Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journey day 3 & 4

Yesterday was FILLED with fabulousness!!! We went to the Happiest Place on Earth! The look on 2 little fellas faces was truly priceless. When they met Mickey for the 1st time, they were dumbstruck and beyond excited. They met their pal Goofy, they saw Winnie the Pooh and tigger too!!! It was alot of fun. Dominic kept saying that "this was the best sperience of his life" I said REALLY??? The BEST? he said well, swimming at the hotel was good too LOL.. Roman, well Roman is a caveman and things just dont impress him very much.. He slept a bit at Disney, LOL.. But he LOVED the buzzlightyear ride so much, he went on it 2 times and was patient in waiting in the line.. LOL he is a twerp, if he is tired of standing in a line, he tells us he has to pee LMAO!! Well kid we are 5 people away from getting on splash mountain-you can hold it, dude!! Can I say that its a small world is my fave!! its air conditioned, we can sit for a LOOONG time and I just love that song!! The only thing that happiest place on earth was missing was the rest of the people I love..

Eating at the park isnt cheap, but they sell fresh fruit all over the park for a very reasonable price and their 8.00 chopped chicken salad is tooooo die for!! I have no idea what the dressing is that they use, but OMG I wanted to lick the plate clean!! I also had my fave snack of all time- a chocolate banana, and I savored every morsel of it-YUMMO!!

Today we will hit California Adventure, Downtown Disney and a couple of rides at Disneyland!!! its going to be FABULOUS! You will all hear about it via my FB updates LMAO

PS- ALOT of ladies are channeling snookie, God help us!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Journey day 2

Oh, im exhausted!!! We drove from Phoenix to Anaheim, to the Happiest Place ON EARTH, LOL.. We got here and checked into the Howard Johnsons right across from Disney and it is GREAT!! They have a childrens little water park, a jacuzzi, regular pool, clean rooms that smell clean and not gross and musty.. We went to dinner at ihop, Sal's LEAST fave place to eat, but it wasnt too bad, LOL.. We did tell the boys that they are going to Disney and Dom was speechless.. he just kept hugging me.. The weather is FABULOUS!!! We may even need hoodies for in the morning.. We are a little worn out tonight, not sure how days more of this are going to work, LOL.. Not that we have a choice, right? I cant wait to get to Alaska, I am just not thrilled about the drive.. Maybe once we are in Canada alles GUT LOL.. Im reading the Book, Army Wives and can I say its not nearly as good as I expected it to be?? I know its true, blah blah.. But it might be because I live this life and a book just doesnt do it justice, LOL. It is a sad book though and makes you think about alot of things regarding separations and deployments and the mental attitude of spouses and soldiers. Its hard.. it really can be, but that doesnt mean it isnt doable.. Most can do it, this I know because i've witnessed it first hand..
Sidenote- I think some people MUST get a 2nd mortgage on a house to come to Disney, LOL For dinner I had an omelette-13.00 Sal had a breakfast-12.00 Roman had a grilled cheese sandwich and fresh fruit-8.00 and Dominic had 5 silver dollar pancakes and 2 pieces of turkey sausage-8.00 WTF? That is insane, LOL 48.00!!!!!


Yesterday was day one and it went pretty well. Only 1 tantrum, lol.. always a good thing. We made it to Phoenix and spent the day and evening and night with Sal's sister michelle and her family. Mark, her husband, sheree, jen, Chris, Danielle and our new baby grandniece, Mackenzie.. OMG, she is deliciously wonderful and so petit!! Roman was in love with her instantly-he has a thing for bebe's. Sal was very entertaining on the drive, so God only knows what today will bring.. Last night we ate at The Cheesecake Factory with everyone, to include Sal's parents. It was Sal's 1st time there.. YUMMO.. I had orange chicken and cherry cheesecake... Im seriously going to need the gym once we get to Ak!!!!! That is the icky thing about traveling-all the eating out.. You can only find so many yummy, healthy things on the road. We did bring water and fresh fruit, so that has been helpful. I do have to wonder WHY when on the road do people get a taste for slim jims and dairy queen???? And seriously, wth is THE THING??? Anyone stop and find out??? my curiosity is getting the best of me I think.. Well folks we are about to head out on day 2 of our Journey to Alaska.. What do you think the day will bring us?? I do know ONE thing, 2 little boys will be UBER surprised when they wake up in the morning and we walk into the gates of the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!

