Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im baaaack

Hi guys and dolls. Im trying to make my blog part of my daily routine again. I really miss blogging, but sometimes I just get busy or tired, LOL.. I also tend to get writers block and ill type something and then delete it.. So here we go.

Ill catch you all up a bit on the goings on in my world. Im still employed :) That is always a good thing. I work for our housing office and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Ill be moving to a new position in a few weeks, so im looking forward to that-BUT nervous because its something I never thought of doing, but I have great coworkers that will guide me. Still happily married and still have 6 kids-haha. So enough of about that, lets get blogging...

Tonight id like to blog about a few things. Right now is Military Ball Season for MANY Units, MOS's, etc.. Here are Mary's do's and don'ts when prepping and attending a military ball:


*DO dress with some class and maturity(ie, no boas, tiaras, )

*DO go representing your soldier

*DO be a tad nervous, it tends to insure some good manners

*DO take in every moment of it and enjoy the tradition

*DO take lots of pics

*DO meet new people, now is no time to be shy.

*DON'T act like a weiner

*DON'T dance like you are working a pole

*DON'T be embarrassing

*DON'T Drink and Drive

*DON'T wear Tiaras, feather boas, dresses that allow anyone to see your bikini wax

*DON'T act like your bothered to be there

*DON'T point and talk about others-wait until you get home

Some spouses will love the ball and others will bitch and moan about how horrible it is or was, or how bad the food was, or how its wrong that their soldier was required to go-BLAH BLAH BLAH! If it is your first ball, you will get to witness some fun traditions that have been part of the Army life for YEARS, you will also witness traditions that will bring tears to your eyes and make you stop and think. I wont tell you what those are, but you will really shed a tear, I can assure you. Its fun to get dressed up and hang out with your soldier and other people in this life we live. You will hear speeches-some boring, some great. You will eat some iffy food and some great cuisine, its all what you make of it-With this said, enjoy it. There are MANY spouses who would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be attending a ball with their soldier but can't because their love is deployed, wounded or paid the ultimate sacrifice. Help other spouses out if they cant afford a new gown, lend them one, or get together and do a dress exchange, help each other get ready and embrace this. We as spouses are mentors to each other, in both positive ways and negative ones, so choose wisely in how you behave. Bottom line is have a great time...