Saturday, July 31, 2010

PCS Season

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalala.. Don we now our grubby apparal, falalalala-lalalala, Feed the movers and the children, falalalalala-lalalala.. LMAO Jk Jk..

So, most of you know my love for trivia and learning about why things are the way they are so today I was looking around online(sidenote, trying with all my might not to enter the madness that is the garage, LOL) and found this little article. I have to say that we havnt come that far of these ladies from the past, our sisters in service, LOL.. Although I have to say I didnt have to deal with the frontier, eating dried beef and worrying about a higher ranking person snatching up the very place we live in, LOL so things have changed just a tad..Read this and let me know if its that far off from our modern times :) Enjoy the weekend friends :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of those mornings..

Today for me is one of THOSE mornings.. You know, the kind where you really see no need in getting out of bed OR being productive, LOL.. I think because my brain is on overload with everything we have going on and the big move.. What I THINK I need to do is make a list of everything WE need to take on our Partial DITY, list what we need in the hotel suitcase, make a list of snacks and items we need for the drive. I need to dig out all the winter stuff to bring with us in a tote or 3, LOL.. Also found out that our marriage retreat is cancelled, bah humbug(is it too early to say that?) I think I have a black cloud that follows me ANYTIME there would be a possibility for a vacay.. GAH! Its irritating.

Tomorrow we are going on post to see Toy Story 3 with the little guys. Fun Fun.. Im also leaving in the morning to have some me time.. I have been hermit like lately, which isnt like me at all. Tomorrow morning and afternoon will be all about MOI!

Id like to introduce you to numero quatro of the cast. His name is Anthony Giancarlo, he is almost 17, handsome, smart, athletic and a nut. Tony was a very HIGH maintenance little guy from about the age of 2-10. We thought he was just a picky kid, but we later found out he had OCD and tactile sensitivity. Some of the quirky things he would do would be lining his toes in his socks on the red line of the socks, he wouldnt wear overalls because WE could NEVER get the straps to be exact, his shirts had to be tucked all the way in, his shoes had to be tied a certain way and he didnt like wrinkles in his clothes, he didnt like to be dirty and was paranoid of germs, LOL it kept us on our toes. His eating habits were interesting as well. He only liked soft and creamy foods so he lived on yogurt, mashed potatoes, peanut butter, jello, steamed chicken, no red meat, no hotdogs, no normal kid food, LOL.. HAPPILY I can say he with therapy has overcome most of it. He is a genius on the basketball court and baseball diamond.. Like watch for him on ESPN one day good.. He is a rough and tough kid yet really has a kind heart and would give his last penny to someone in need. I love that about him. He looks like me, but has his dads spirit in all things that are boy.. Motorcycles, cars, dirtbikes, etc.. He is also the Adam Sandler of the family..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

one month

Today is 1 month from our final out and the start of our journey to Alaska! August will be a crazy month, but I thrive on crazy.. Keeps me going. We are headed to Phx to see some family for the day, then onto Los Angeles to ship the jeep. We are then driving to Utah. We are stopping there because I want to visit my dads grave. I havnt been there in way too long and lately I have been missing him more than normal. So off to Price Utah we go..

Im hoping my sister and her husband get some FABULOUS news and soon!! So pray for good things for them!

I cant wait to share my journey with you all! Its going to be soo much fun. Sal and I both feel like Alaska is our dream location to live so this is going to be amazing.

Trying to get one last ladies night out scheduled for mi amigas here. I will miss them, but they are always welcome to visit us in the frozen tundra!

Next in line in my cast of characters I call family is our sweet pea, Cassidy... She just graduated high school and will be going to college in Alaska. She is such a sweetheart and beyond helpful to me. She has grown into such a fabulous young woman. I see only fabulous things for her in her life. Cassidy has my personality.. SARCASTIC and a potty mouth, LOL I heart her.. Actually all our kids have both of those charactoristics of mine, oooopsie... I love and adore the kids though. We raised them to speak freely, but with respect and they havent let us down in that department.. So, back to Cassidy- She is so funny and such a tiny peanut.. One time when I reminded Sal that Cass would soon graduate he responded with "is she big enough to do that?" she is that much a peanut.. She is tiny but mighty and we adore her!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh people are cute..

There is an ugly side to military spousness.. Its the "let me one up you" complex.. Its rampant at times in this life. I really have to laugh because if they stepped outside the box and looked in they would see how RIDICULOUS they look. I belong to several military spouse forums, fb pages, what have you.. I am thinking I need to clean alot of them out. Here are my opines-

*super fast tracking doesnt make your husband a better soldier, Fast tracking isnt always a good thing.

*Dont take such offense or read into comments and feel they are about you.. Grow up.