Love to all!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tchuss, au voir, Adios and goodbye..

Well guys and dolls this is it.. My last blog from Ft Bliss Texas! This was our 2nd time being stationed here and really, we like it alot. NO LAURIE, there are NOOO beaches, but it has its own beauty. Part of loving this place is the people that are here with us. Friends in the military really become an extension of your family and that helps with the adaptation of a new environment(hah, that sounds very national geographic right? Like we are living in meerkat manor) So I just wanted to part El Paso and leave some nuggets of knowlege and info to the spouses and families that are still here..

Enjoy this assignment. Dont waste it hating it for something it isnt.. I can promise you that it will be a place you will look back and miss one day. Get out and see what it has to offer, I promise there is alot to do here. Dont be afraid to try something new, whether it be shopping in a different part of town, eating at a restaurant that doesnt look so great from the outside.. El Pasoans are great people who truly love the military and support Ft Bliss, like you cannot believe. Be patient with aisle blockers in target or walmart. This place is very social and they dont mind stopping and chatting for a bit, they also dont mind if you move their carts out of the way.. Hike the franklins, they are really beautiful,learn some spanish, make friends with a local. Ft Bliss will always have a piece of my heart, as do all the places we have lived. You learn alot about yourself with each PCS and it never fails, no matter how much you "hated" the place you will always have some fond memories about it. My fond memories of El Paso this time around was watching the fabulous spouses of the 4/1 come together during a deployment. I saw so much growth in all of us. Sal and I will miss the families of the 4/1 HHC STB very much and im sure along the way, someplace in our lives we will get to see alot of you. The Army is a small, small world.

Id also like to pass on a little military spouse nugget of advice.. be kind to each other. Mentor spouses that are new, also ask questions. You are never too old or experienced to learn more!! Take AFTB, volunteer.. Be active in this role of yours..

Well, I must go now.. See you on the flip side.. Stay tuned for Mary's many Diva-ish antics in Alaska!! I will journal along the way!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a day... And its only 3pm

Some of you remember that comercial from forever ago that went something like this- "soldiers in the Army do more before 10 am than most people do all day" yeah, thats how my day has gone, only im not a soldier- im an Army Spouse. Today started off "our normal" the lady packers came and finished up the last little bits and bobs, then the men folk packers came to wrap and secure all the big stuff. Sal and I then got ready(he had to relearn how to shave and put on his ACU's because well, he has been "clearing" and hasnt had to work, LOL.. Then we headed over to the Centenial club for the Dr. Mary E. Walker award ceremony. There were about 20 or so being awarded this medal. Our Brigade Col almost stated word for word what I preach about almost daily, whether it be in real life or the computer world. What he stated was that we as military families really are a valuable asset to the Army and that we should pass on our knowledge because then it snowballs and helps others. It IS OUR job as military spouses to give a postive and honest view to new spouses about this life. I dont care what people say, but we do really matter to the Army and we are valued. So, if you see a spouse that needs some help, offer it, figure out how to help her figure it out. Pay it forward... *end of soapbox*

So we are now in the hotel on post in a pool view room and me and the little fellas are enjoying it.. Sal is still at the house with the packers.. They load up tomorrow, it heads to Seattle and then by boat to Alaska :) Tonight we will hit the commissary and get lunch meat, bread, snacks and drinks for the trip :) Im getting more and more excited as the time moves on.

sidenote.. Princess Ashlee has had her final surgery and feeling better and like a true and tough Army spouse, she and her fabulous husband are PCSing this evening, LOL

