers. You should have seen his face. He looked as though he were on cloud 9. And you did it out of kindness, not being a smart butt. I remember saying something to you about it and you replied with " We look after that kid, he's a good kid" You are always for the underdog and never exclude people. That will help you go far in life, I promise. Even if your room is gross and a pigstye and eventhough you go through gas in cars like water and EVEN when your grades arent exactly where id hope- I love you. I love that you are my son, I love that you are in our lives, I love you for being a great big brother to your little brothers and a wonderful little brother to your sisters. I love and admire your unconditional acceptance to EVERYONE. You are a great man, Anthony Giancarlo Urzi.. You will go far in life. Always give everything 100% and remember, when you are playing for the Phoenix Suns-I will be in those stands, screaming "Thats MY boy!" XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

Okay, this is a question I see ALL THE TIME from military spouses.. Should I stay put at our duty station or go home to family??? This is TRULY a personal decision that ONLY YOU can make. You have to make a list of pros and cons. Ill share mine with you and you can see why I decide to stay put:

PROS-(to stay put)
*Get timely information
*Don't get lost in the shuffle(A great frg will always make sure you are contacted)
*I get to know our Rear D and the people who will understand any issues
*Im around "like" people, who are in this with me
*Im in OUR home
*Me and our children are stable
*We can participate in activities just for deployed families.
*We can participate in all the fun redeployment activities
I could go on and on, but you get the gist...

I choose to stay put because going home FOR ME, makes me feel like a child all over again and I cant stand it. We can go visit our family whenever we want and then leave :) Dont feel guilty if you HAVE to go home, its scary being in a different place and not around anyone that you need. If you stay put, volunteer, meet a mentor and stay positive. Make goals during the deployment and follow them :)

Good luck to my sister and brother spouses who are about to embark on their deployments...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im baaaack

Hi guys and dolls. Im trying to make my blog part of my daily routine again. I really miss blogging, but sometimes I just get busy or tired, LOL.. I also tend to get writers block and ill type something and then delete it.. So here we go.

Ill catch you all up a bit on the goings on in my world. Im still employed :) That is always a good thing. I work for our housing office and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Ill be moving to a new position in a few weeks, so im looking forward to that-BUT nervous because its something I never thought of doing, but I have great coworkers that will guide me. Still happily married and still have 6 kids-haha. So enough of about that, lets get blogging...

Tonight id like to blog about a few things. Right now is Military Ball Season for MANY Units, MOS's, etc.. Here are Mary's do's and don'ts when prepping and attending a military ball:


*DO dress with some class and maturity(ie, no boas, tiaras, )

*DO go representing your soldier

*DO be a tad nervous, it tends to insure some good manners

*DO take in every moment of it and enjoy the tradition

*DO take lots of pics

*DO meet new people, now is no time to be shy.

*DON'T act like a weiner

*DON'T dance like you are working a pole

*DON'T be embarrassing

*DON'T Drink and Drive

*DON'T wear Tiaras, feather boas, dresses that allow anyone to see your bikini wax

*DON'T act like your bothered to be there

*DON'T point and talk about others-wait until you get home

Some spouses will love the ball and others will bitch and moan about how horrible it is or was, or how bad the food was, or how its wrong that their soldier was required to go-BLAH BLAH BLAH! If it is your first ball, you will get to witness some fun traditions that have been part of the Army life for YEARS, you will also witness traditions that will bring tears to your eyes and make you stop and think. I wont tell you what those are, but you will really shed a tear, I can assure you. Its fun to get dressed up and hang out with your soldier and other people in this life we live. You will hear speeches-some boring, some great. You will eat some iffy food and some great cuisine, its all what you make of it-With this said, enjoy it. There are MANY spouses who would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be attending a ball with their soldier but can't because their love is deployed, wounded or paid the ultimate sacrifice. Help other spouses out if they cant afford a new gown, lend them one, or get together and do a dress exchange, help each other get ready and embrace this. We as spouses are mentors to each other, in both positive ways and negative ones, so choose wisely in how you behave. Bottom line is have a great time...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Peek a boo!

