Thursday, November 25, 2010

Many Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving. Today while you are enjoying your fabulous friends, family and food-Take a moment to remember the troops who cannot be with their families on this beautiful day. Today all over the world there are husbands, wives, kids and other family members, missing a very important person at their table. Today that soldier isnt carving the turkey or watching the parade or sneaking nibbles from the kitchen. Today many soldiers are downrange helping another country figure it all out. Today a soldier is attempting to enjoy a thanksgiving meal with other wonderful people that while fabulous, is still not the ones they would prefer spending this day with.. To my fellow military spouses that are going through a deployment right now, HUGS and thanks.. I know today its hard cooking those special dishes that are the faves of your soldier, its heartbreaking to see an empty seat. Stay strong and remember its one day closer..