*my army spouse tip do jour* Live an honest life.. Its pays off in the end :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I havnt lost my mind...... YET

Day 2 started off with the boys sleeping until 0800, something that they NEVER DO!!! I was able to get Dom into an appt for prescription refill-THANK YOU GOD!!! He requires an EPI PEN and I realized yesterday that his all have expired within the last week.. OF COURSE THEY HAVE, right?? So, the mover ladies were here bright and early and ready to go.. They kicked some ass!!! I took the little boys out of the house for part of the day. We went to Ihop, then the outlet mall,got their hair cut, barnes and noble, picked up lunch and starbucks and came home. We ate, then I took Dominic with me to kinkos to make copies, Ross to look for some polish pottery before the stuff gets packed out. We then headed to the Dr appt, picked up ALL our medical records, got Dominics 2 epi pens, also picked up some OTC meds at the pharmacy for the trip, came home and had pizza for dinner. Tonight Sal and I are cleaning up the house because our preinspection is in the morning, yayy!! Final inspection is Friday but no biggy since we are hiring a cleaning team. We only had to surface clean. Our daughter's surgery was pushed back until tomorrow and she is not a happy camper, so bright and early she will have the surgery, be released at noon and then drive from Ft Hood to Va to recover a bit before they PCS to Tennessee. Such a good and tough Army wife she has turned into.. We are all so proud of her!!

While I was out and about I witnessed some funny things. 1st, a lady at the Drs office was with her 4 little girls and one of them was maybe 7 and she wasnt sitting lady like and the mom said to her" listen here little missy, girls dont sit with their asses hanging out" She was an interesting character. I also, while in Kohls overheard a lady LOUDLY telling her little girl, "find mommy a bras that says 4-4-ddd", and the little girl said"okay mom," the little girl was about 5 and she must have found one and said "wow mom that fits my whole head" LMAO ahhh kids, gotta love them right?

Tomorrow morning after the preinspection, our friend Lew and our daughter Cass are coming over to watch the boys and the movers because at 1130, Sal and I are going to the ceremony for the Dr Mary E. Walker award. Then come home and get back in our grubbs and finish cleaning, move into the hotel and become 2 days away from our journey!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I guess I will sleep when im dead!!

Oy Vay with the PCSing!!! Its going as smoothly as expected but I am just tired, with a capital T! Today our Princess Ashlee had part of her gallbladder surgery, tomorrow is the rest.. I was teasing her that she didnt need to go to such extreme measures to get out of cleaning and clearing quarters(this is her 1st PCS as a military spouse) And she collapsed while cleaning and had to be taken by ambulance to the ER. BUT she is feeling a little bit better. In the morning they will actually take her gallbladder out and in a few days, they will be on their way to Tennessee. We ran errands all day long today. Had to take the jeep to get its oil changed, inspected and purchase new tags, get medical records, buy Disneyland tickets, Sal needed a haircut, laces for his acu boots, I got a pair of AWESOME sneakers for Disney, like walking on a pillow, then we jetted off to Sams club to buy gatorade and water for the packers *sidenote* Feeding and providing beverages for the packers and loaders isnt a requirement, BUT its a nice gesture and it doesnt have to be a 1o course meal, but something that fills the belly. Tomorrow we will probably only have 2-3 workers, so I will do pizzas(little ceasars 5.00 specials!) The next day we will do 2 turkey subs, 2 bmt subs and 2 ham and cheese subs from subway. I cut them into 3's and have the condiment packets in a little basket with mini bags of chips, some cookies and usually a bag or 2 of apples and oranges, 3rd day will probably be burritos or something similar like that, maybe hotdogs and chippies. There, off soapbox of that, LOL..

Came home from Sams club and packed the little guys travel bag, toy/color/book bag and packed Mine and Sals suitcase, washed my Vera bradleys that somehow have been set on the ground when a certain daughter "BORROWED" them, GAH!! Rule is VERA doesnt ever meet the floor, so now im taking a blog and coke break, watching Kimora's Fab lane, eventhough she irritates me. Sal claims the world today is out to piss him off, LMAO!!!! It isnt but he is having one of THOSE days...... Okay, folks I must go and finish being productive for the night and then hit the shower and the bed.. Ciao Bellas!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okay, the moving process has started...

