Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day and what it means to me

Yesterday for some odd reason I was really thinking of my dad alot, which was odd because it wasnt his bday or the anniversary of his death, etc.. For some reason, I just couldnt get him out of my mind and the tears began to fall. I thought about how many times he told me about going to Vietnam multiple times and how hard that war was. He watched young men and women die before his eyes, he went away from his family in joining the Army-they were a religion that didnt agree with the military let alone joining it.. He gave up football scholarships to several HUGE universities to serve his country(he volunteered and was not part of the draft) So, he was on his own! He was an orphan at 8 and raised by various family members throughout his life.. He went to Vietnam without a backyard BBQ with his friends and family-he just left. On 2 separate tours in Vietnam he was injured and was riddled with shrapnel even into the 1980's would it still be surfacing and having to be taken out of his skin.. He trudged through the jungles of vietnam, witnessing what I can only imagine was horrific things. He shared several stories with us and I just cant imagine anyone mentally survivng that-but he and so many have. The first time he came home from Vietnam, he came home via bus and was spat on as he was walking through the city, called horrific names.. He said that he TRULY didnt know about the hatred of the war the 1st time he was there, so it was quite shocking to be called the names he was called, when he thought of himself as a good American. He loved the Military, truly and deeply, he also loved this country. Unfortunately he didnt feel that this country loved him back sometimes. Eventually his heart wounds healed with the love he recieved from my mom, sister and myself and the rest of my moms family. My dad was a giant to me, such a loving father to me and Ronni. I say with pride that my father served this great nation, regardless of the politics involved. Never did I imagine myself id be part of this great corporation called the Army. I live with pride each and everyday when Sal is putting that uniform on and kissing me goodbye. He looks so proud to put his uniform on each day and im sure he doesnt know this but when he puts his dog tags around his neck, he has a look on his face as if he is in love. He puts them on so softly and gently as if they are made of delicate glass..He has left a legacy to our children. Nicholas, our son is now an MP in the Army and getting ready to deploy again. He couldnt make us more proud. Ashlee, is now an Army spouse and married to her childhood sweetheart, Blake, who was also an Army Brat and now Army recruiter and Infantryman. Can you imagine the fun we have when we are all together, listening to all their deployment stories and Sal and Nick picking on Blake for being in the "wrong" MOS, LOL.. Its magnificant! Somedays I ask God, why am I so lucky? Im not anything special. Im lucky in that I was born an American and so many MEN and WOMEN fought for the freedoms that we have. Im BEYOND greatful for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in doing what our country asked of them and never wavering.. THey do what they do and do it well. So, to all MY veterans-I love you!! To all the rest of the Veterans-we, the Urzi family, love and care about you all and are ETERNALLY greatful for the safety and pride that you give to this country..


  1. That was a beautiful story Mary, such a wonderful tribute your father and your family, you truly have a gift for putting your words in writing. I love reading what you write because it speaks to my heart and soul. You really need to do something professionally. You have so many wonderful stories to tell and feelings to share that so many of us can associate with. You are truly a phenomenal wife, mother, sister, mentor, teacher, and speaker. My life has been blessed more because of our lives briefly crossing paths. May God blessed and protect you and your family.

    Jerry Cumiford

  2. Mary, again you have put so beautifully into words what drives you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and creating the perfect inspiration and encouragement for another day.