Tuesday, November 30, 2010

checking in

doesnt Tony looked thrilled in this photo?
How is everyone doing on this Glorious Tuesday? It is Tuesday, right? Is it not a good sign that for the past 3 days it feels like a Monday??? Not in a bad way, just feels like this week wont move on and the REASON I want it to is because I get Wed, Thur, Fri and Sat off!!! Friday we go wine pouring and Saturday I have a hot date with a very fabulous man-UMM YES, im speaking of Sal, hahhahahah.. My insomnia is back-boooo! BUT last night I started back to NO TV at bedtime and I actually slept really good, not long, but good. Last night Sal and I started watching RESTREPO, heart wrenching... Sal is one to appreciate having nothing during a deployment and making do, but what they went through was beyond and I think EVERYONE should watch this documentary for several reasons..

1- to appreciate what people do VOLUNTARILY for this country(im not sure I could be sold on joining the military)

2-for soldiers to appreciate what they DO have during a deployment

3-for spouses to appreciate what they DO have during a deployment AND to not add drama into a soldiers life as much as possible when they are downrange.. I cant for the life of me imagine Sal trying to stay alive and worrying about my bitchy ways and NOT being focused on trying to stay safe and keeping his soldiers safe.. Soldiers need to know that their household 6 can handle things back home..By that, I dont mean that you should EVER keep your emotions or whats going on back home on lockdown.. I think soldiers NEED and WANT to know whats going on back home in every aspect AND need to know your feelings... But dont be overly dramatic and handle your business..

4-watching this last night made me even more appreciative of EVERYTHING that I have been given in life and to enjoy the people that are in our lives, as we dont know how long those gifts will be here.

Ill be honest, while watching that, I kept thinking to myself " Mary, thank GOD that Sal didnt have to go there" "thank God, that wasnt us" I know that is wrong and bad and I feel guilty for even having that thought, BUT im fairly sure we ALL have that "glad its not me" feeling in most situations. So, for that I feel very guilty and I am sorry.

On a lighter note, I have some more fun reasons its interesting living in Alaska.

*We plug our cars in to keep the engine blocks from breaking

*people in alaska take trips to Hawaii-ALOT

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