Well YESTERDAY, Sal started taking things off the walls, patching nail holes, etc. Today he started and finished Tonys room and I did the linen closet, hall closet and working on all the laundry, washed and dried all the curtains and folded them up.. Its crazy how much crap you collect over the years, LOL NO BUENO! Tonight we will work on our room and get stuff ready to take to the post thrift shop. We have posted for sale ads on Craigslist. Time is just flying by, fast!!! Cassidy moved out today into her place-waaahhH!!!!! me no likey!

Today Sal was called and informed that I will be recieving the Dr. Mary E. Walker award. It will be presented at the centenial club on the 25th. Im very proud and happy. I have had such fabulous mentor spouses throughout Sal's career. Well we are almost done here at Ft Bliss.. I cant believe how fast these 2 years have flown by!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

live, laugh, love..

Well yesterday was a busy day. The little boys had a birthday party to attend for their friend Wyatt and we had a nice time. Then I was off to my mary-bye-bye-paloooza!! We all met at BJ's Brewhouse and had a fun time. In attendance was, Jennifer, Anna, Laurie, Lisa, April, Donna and Courtney. Lots of laughs and just a nice time. Jennifer got me a Vera Bradley tea cup, HELLO ADORABLE!!!!! and Anna gave me a starbucks giftcard to buy more and more green strawed deliciousness!!! I will miss these ladies and Im sure will see some of them in the near future :) Poor Laurie, she was a champ coming because she was in LABOR!!!!!She left for the hospital right after dinner AND PAZOOKIES!!! She had the baby early this morning... A Fabulous sweet pea named Abigail Grace and she is beautiful..Her nickname shall henceforth be PAZOOKIE!!! Congrats Mike and Laurie and Mikey on the latest addition to your great family! 18 years ago today we added to what was a small family then, with the birth of our 3rd precious doll. 18 years ago in Frankfurt Germany 2 young kids with not alot of money and tons of love and dreams gave birth to Cassidy Renee', at 1029am, weighing in at 7lbs 14 ozs. She had a rough start in life and nearly didnt make it that day, but she is a fighter and refused to give up. Its crazy to think she is 18 now. Its very bittersweet. She has grown into such a fine young lady and we just love her to bits. When she was born, she had red hair and blue eyes and looked like a little angel, she looked like my dad(she was born 1 day after his bday) I like to think she was a little gift to us from him. So, Happy Birthday Cassidy, we love you and cant wait to see what your future holds for you!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My dad..

Today would have been my dads 61st bday. I am now older than he was when he died. The ache in my heart from my dads death 22 years ago, is an ache that just never goes away.. I miss soo many things about him, he was such a funny dad. Our dad wasnt perfect, BUT he was pretty darn close as a father. Lately I have missed him more than normal and it feels like he died recently. Of course I have selfish reasons for wanting him here. I want him to see his grandkids and the men that Ronni and I have married and be part of our daily lives. I do see alot of him in my 6 kids and Ronni's 2 kiddos. MAYBE because I want to see those things to make me not miss him as much, or MAYBE they just have some of his traits. My dad was the BEST dad for daughters.. He showed us how to be treated, he showed us that men can and do clean and help raise their children, he put his kids 1st, ALWAYS.. He was strict when he needed to be and always papa bear with us. I miss him singing in the car, LOUDLY I might add, I miss his HUGE laugh, he had the best laugh EVER!!! He did most of the cooking in our house and loved to make breakfast for dinner. I cant believe today is his Bday, we had such fun bdays with tons of people at the house, bbqing, laughing, playing jokes. Always a fun time. Daddy, I hope today especially you know that we are thinking of you, missing you and always loving you.. Til' we meet again. Happy Birthday daddy!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tears, laughter and pride

