Wednesday, July 28, 2010

one month

Today is 1 month from our final out and the start of our journey to Alaska! August will be a crazy month, but I thrive on crazy.. Keeps me going. We are headed to Phx to see some family for the day, then onto Los Angeles to ship the jeep. We are then driving to Utah. We are stopping there because I want to visit my dads grave. I havnt been there in way too long and lately I have been missing him more than normal. So off to Price Utah we go..

Im hoping my sister and her husband get some FABULOUS news and soon!! So pray for good things for them!

I cant wait to share my journey with you all! Its going to be soo much fun. Sal and I both feel like Alaska is our dream location to live so this is going to be amazing.

Trying to get one last ladies night out scheduled for mi amigas here. I will miss them, but they are always welcome to visit us in the frozen tundra!

Next in line in my cast of characters I call family is our sweet pea, Cassidy... She just graduated high school and will be going to college in Alaska. She is such a sweetheart and beyond helpful to me. She has grown into such a fabulous young woman. I see only fabulous things for her in her life. Cassidy has my personality.. SARCASTIC and a potty mouth, LOL I heart her.. Actually all our kids have both of those charactoristics of mine, oooopsie... I love and adore the kids though. We raised them to speak freely, but with respect and they havent let us down in that department.. So, back to Cassidy- She is so funny and such a tiny peanut.. One time when I reminded Sal that Cass would soon graduate he responded with "is she big enough to do that?" she is that much a peanut.. She is tiny but mighty and we adore her!


  1. Mary I so enjoy reading your blog. Getting to know your family again is wonderful. So many changes since we were in Germany together. Your posts usually always make me laugh and I love how honest and forward you are!

  2. aww---sweet KiKi! love her :) and yes, we need some good news and fast~~~~~Ronni