Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Today I am making pies, making sure I am prepped for tomorrow and going to work.. The boys have had Tuesday and Wednesday off due to ice roads(if I drive my truck, am I an ice road trucker?) Today I was sitting here thinking that last year at this time, the love of my life was in Iraq. It didnt feel much like thanksgiving as I wasnt thankful, I was sad and having a pity party and then Mrs Baker came over unexpectadely with a plate of turkey day food for each of us(I had made a small dinner for me and the kids, she didnt know this) She came bearing food and hugs. She too is an Army spouse and a lovely person.. She has been an Army spouse as long as I have and just must have sensed that I was having a down day.. So, today I want my "sister wives" whose husbands or wives are downrange or unable to get home for whatever reason-to know that WE are thinking of you today and are encouraging you to enjoy this holiday and to feel the warmth from mine and Sals hearts. Much love to you all...

I am thankful for So many things. Im thankful I have a loving, kind and selfless husband who LOVES to take care of his family and works very hard taking care of us and his soldiers. Im thankful and greatful that our children and grandchildren are healthy and loved, they have brought us so much joy over the years. Im greatful to my family-not even all blood related, LOL You all know who you are . Im greatful that my sister and Sals sister and family are all doing well and happy. (we are all just happy LOL) Im thankful even to the Army for teaching me strength, appreciation and patience..

On a lighter note, I have to work today and really, I just want to stay in my pjs and bake until I cant bake anymore, LOL... Also, for all my baking friends-which breadmaker would you suggest? I am really jonesing for one!!
Also CONGRATS to the 12 MPs whose numbers came up for SGM promotions!!!

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