Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kaydence Marie

So today, our gorgeous grandaughter, Kaydence Marie, turned the BIG 1!!! Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!! She is our 2nd grandchild, but 1st grandaughter. She is so funny and precious and has a cute sense of humor. I am hoping she gives her mom a run for her money as she gets older, for PURELY payback purposes.. Ashlee wasnt an "easy" child-she just LOVED to rock the boat and see how far she could push things.. Happily she has turned out FABULUOS and now has a wonderful husband and daughter.When she was pregnant with Kaydence, she was all by herself because Blake was in Iraq, she did wonderfully though and we are just so proud of the mom and wife she has become. Kaydence is such a cute mesh of Blake and Ashlee and I know she brings them such happiness and good times.. I wish we could be together little girl, for your 1st birthday, but know that Boss and MiMi love you and are so happy you are in our lives. As you grow up you are going to meet challenges and hills, but be honest and try really hard-ask for help if and when you need it. Never be too proud to ask for assistance. Always do your best and never give up or give in. Life is hard, but your family will help to see you through. I cannot wait to see you again.. Smooches my little love..

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