Tuesday, November 30, 2010

checking in

doesnt Tony looked thrilled in this photo?
How is everyone doing on this Glorious Tuesday? It is Tuesday, right? Is it not a good sign that for the past 3 days it feels like a Monday??? Not in a bad way, just feels like this week wont move on and the REASON I want it to is because I get Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat off!!! Friday we go wine pouring and Saturday I have a hot date with a very fabulous man-UMM YES, im speaking of Sal, hahhahahah.. My insomnia is back-boooo! BUT last night I started back to NO TV at bedtime and I actually slept really good, not long, but good. Last night Sal and I started watching RESTREPO, heart wrenching... Sal is one to appreciate having nothing during a deployment and making do, but what they went through was beyond and I think EVERYONE should watch this documentary for several reasons..

1- to appreciate what people do VOLUNTARILY for this country(im not sure I could be sold on joining the military)

2-for soldiers to appreciate what they DO have during a deployment

3-for spouses to appreciate what they DO have during a deployment AND to not add drama into a soldiers life as much as possible when they are downrange.. I cant for the life of me imagine Sal trying to stay alive and worrying about my bitchy ways and NOT being focused on trying to stay safe and keeping his soldiers safe.. Soldiers need to know that their household 6 can handle things back home..By that, I dont mean that you should EVER keep your emotions or whats going on back home on lockdown.. I think soldiers NEED and WANT to know whats going on back home in every aspect AND need to know your feelings... But dont be overly dramatic and handle your business..

4-watching this last night made me even more appreciative of EVERYTHING that I have been given in life and to enjoy the people that are in our lives, as we dont know how long those gifts will be here.

Ill be honest, while watching that, I kept thinking to myself " Mary, thank GOD that Sal didnt have to go there" "thank God, that wasnt us" I know that is wrong and bad and I feel guilty for even having that thought, BUT im fairly sure we ALL have that "glad its not me" feeling in most situations. So, for that I feel very guilty and I am sorry.

On a lighter note, I have some more fun reasons its interesting living in Alaska.

*We plug our cars in to keep the engine blocks from breaking

*people in alaska take trips to Hawaii-ALOT

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Many Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving. Today while you are enjoying your fabulous friends, family and food-Take a moment to remember the troops who cannot be with their families on this beautiful day. Today all over the world there are husbands, wives, kids and other family members, missing a very important person at their table. Today that soldier isnt carving the turkey or watching the parade or sneaking nibbles from the kitchen. Today many soldiers are downrange helping another country figure it all out. Today a soldier is attempting to enjoy a thanksgiving meal with other wonderful people that while fabulous, is still not the ones they would prefer spending this day with.. To my fellow military spouses that are going through a deployment right now, HUGS and thanks.. I know today its hard cooking those special dishes that are the faves of your soldier, its heartbreaking to see an empty seat. Stay strong and remember its one day closer..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Today I am making pies, making sure I am prepped for tomorrow and going to work.. The boys have had Tuesday and Wednesday off due to ice roads(if I drive my truck, am I an ice road trucker?) Today I was sitting here thinking that last year at this time, the love of my life was in Iraq. It didnt feel much like thanksgiving as I wasnt thankful, I was sad and having a pity party and then Mrs Baker came over unexpectadely with a plate of turkey day food for each of us(I had made a small dinner for me and the kids, she didnt know this) She came bearing food and hugs. She too is an Army spouse and a lovely person.. She has been an Army spouse as long as I have and just must have sensed that I was having a down day.. So, today I want my "sister wives" whose husbands or wives are downrange or unable to get home for whatever reason-to know that WE are thinking of you today and are encouraging you to enjoy this holiday and to feel the warmth from mine and Sals hearts. Much love to you all...

I am thankful for So many things. Im thankful I have a loving, kind and selfless husband who LOVES to take care of his family and works very hard taking care of us and his soldiers. Im thankful and greatful that our children and grandchildren are healthy and loved, they have brought us so much joy over the years. Im greatful to my family-not even all blood related, LOL You all know who you are . Im greatful that my sister and Sals sister and family are all doing well and happy. (we are all just happy LOL) Im thankful even to the Army for teaching me strength, appreciation and patience..