Yep, its me. You know, Mary Urzi... I know, Ive missed you too! So for the past weeks I started working full time and trying to figure out how to balance that. I was working in 1 section of the company and was then moved to another after a couple of weeks. The new position has more responsibility, so of course that makes me nervous, but I do love it. I love being around people. I really havnt made much time to blog, but I am now getting into a routine and hopefully will be blogging more :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

So, today is fathers day. I want to blog about the best dad-My sweet pea, Sal. Why is he the best dad you ask? Well because NOTHING is more important than his family. I can remember with each birth, how he held those babies so strong and proudly and the love in his eyes was blinding. Sal has a career that doesnt always allow him to be here for each milestone, but he is always there in spirit and NEVER forgets to call them to wish them goodluck on a test, game, prom, ANYTHING... Sal has to be a disciplinarian at times, but he does it always in a loving way. He has always put his needs and wants on the back burner for this family and im always in awe of that. He is an equal partner in this marriage and in parenting our children so I wanted to say thanks to him tonight in my blog, so here goes-

Dear Sal,

WOW, this is your 22nd fathers day!! There are 6 wonderful people who had you in their lives to love and be loved by. I have sooo many wonderful memories of you as a father. There are a couple times that REALLY stand out in showing what a wonderful father you are. 1, is when I was out of the country and Ashlee had to go to a ball and YOU handmade her corsage(in Germany they arent a typical thing to go out and purchase) You did it McGiver style and it makes me crack up when I think about it, but it turned out beautifully and Ashlee was soo proud to wear it, you also took her to our friends to get her makeup done and you took pics for me, so I could be part of it. The 2nd time was when I was out of the country and you took Cassidy to get her 1 year pictures done and you even did her hair with a cute little ponytail and made sure to matchy match her outfit and everything! Ive watched you hold a tiny hand of a baby that was holding you tight as they were learning to walk, watching you hug a son who had just witnessed his own son entering this world, and holding a hand of a "little girl" as she was walking down the aisle to marry the new man in her life. We have leaned on each other when the tough times of parenting, pushed us to our limits and leaned on each other while watching the wonderful moments. You have loved these 6 humans we were gifted and loved them unconditionally, through and through. I love hearing you read to our kids, with your serious monotone voice(especially funny when they want you to read Dr Seuss), So, Sal-thank you for being my partner in this journey and being the most wonderful dadANY child could be lucky to have.. You are a beautiful man, truly.... Love always...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 day late,

YESTERDAY was our daughters 21st birthday, and I DO usually blog on the actual day, but it was so hectic yesterday, I didnt have a chance to sit and collect my thoughts. So here goes, little guuuurl!

Dearest Ashlee Marie,

The day you were born was a beautiful sunny day in the DC area and it was fathers day(Yes, I get dad the BEST gifts, right?) It was also the 1st birth daddy got to witness(he was in basic for the birth of Nicholas) We were sooo young and had NO idea what it was going to be like to have a 12 month old and a newborn, but we quickly figured it out, LOL...When Maj Strange handed you to me, I just bawled, dad bawled, but not you.. Oh no, you looked at us as if to say, " listen bitches, im the new sheriff in town and im going to run the show! You were partially right in most of that. We NEVER thought we would ever have a girl, so you were quite a surprise! You were sooo tiny and just perfect. So, we took you home to introduce you to your big brother and he really wasnt toooo sure about you. Everytime YOU cried, he quivered his lip and cried too-awww.. It has been an adventure raising you, somedays I wanted to hug you because I just adored you, other days I wanted to hug you so hard you would pass out until you were 29! LOL.. You have become such a wonderful woman, daughter, sister, wife. Daddy and I are just in awe when we look at you. So beautiful inside and out and we adore your determined mind. Im proud of you for all you have done and look forward to see all that you will do. Its amazing to see you as a mother now and what a good job you and Blake are doing to raise her and show her the love and patience that kids deserve. We love you,

