Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First blog.

Hi everyone! A little bit about myself. I am Mary Urzi, I have been an Army spouse for what seems to be a lifetime. 21 years, so most of my life. I have been married to Sal for 21 years and we have 6, yes 6! kiddos, and we also have a son in law and daughter in law and almost 3 grandkids- They are a cast of characters for sure and you will get to know them along this journey I am sharing with you. Some of you know us, so be patient if you have heard stories before, LOL.. My family is my life and I will go Caroline Manzo on people if they mess with them. This blog will be about my journey thus far as a military spouse and our future journeys. We are getting ready to pcs to Alaska in a few weeks, an assignment we have been waiting for, for what seems to be a life time. This blog will have tips,opinions and funny and sometimes sad stories about this life I chose to live. Last year I had a daily journal on Facebook chronicling our 12 month deployment, I'm ready to continue on with the blog now that I have rested and recuperated from all the excitement of the past 3 months.. So enjoy the ride..


  1. Welcome to the blog world! It's about time you started one.

  2. Who knew you had a blog!!! Where have I been? I am so adding you to my "google favorites" list :D