On a lighter note, I have to work today and really, I just want to stay in my pjs and bake until I cant bake anymore, LOL... Also, for all my baking friends-which breadmaker would you suggest? I am really jonesing for one!!
Also CONGRATS to the 12 MPs whose numbers came up for SGM promotions!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Did you think I fell off this island?

Haha, just been busy with life, kids, work, home, etc.. You know how it goes. I cant believe the holidays are here!! WOOHOO!!!!!! I love it! Even working retail, I still love it. So, living in Alaska is a VERY different experience-not a BAD experience, but it is a different culture and lifestyle here. Here are some of my funny tidbits of what I observe here-

*EVERYONE has staticky hair

*EVERYONE rolls up their jeans(so they dont get wet in the slush)

*Frozen snot is the norm

*Falling on the ice is the norm and nobody bats an eyelash

*Your truck sliding across the tundra doesnt cause panic, You just roll with it, LMAO

*people take their kids to school on sleds

*cold stone is still a busy place at 13 degrees

*moose dont slide on the ice

*people do really wear muklucks

*the frozen tundra doesnt stop some women from wearing hooker heels(but watching them walk is HILARIOUS

*reindeer sausage is number 1 here!!

*reminding 2 boys that santa lives just a few hours from here is FABULOUS!!

*We all wear spikes on our shoes here, BUT ME, because they are UGLY LMAO so Mary will continue to slide into buildings!

We are really having a fun time here, even Sal-who dislikes the cold thinks its beautiful. Dom thinks he is living here forever and if you tell him anything different he has a nervous breakdown.. I think HE is the 1 child out of 6 that isnt going to EVER like moving.. I have been working alot and I really do love it. I work for some really nice people

It is alot of fun living here, that is for sure. Tony has basketball tryouts next week, so lets wish him some luck!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Rules are made to attempt at keeping us safe. The military ESPECIALLY has MANY rules and regulations because its an organization that is in the business of discipline and structure.. If rules and regs are not things you like to follow, its fair to say that you shouldnt go into this "business" and MAYBE, just MAYBE you need to find another line of work.. The reason im blogging about this is because I belong to a FB page that in theory is WONDERFUL, BUT has turned into the biggest whine fest I have ever seen about 1 military post.. So, the other day a gentlman(and I use this term LOOSELY) inquired about WHY must the ARMY still require that we have a DOD(dept of defense) sticker on our POVs(privately owned vehicles) and that he had just gotten a ticket because his wasnt displayed as required(que violins, maybe even the smallest violin for extra measure). Well, many people responded, middle of the road responses until a brave soul challenged his integrity and leadership(this is a leader among the military) He responded in a polite, yet insulting manner, stating that he isnt one of those "brainwashed people" and he feels NOT displaying his sticker is thinking outside the box (he is paranoid obviously, about terrorism) He also stated we all that follow the rules can continue to advertise that we want to die by displaying the sticker properly.. So, since when do soldiers get to pick and choose which regulations they will follow? So, when my husband has a soldier that has beaten his wife or child or drove drunk and killed someone, the soldier can say, "well, I chose not to follow the regulations that I SWORE TO TAKE when I joined the Army???? Umm no, not gonna fly my friend, not going to fly.. Its leaders like this that destroy the WHOLE esprit de corps.. With that said, the military wants everyone to be free thinkers, BUT its a balance. The ONLY time you dont follow an order is when it isnt a lawful order.. Putting a sticker on your car that is about 3 inch by 3inch isnt being brainwashed or advertising to be killed, its following a rule and reg that for some reason the ARMY still chooses to use. I think people tend to get a wee bit paranoid about terrorism.. Should we be watchful and mindful of the things we do and our surroundings? Abso-freaking-lutely... BUT paranoia breeds paranoia and when we are paranoid, the terrorists win....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day and what it means to me

