Friday, June 3, 2011

22 years ago

At 12:07pm(az time) after 47.5 hours of labor, I welcomed our 1st child into the world! Sal was at basic and ait and there I was, 18 and terrified. I can remember each and every moment of that time. I remember when they told me to push, I was so excited(didnt know id be pushing for 10 hours off and on-bitches, LOL) When he came out and they handed him to me, I just cried. I couldnt believe that I-MARY URZI, just gave birth to this amazing fellow. He was so calm and mellow and just looked me dead in the eyes and we just stared at each other. I remember talking to him after everyone left(yes, I have conversations with newborns, LOL) I told him that I was new at this and probably wouldnt be perfect, but that 2 things I could guarantee to him was that Id always love him unconditionally and 2, be the best mother that anyone could ever be. Today he is in Iraq and I cant give him a hug and kiss, or sing him happy birthday to him. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP? so, Nicholas Giovanni, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. We love and miss you and will see you soon!

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