Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of those mornings..

Today for me is one of THOSE mornings.. You know, the kind where you really see no need in getting out of bed OR being productive, LOL.. I think because my brain is on overload with everything we have going on and the big move.. What I THINK I need to do is make a list of everything WE need to take on our Partial DITY, list what we need in the hotel suitcase, make a list of snacks and items we need for the drive. I need to dig out all the winter stuff to bring with us in a tote or 3, LOL.. Also found out that our marriage retreat is cancelled, bah humbug(is it too early to say that?) I think I have a black cloud that follows me ANYTIME there would be a possibility for a vacay.. GAH! Its irritating.

Tomorrow we are going on post to see Toy Story 3 with the little guys. Fun Fun.. Im also leaving in the morning to have some me time.. I have been hermit like lately, which isnt like me at all. Tomorrow morning and afternoon will be all about MOI!

Id like to introduce you to numero quatro of the cast. His name is Anthony Giancarlo, he is almost 17, handsome, smart, athletic and a nut. Tony was a very HIGH maintenance little guy from about the age of 2-10. We thought he was just a picky kid, but we later found out he had OCD and tactile sensitivity. Some of the quirky things he would do would be lining his toes in his socks on the red line of the socks, he wouldnt wear overalls because WE could NEVER get the straps to be exact, his shirts had to be tucked all the way in, his shoes had to be tied a certain way and he didnt like wrinkles in his clothes, he didnt like to be dirty and was paranoid of germs, LOL it kept us on our toes. His eating habits were interesting as well. He only liked soft and creamy foods so he lived on yogurt, mashed potatoes, peanut butter, jello, steamed chicken, no red meat, no hotdogs, no normal kid food, LOL.. HAPPILY I can say he with therapy has overcome most of it. He is a genius on the basketball court and baseball diamond.. Like watch for him on ESPN one day good.. He is a rough and tough kid yet really has a kind heart and would give his last penny to someone in need. I love that about him. He looks like me, but has his dads spirit in all things that are boy.. Motorcycles, cars, dirtbikes, etc.. He is also the Adam Sandler of the family..


  1. Yay! I love your blog.. I can't wait to follow along your journey to Alaska. I have to tell you, after my own recent trek across the country, I'm not jealous. I'm so ready to be settled now!
    I know exactly what you mean about so many things going through your mind you can't concentrate or even sleep.

  2. sorry i passed on the weird sock thing to tony! lol and the weird tucking in thing, good thing he didnt get my 'dont part my hair' you, ronni