Yesterday for some odd reason I was really thinking of my dad alot, which was odd because it wasnt his bday or the anniversary of his death, etc.. For some reason, I just couldnt get him out of my mind and the tears began to fall. I thought about how many times he told me about going to Vietnam multiple times and how hard that war was. He watched young men and women die before his eyes, he went away from his family in joining the Army-they were a religion that didnt agree with the military let alone joining it.. He gave up football scholarships to several HUGE universities to serve his country(he volunteered and was not part of the draft) So, he was on his own! He was an orphan at 8 and raised by various family members throughout his life.. He went to Vietnam without a backyard BBQ with his friends and family-he just left. On 2 separate tours in Vietnam he was injured and was riddled with shrapnel even into the 1980's would it still be surfacing and having to be taken out of his skin.. He trudged through the jungles of vietnam, witnessing what I can only imagine was horrific things. He shared several stories with us and I just cant imagine anyone mentally survivng that-but he and so many have. The first time he came home from Vietnam, he came home via bus and was spat on as he was walking through the city, called horrific names.. He said that he TRULY didnt know about the hatred of the war the 1st time he was there, so it was quite shocking to be called the names he was called, when he thought of himself as a good American. He loved the Military, truly and deeply, he also loved this country. Unfortunately he didnt feel that this country loved him back sometimes. Eventually his heart wounds healed with the love he recieved from my mom, sister and myself and the rest of my moms family. My dad was a giant to me, such a loving father to me and Ronni. I say with pride that my father served this great nation, regardless of the politics involved. Never did I imagine myself id be part of this great corporation called the Army. I live with pride each and everyday when Sal is putting that uniform on and kissing me goodbye. He looks so proud to put his uniform on each day and im sure he doesnt know this but when he puts his dog tags around his neck, he has a look on his face as if he is in love. He puts them on so softly and gently as if they are made of delicate glass..He has left a legacy to our children. Nicholas, our son is now an MP in the Army and getting ready to deploy again. He couldnt make us more proud. Ashlee, is now an Army spouse and married to her childhood sweetheart, Blake, who was also an Army Brat and now Army recruiter and Infantryman. Can you imagine the fun we have when we are all together, listening to all their deployment stories and Sal and Nick picking on Blake for being in the "wrong" MOS, LOL.. Its magnificant! Somedays I ask God, why am I so lucky? Im not anything special. Im lucky in that I was born an American and so many MEN and WOMEN fought for the freedoms that we have. Im BEYOND greatful for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in doing what our country asked of them and never wavering.. THey do what they do and do it well. So, to all MY veterans-I love you!! To all the rest of the Veterans-we, the Urzi family, love and care about you all and are ETERNALLY greatful for the safety and pride that you give to this country..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parenting-Mary style

Most of you know me fairly well I think and know that my kids are my world and I cant go a day without talking about them, even when they are little punks! The other day at work a co-worker was shocked that Sal and I have 6 kids. She asked the usual questions, boys or girls? do they all have the same father? (WTF by the way, LOL) etc.. But then she asked me how Sal and I did it? I honestly stood there and thought hmm, im not really sure to be honest, LOL.. Im sure luck had something to do with it, but I also think our way of parenting helped as well. I have a few rules to my parenting and here they are;

*Im not your friend, im your mother-this means my opinion is that of a concerned parent that looks for your best interest. Im not your girl, bff, etc..

*I WILL follow through with what I say, you best believe- If I say dont touch in the store or we will leave and you dont listen, we leave... That will "learn" ya.

*The rules are NON NEGOTIABLE-no video games until the weekend, mean just that

*I will love you unconditionally-ALWAYS and forever. This doesnt mean I will always agree with what you do, but it does mean that you will always be loved.

*I expect you to behave when im not around-This means when you are out on your own, not only should you think WWJD, you should be thinking WWMD?

*If I make a mistake, I have to say sorry too-THIS is hard for me because I am a control freak, BUT I have to swallow my pride and just do it.

*I will support you in everything positive that you do-THIS means, dad and I will sacrifice all that we have to help you achieve your goal, BUT when you are parents, you must do this for your children as well..

There are more rules to my parenting, but you get the gist. Thankfully, we have only had a few challenges in parenting(they have been doozies) but nothing that as a family we couldnt get through. I think we all have to parent how it works for us and my rules dont work for everyone, but they work for us. To me, parenting is 1 of the most important things I will do in my life time. What I do now, can affect the future of 6 gifts that were entrusted to me. I do think of them as gifts(sometimes stinky, noisy, twerpy, sassy gifts, but gifts none the less..