Hugs and kisses,

Mamma and daddy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

22 years ago

At 12:07pm(az time) after 47.5 hours of labor, I welcomed our 1st child into the world! Sal was at basic and ait and there I was, 18 and terrified. I can remember each and every moment of that time. I remember when they told me to push, I was so excited(didnt know id be pushing for 10 hours off and on-bitches, LOL) When he came out and they handed him to me, I just cried. I couldnt believe that I-MARY URZI, just gave birth to this amazing fellow. He was so calm and mellow and just looked me dead in the eyes and we just stared at each other. I remember talking to him after everyone left(yes, I have conversations with newborns, LOL) I told him that I was new at this and probably wouldnt be perfect, but that 2 things I could guarantee to him was that Id always love him unconditionally and 2, be the best mother that anyone could ever be. Today he is in Iraq and I cant give him a hug and kiss, or sing him happy birthday to him. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP? so, Nicholas Giovanni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. We love and miss you and will see you soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, im a slacker...

I just have had sooo much going on in my private world, I havnt really felt like blogging much-I sawwy, LOL.. So, our daughter went back to Texas. She has to follow her heart and dreams, but I miss her already. ROMAN, Oh sweet baby Jesus, Roman misses her like crazy and has been crying for her all ding dong day long.. GAH-Cassidy, LOL.

Im having some depression issues-blah.. I think ive had it for quite some time, but really only recently do I admit it. Just feeling overwhelmed lately, but I am okay :) Here is my PSA-

"Id like to thank Jules bebe for talking me off the ledge recently. My heart has been bruised a bit and she has seen to it that I smile and or laugh throughout the day, whether its bringing me flowers or calling every phone I own until I answer it, LOL.. So, spank you Jules bebe and get that truck ready for the ALCAN-Bitches... LOL.. Id also like to apologize to my sweet man, Sal.. I have been a raging BIOTCH, even more than normal and he just loves me. MITTER COTT, thanks for having my back!!! Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashlee-Thank you today for making me remember that I am a great parent and that I have done it right :) Who would have thought our wild child would be such a calming force? Love love love you!

So, Alaska is starting its beautiful summer and WOWZA! I honestly cant get over the whole daylight 22 hours a day, LOL.. Its cool, but definately have to adjust to it. It does NOT help my insomnia at all!! Here are a few tidbits about living in Alaska, LOL..You know you live in Alaska when-

*At baseball practice you have to tell your son to not step in the moose poop

*you keep your garage door open and find a furry guest rummaging about-A BEAR!

*no fireworks for the 4th of july(it doesnt get dark, LOL)

*you pay 4.75 a gallon for diesel fuel

*you pay 5.00 a gallon for milk-AT THE COMMISSARY

*most of the commercials are like AFN ones

*You see the most amazing sunsets

*rare do you experience thunder OR lightning

*you have to buy darkening curtains

Tony went on a Halibut charter in Homer last weekend and caught 2!! Sal and I and the Merciers are camping out friday and intend on drinking lots of vino and stuffing myself full of smores and of course keeping a watchful eye on DA BEARS, LOL..


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long time, no speak!

It feels like its been FOREVER and 57 days since I last blogged.. Just wasnt in a "bloggy" mood. Well since we last spoke- our daughter, Cassidy, moved from Texas to Alaska to live with us. We are thrilled about it and I know she is happy too, but misses her friends as well. So, we have been getting her settled. She managed to get a fabulous job here on post, so that is good. Lets see, what else has been going on? Oh, Mothers day happened, which was nice. I got my houndstooth Vera Bradley bag, i've been dying over, breakfast in bed and a fabulous dinner and lemon cake, I also slept-alot, which was soooo beyond wonderful-its really catch up sleep since I have horrible insomnia! Kids are all doing well and the grandkiddos too. Miss them all!

Spring has sprung here in Alaska and its so incredibly beautiful. Oddly its only been in the 50s, but it feels like 70! Work has been going well too. Sal has been busy with 2 college classes, coaching tball and of course, his job, LOL. I dont know how he does all that AND keeps his sanity. (Remember folks, he is also married to me and that is a job in itself, hahaha..)

Yesterday was the anniversary of our family losing Daniel(he is our nephew) Its been 7 years and not a day goes by that we dont think about him. Love you buddy boy!