*Dodging a deployment ON PURPOSE is a douchy thing to do

*1SGs arent out to ruin your life or the life of the soldier

*YES, health and welfare inspections can and are done

*Arguing with a commissary bagger as to WHY they get tips an not an hourly wage is dumb.

*being the FRG leader doesnt get your soldier promoted

*You dont have to put your WHOLE life story out into the world.. The Army is a VERY small world

*Yes, there are MEN married to soldiers- they are military spouses as well

*"WE" got promoted sounds IDIOTIC.. Yes spouses help the soldier, but its the soldiers promotion.

*Starting a facebook page doesnt make you an expert in all things military..

Whew, I feel mucho better! So the move is still going well. We will VAMANOS on the 28th of August!!!!!! Still purging and getting things organized. Sal has started clearing, yay!!!..

Next castmembers in my family id like to intro you to is our daughter, Ashlee and her husband Blake and their presh bombolina Kaydence Marie!!! Blake is a recruiter to be(in a few days actually he will graduate) They will be on their way to Tennessee and are BEYOND excited. They have been at Ft hood a few years. Ashlee is a charactor and speaks her mind, boy does she ever.. She has calmed down in her old age, LOL.. But still opinionated. Ashlee is a great mama and goes to college in addition to taking care of her new family. I miss them alot and cant wait to see them again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my army wife life: Going North, To Alaska!!

my army wife life: Going North, To Alaska!!: "Okay so we are prepping for our OCONUS move to Alaska, LOL I think its funny its considered overseas-but I digress.. Again, we are BEYOND e..."

Going North, To Alaska!!

Okay so we are prepping for our OCONUS move to Alaska, LOL I think its funny its considered overseas-but I digress.. Again, we are BEYOND excited about this pcs. We have been waiting for this assignment forever! Yesterday, Sal booked the pack out dates(all done online, mucho fabulous) we have 3 days for packout and 1 for load up. Have all the billeting dates booked for here and Alaska, now working on the hotels along the way.. It will be about a 7 day journey from Texas to Alaska and we are hoping to check out the sights along the way. We have our appt to drop off our daughters jeep in Los Angeles for shipment, now just need a preinspection for housing, pay the cleaning team and get the heck out of dodge... I always like to PCS, I like the change of scenery and living in places that I couldnt ever have imagined. Sal also talked to housing and that is a go as well, so woohoo!!! A few little things left to get done like have the dvd players installed in the new truck, go through some more closets and plastic tubs and purge out things we dont need anymore. We have to much "stuff" and every pcs we purge and once we get to where we are going, we end up purging some more. Its a vicious cycle. We are debating on whether to do a partial dity.. We arent ones to do any kind of Dity, but we have the new beast, LOL

This week is semi busy. Tonight we are going to dinner with a friend, Sal has things with work to get done and then Saturday we have a BDAY party to attend. Still working on a date for Sals change of responsibility, but it should be soooon!!!!! yayy, no more blackberry-well until he gets to Ak, where im sure he will have another.. Speaking of Blackberry, OMG, his was going off like crashayzee last night, poor guy. Until after 0400 this morning, ugg. He hasnt had any sleep and still working like a crazy man, he will no doubt crashh after dinner tonight..

So, I want to intro my cast of crazy characters in my show called life. Today will be our oldest son,Nicholas, his wife Meagan, our grandson Dominic(yes same name as our 5 year old) and our grandson to be-Peyton..

Nicholas has been in the Army 3 years now and is an MP. He is married to Meagan from Maryland. They will soon be PCSing for their first time together. Dominic is 2 and so completely adorable. You just want to eat him up everytime you see him. Peyton is due to arrive at the end of October and I cannot wait to snuggle up with him. He will be our 3rd grandchild :)

The Above pic is Nicholas, Meagan and Dominic and Peyton in utero

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First blog.

Hi everyone! A little bit about myself. I am Mary Urzi, I have been an Army spouse for what seems to be a lifetime. 21 years, so most of my life. I have been married to Sal for 21 years and we have 6, yes 6! kiddos, and we also have a son in law and daughter in law and almost 3 grandkids- They are a cast of characters for sure and you will get to know them along this journey I am sharing with you. Some of you know us, so be patient if you have heard stories before, LOL.. My family is my life and I will go Caroline Manzo on people if they mess with them. This blog will be about my journey thus far as a military spouse and our future journeys. We are getting ready to pcs to Alaska in a few weeks, an assignment we have been waiting for, for what seems to be a life time. This blog will have tips,opinions and funny and sometimes sad stories about this life I chose to live. Last year I had a daily journal on Facebook chronicling our 12 month deployment, I'm ready to continue on with the blog now that I have rested and recuperated from all the excitement of the past 3 months.. So enjoy the ride..