So0, to Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman, Thanks for this journey and cant wait to see the wonderful future for all of you.. Momma and Daddy love you all

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the world

Id like to introduce our 3rd grandchild-Nicholas Giovanni Urzi II... He was born on November 7 and weighed in at 9lbs 2ozs and 21 inches long.. He was definately born with the Urzi genes!!! Soo cute.. Congrats to our son and daughter in law- you done good! Now, get ready for sleepless nights, even after he leaves the nest.. You have been given the BEST and most miraculous gift ever. Love each other and be great parents, which I know that you will. I cant wait to meet this little guy we all call Deuce. My advice to you is be consistant in your parenting and follow through is mucho important. Let him know that even during bad times he is still loved, teach him to be a free thinker and to be kind always.. Teach him please and thank you(those go far in life) I know you will both raise him well and be great parents.. Love you both.. PS-enjoy these total control years, LOL these kiddos grow fast and before you know it, they think for themselves.. Give our new grandson a big hug and kiss from Boss and Mimi!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alot of things this month..

in regards to recognition.. It is The OFFICIAL month of the military family and national gratitude month.. 2 wonderful things... So, to my fellow military families-past and present, I want to thank you all for being the wonderful, loving and giving people that you are. The military family is simply amazing, I see it daily military families go through and sacrifice and it is just stupendous!!! Even military families I dont agree with are amazing, LOL.. Military families go through a buffet of situations, feelings and emotions.... Here are some examples that an average military family may go through during a 4 year enlistment:

1- most likely 2 deployments

2-at least 1 mistake regarding their military pay

3-seeing their soldier for an hour or 2 out of the day

4-trying to get Dr appts in a timely fashion

5-plumbing going on the fritz

6-a family emergency

7-saying hello and welcome home to their soldier

8-explaining to 1 or more children why the soldier parent cant be there for a bday or holiday

9-meet a life long friend in another military spouse

10-realize they are stronger, braver and smarter than they give themselves credit for.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I wonder why we put ourselves through this... Oh yeah, I know why-because we are in love with a soldier and we do what we have to do to keep it all together. We do it to make that soldier proud and for them to succeed in this. We also provide comfort for that soldier when that soldier has had a horrible day and just cant seem to do it anymore. Military families are some of the strongest people I know. I have to give a shout out to our children.. Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman, THANK YOU for providing us humor and reason for the push to succeed.. Just looking at you 6 makes us want to always strive to do better. We have dragged you to Virginia, Germany-TWICE, Italy, Georgia, Texas-TWICE, Missouri and now Alaska. You have had to change schools and meet new friends at the drop of a hat and you all make it seem so flawless and okay. I cant imagine what it is to move in the middle of highschool to another place across the world and jump right in with a good attitude and do what needs to be done.. They say that an NCO is the backbone of the army and the spouse is its heart, well you kids are the backbone and soul of this family and we couldnt be more proud of you all. You have had to say goodbye to your dad MANY times for deployments, ftx's, schools, training-but you did it with a smile and a hug and that kept daddy going.. I know it was hard to not have him home for Bdays, Christmas' easters, big sport events, school plays, etc.. But NEVER did you complain-EVER.. You really keep this military family going. I also must thank you all for being just good kids-NOT PERFECT, but good. You made my job 100 times easier, with a few exceptions LMAO.. We honestly just couldnt have gone on with this life we chose if you all hadnt been so wonderful. So, daddy and I want you to know we love you and thank you..PS-daddy's new retirement date is 2018 LMAO.. So much for 20 years..

To Sal, thanks for the ride of my life. We wouldnt be a military family without you, LOL.. I dont know how you do it sometimes and still manage to be sane.. Thank you for making me learn about the military and keeping me informed. You are a soldiers soldier and when soldiers tell me how much they admire you and look up to you, it makes me want to burst with pride!! You rock!!! THank you also for keeping me in Vera Bradly, jk!

I guess that also covered what im most greatful for as well, LOL..