Friday, April 8, 2011


the picture of this soldier, sums it up
If I didnt think my husband was underpaid before, I surely think he is underpaid today. Yes, today is the last day for Congress to figure this out. If they dont figure this out, OUR military-You know the ones who at anytime could give their life for this country, the ones who miss out on ALOT of their family life, the ones who step up to the plate, you know, that special 1% of the nation, Yeah, they will be getting only HALF their pay on the 15th of April.. Do you know what half of not much is? Sure, sure, it will be backpaid, but some families cant back eat, or tell their babies to ration the diapers and milk... Little children will have to wait until next year to play baseball or soccer. Now, the military isnt the ONLY thing on the line and we surely arent the only ones that will suffer at our govts hands, but for SHAME that this is even an option. My husband, isnt unlike any other soldier, has deployed 4 times for this nation, has moved us all over the world anytime the Army says so, he has MANY times worked 24 hour days, he also is sometimes a marriage counselor, financial planner, father, leader, therapist, disciplinarian, mission planner, appt keeper to hundreds, attends ANY and All promotions, WLC graduations, farewells, volunteer, hospital visitor, strong shoulder, etc.. SURELY he is worth his full pay. He does all of this before he comes home, where he continues to be the head of the house and reads to kids, helps clean up after dinner, gives baths, helps with homework, takes me on dates, makes sure we know he loves us and appreciates us.. His ONLY true "me" time, is his sleep and even that can and is usually interuppted by child abuse, domestic violence, duis, death, mayhem.... Soldiers deserve MORE than to be pawns in politicians ridonculousness. Soldiers worry enough about deploying and the possibility of dying for this country, than to worry about their families back home, struggling with bills, food and money. Its no secret, most military families live paycheck to paycheck as it is. So, if you know of a military family that needs help during this, help them.. Even if that is a ride to the store, a dinner, an ear or shoulder. We are Army Strong and will be okay.

To Congress, SURELY my husbands' son and son in laws' life, along with the lives of ANYONE else who wears this uniform is worth their full pay.. Do the right thing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello friends!

Its been a long while since I have actually posted a blog-sorry. Things have been hectic, some good and some bad and with work and kids, you know :) So today I went to a nutrition class because my blood work came back BAD..I had an elevated blood sugar after fasting, and too low of one type of cholesterol-booo.. The class was amazing and I actually learned alot. Carbs CAN be our friend, BUT we have to know how many and what kind. I need to increase my veggies and fruits and proteins. Did you know an average size bagel is 4 servings?? YIKES-that is INSANE!!!!! I never knew that. Im obsessed with getting my health and body back on the right track again. In HS I am fairly sure I had an eating disorder. I used to chew my food but not swallow it, LIVED on bubble gum, diet pills, diet gum, consuming only orange juice, throw up, not eat, you name it, I did it.. WHY? Because thin was good and fat was bad. Oddly I was perfect sized in hs, yet thought I was a cow.. We are weird when we are teenagers... So, Sal actually made me stop all that and just be content with who I am, which was also a bad thing(and him telling me im beautiful and perfect even gaining weight, didnt help, LOL.. It was fabulous to feel so comfortable in my own skin and knowing that my husband thinks I am gorgeous wether I am 100 lbs or not 100 lbs, BUT it really kept me from taking as good of care of myself as I should have. OF course, if he had ever told me I was a fat ass, his butt would have been out the door, LOL soooo, he cant win, LOL.. But, I have been losing the weight, slowly but surely.. That class today opened my eyes about cardiac issues, diabetes, etc.. I dont want to go down like that and I wont. I have never been so motivated in my life. The Dr. was very realistic and said to make baby step changes, increase this, decrease that, so that is what im doing :) I know I can do it. So cheers to eating better and excersizing more! CHEERS!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile.

HOMECOMING!!! Nothing makes me smile more than seeing this pics!

