Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Going North, To Alaska!!

Okay so we are prepping for our OCONUS move to Alaska, LOL I think its funny its considered overseas-but I digress.. Again, we are BEYOND excited about this pcs. We have been waiting for this assignment forever! Yesterday, Sal booked the pack out dates(all done online, mucho fabulous) we have 3 days for packout and 1 for load up. Have all the billeting dates booked for here and Alaska, now working on the hotels along the way.. It will be about a 7 day journey from Texas to Alaska and we are hoping to check out the sights along the way. We have our appt to drop off our daughters jeep in Los Angeles for shipment, now just need a preinspection for housing, pay the cleaning team and get the heck out of dodge... I always like to PCS, I like the change of scenery and living in places that I couldnt ever have imagined. Sal also talked to housing and that is a go as well, so woohoo!!! A few little things left to get done like have the dvd players installed in the new truck, go through some more closets and plastic tubs and purge out things we dont need anymore. We have to much "stuff" and every pcs we purge and once we get to where we are going, we end up purging some more. Its a vicious cycle. We are debating on whether to do a partial dity.. We arent ones to do any kind of Dity, but we have the new beast, LOL

This week is semi busy. Tonight we are going to dinner with a friend, Sal has things with work to get done and then Saturday we have a BDAY party to attend. Still working on a date for Sals change of responsibility, but it should be soooon!!!!! yayy, no more blackberry-well until he gets to Ak, where im sure he will have another.. Speaking of Blackberry, OMG, his was going off like crashayzee last night, poor guy. Until after 0400 this morning, ugg. He hasnt had any sleep and still working like a crazy man, he will no doubt crashh after dinner tonight..

So, I want to intro my cast of crazy characters in my show called life. Today will be our oldest son,Nicholas, his wife Meagan, our grandson Dominic(yes same name as our 5 year old) and our grandson to be-Peyton..

Nicholas has been in the Army 3 years now and is an MP. He is married to Meagan from Maryland. They will soon be PCSing for their first time together. Dominic is 2 and so completely adorable. You just want to eat him up everytime you see him. Peyton is due to arrive at the end of October and I cannot wait to snuggle up with him. He will be our 3rd grandchild :)

The Above pic is Nicholas, Meagan and Dominic and Peyton in utero


  1. Good luck with your move! We always do a partial seems like a good way to get a little extra $ for stuff you have to bring with you anyway.

  2. I need to check into this booking the move online...Maybe we can book ours already (not that we are anxious or anything...Ooohhh okay..maybe a WEEEE bit ;))