This is an easy one.. But it wont be 1 pic

Monday, March 28, 2011

Anthony Giancarlo Urzi

I just wanted to blog about one of my sweet boys. You probably dont hear me say too much about him on FB because I dont want to embarras him, LOL.. He is soo amazing though. The kid has the BEST SENSE OF HUMOR EVER.. He has such inner strength and a good heart(he will deny the good heart, LOL) He was such a challenge as a little guy, but still so freaking lovable. You gotta love a teenager that isnt humilited to give his parents a hug at any given time. Its funny, sometimes he will just come down the stairs punch sal and run back up, LOL.. Not punch in a "going to be in jail for assault" type punch, so dont fret. He is the ONLY one of the 6 kids that really looks like me, he will say that causes him to be the favorite, LOL.. He also has my wit-so poor Sal, he cant win in this house of smart asses. Tony has his flaws, Umm like he waits until Sunday night to inform us of ANYTHING, or to do a project-GRRRR.. LOL He also likes to make mac and cheese and 11pm NIGHTLY, he said its his late night snack- I say he wants to annoy me with the clanking around and mess.. I just want him to know how proud I am of him. He is a joy to parent and its been a wonderful journey to watch him grow up and do the right things(other than normal boy shenanigans, LOL) He is a loyal friend, son, brother. I love that he isnt out being a menace and litterly lives at the gym or is with his best friend, little Nic. It also warms my heart that just when I think he wants to sell his little brothers to the highest bidder, I will read a paper he has written for school and it is about them and how they make him laugh and how much he loves his family. So, Anthony Urzi, today I want to let everyone know just how fantabulous you are and how loved and needed you are to our family. (even at 11pm when you are making mac and cheese) Kisses buddy!!!

PS, dont mind all the stupid expressions, LOL this is how he likes to torment the mamarazzi LOL

Day 28 - A picture of something you're afraid of.

I dont want to post a picture, but SERIAL killers.. any and all...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you.

Our beautiful, healthy and fabulous grandchildren. Dominic Giovanni-3, Kaydence Marie-16 months and Nicholas Giovanni II-5 months :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I really wish these rumors would get squashed. They are the SAME rumors from when Sal first joined the Army, 22 years ago! Military spouses, PAY ATTENTION, LOL






*Female soldiers our out to get your soldier-UMM NO, NOT REALLY.

I think thats it for now, LOL these are the ones that I read about weekly and it drives me into insanity sometimes. The problem is, is that people choose to hear these and believe these and anytime someone tells them that isnt so, they get 57 kinds of butt hurt about it, LOL..
PS this pic has nothing to do with the topic, it just makes me laugh..

Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book.

This is my favorite book and one of my favorite movies..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of something you wish you were better at.

I wish I was better at baking. I can cook like a champ, but baking, eludes me....


Well today we said goodbye to our 1st born.. AGAIN.. He deployed today. I have said goodbye to him before, this is his 2nd deployment. Words cannot describe having to say goodbye to your child as he/she is about to go to war.. It is heart wrenching. I carried him for 9.5 months and 47 hours of labor. I was with him everyday of his life. Ive seen him in the best of times and some of the worst of times. Ive wanted to hug him and strangle him, BUT I always love him. My fear is of course the worst that could happen to him.. My heart would die, Id worry and analyze my whole life and wonder all kinds of things.. All day I have played back in my mind all the happy and fun times with Nicholas. Ive said it many times, I dont like ANYONE having to deploy, but Sal deploying doesnt bother me as much as Nicholas, not because I love him more or he is more important, BUT Sal is a grown up man, LOL Nicholas is our son and in my mind he is always 8 and sweet. He has alot to stay strong for and I pray for his safety and for the safety of all who serve.. Everyone there is someones son or daughter... Love You, Nicholas..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget.

There are soo many innapropriate things I could put on here, but Ill keep it to myself and those that know what im talking about, LoL.. In All seriousness it is this....My dads death.. I wish it hadnt ever happened... The worst memory in my life..

Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

Id have to say that my lack of a college degree is my BIGGEST insecurity. Im not a stupid person, but I would have to definately say that not having a degree makes me feel idiotic at times... Someday!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

My friendship with Julie

Julie and I are besties and have known each other for years and she has ALWAYS been a wonderful friend, BUT lately with some of the things that have gone on in our lives, she has LITTERALLY talked me off the ledge of insanity, sadness, despair.. Sometimes she tells me to SHUT UP and get over it(You see Wayne, sometimes even I need to be told that), other times she cries and hates with me. I always know she has my back. Her impact on my life is just immeasurable and I love her tons.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.

Hmm, i've never thought about this honestly. There are MANY people who I admire and respect. I'd honestly have to say, Ms. Christina Palacios inspires me. This is a women that is successful from pure hard work and wonderfulness. She is a wonderful business woman, volunteer, mother, friend, "auntie", and Tony's future manager for the NBA. hahah.. I've always thought highly of her and she inspires me to work hard and also enjoy the people you love.. I am fairly sure I havnt ever told her this, but its very true.. Loves ya little lady!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die.

I want to go somewhere tropical, warm, with cabana boys that bring me fabulous pina coladas with little umbrellas in them and I want to sleep until noon, breakfast in bed, romantic walks along the beach, watch the sunrise, dance in the ocean.. Ya, you get the hint
That is easy... Go on a honeymoon!!! We have been married 22 years and NEVER gone away together alone.. Not even a honeymoon... We were SUPPOSED to go last year to Santa Fe and for 6 months I planned it, made arrangements got the inlaws to come to Tx to watch the kids and 1 week before Sal was coming home for RR, my inlaws had to back out.. I bawled my eyes out, im not sure it is ever going to happen, but I can dream.. I have to say we have been on FABULOUS vacations as a family, all over the world, but this one just eludes me... Boooo

Monday, March 14, 2011

My army chair quarterbacking of Army Wives...

Okay, so I was just watching my DVR and watching Army Wives. I think Sal actually likes it a wee better than I do, LOL all in all its a fairly accurate account of military lives. While watching it, Roman came in the room while "Joan" was having her COC(change of command) ceremony and like a true "Army Brat" he said, "MAMA, that wooks like daddys meeting(Sal had a COR, change of responsibility ceremony(that is for 1sg's, sgm's, csm's).. Daddy did dat with da fwags(flags) Yes, he did RORO.. So back to the QBing.. Joans COC would have typically been on a bit bigger of a scale. Garrison command is NO joke of a position. I also have NEVER heard a speaker welcome honored guests, family, friends and Army Civilians.. Not the Army civilian part, LOL..The disciplinary action review board, is true.. And NO joke.. The military families have to definitely live to a high standard. Living on post IS a privilege and shoplifting ANYWHERE is a no no.. I have actually seen families kicked out of housing for what a dependant has done.. I have also seen a child kicked out of housing with the parents being allowed to live on post(child had to live with friends off post) Next is Claudia Joys graduation. I can attest from experience that the important things that spouses go through is sometimes overlooked. I have had people call during a deployment to ask how is Sal, etc, never once asking how I am. I have accomplished and done things that have gone unnoticed and Sal has forgotten things too. This job as Army Spouse isn't for the weak hearted for sure. Thankfully though, the tough parts are few and far between. The key to it all really is a good circle of friends. They get us through the hard times, good times and any other times. One memory I have of true friendship is when Nicholas and Ashlee had their confirmations together in Giessen Germany. It was during a deployment and of course we were far from home and family couldn't make it. Well who was front and center at their confirmation? The YaYas... Lana, Lisa, Kristy, Michelle, Melissa.. They were there taking pics, shedding tears of pride and of course having a laugh.. Those are Army Wives and its what we do. So, remember if you are a military spouse and having a rough day-have a chat with your inner circle, it will make you feel better, always...

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

Roman Gianmarco
Dominic Gianluca

Anthony Giancarlo

Cassidy Renee

Ashlee Marie

Nicholas Giovanni

These 6 fabulous people.. They are the reason that I live and breathe and usually bring my much joy. They also at times bring me headaches, heartbreak and tears, LOL.. BUT the joy, laughter and happiness is definately outweighs the bad :) Always and forever will I love Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman. You have given me sooo many wonderful things to be blessed about.