Well, yesterday was it for us here at Ft Bliss. Sal had his COR (Change of responsibility). Sal choked back MANY a tear yesterday during the ceremony and his speech. He spoke to his soldiers of always being professional and how proud they have made him and his joy to work for them. My husband is truly a good man in EVERY sense of the word. I had several soldiers come up to me and say such nice things about him after the ceremony, bursts my buttons with pride. I know it will be hard for Sal to leave them, he truly has a love for them and his duty as a soldier. Somehow even when soldiers lose their way, he manages to help them help themselves and get back on their path. I admire that in him, I truly do.. He is tough as nails when he needs to be, but also loving and these young men and women know that. We will really miss our partners in crime, Capt. and Kristin Huff. We made a great team, which is sometimes hard to find in this life. I was presented roses and some Vera Bradley items(these people know me, they really know me LOL) So, we got home after the festivities and right away I could tell Sal was lost. He was fidgety and not liking this, LOL. So, he cleaned a little, played on FB.. I took my friend Laurie to Walmart and the Hospital, IN THAT ORDER, LOL She was in labor, so we walked and walked and then left.. They eventually sent her home, but I have a feeling that little stubborn bambino will be here very soon!! The staff at the hospital here at Ft Bliss were soo nice. I came home and went to bed. Sal slept in this morning until 0900!!!! 5 hours past his regular wake up time LMAO.. I ran in the room and said "honey, you are late, you are supposed to run the canyon today" he didnt buy it, he said haha, very funny... MUHAHHAHA.. I made him Breakfast in bed and he is now on his way to take cass to get her new ID card, gas up the truck and jeep and come home. He must really miss morning meetings because we had one this morning, where he told me his agenda, LOL Umm, IM not your XO mr!!!! Yeah, im thinking retirement wont be so good for him..Today is commissary and cleaning..BLAH!! We dont need many groceries, which is nice. We move into the hotel next week, yayy!!!!!!! Okay, have to get moving and get presentable.. Again, thank you to 4/1 for a fabulous send off of the big guy.. You will All be remembered and missed, more than you can every know. Kisses!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Letter to my friends here in El Paso

Okay ladies its getting to be time for me to set sail on a new adventure. I cant believe how fast its come and gone. Im excited about our last ladies night out, you all have provided many laughs, particulary this past year. It is MUCHO appreciated. So, this journal entry is dedicated to you my, EL Paso friends who I know will keep in touch with me. You are all more than welcome to come to Alaska and visit. You will always have a place to stay :) these are in NO particular order, LOL

To Kristin,

You have been my partner in crime during this year and it has been great. Im glad that we met and became fast friends. It has been fun getting to know you and Reese and the boys and Im glad you are moving to Washington, we will be able to visit and vice versa!! We have had such great laughs.. Miss you friend.

To Anna,

It has been such an honor to get to know you. You are one classy gal and I forsee such fabulous things for you and your sweety pie. Good luck in the ETS. Everytime I point my finger in a stern way, I crack up... all because of you :) Thanks for being on board with my sparkly vampire obsession, LOL

To Jennifer,

You my friend are an amazing lady and the toughest broad I know. I have had a great time getting to know you and the laughter we have had at the expense of PT cruiser owners makes me laugh as I type this. You too have been part of the sparkly vampire clique(we wont mention the traders, but their names rhyme with laurie and Misa ) LOL Enjoy the rest of the time here and get your school on and kick butt!

To Laurie,

Oh girl you make me laugh! You pit bull you! Thanks for the laughs. Im sure as Mike is an MP we will meet again somewhere down the road. Good luck with this new bebe and just remember, they outgrow that phase(that is always the mantra for baby number 2 for anyone LMAO, just warning you) You know im a FB message away :) I likes ya, eventhough you *gasp* dont like sparkly vampires that are damn hot

To Lisa,

You are such a sweet person its been a joy knowing you as well. Good luck to you and the big guy with Recruiting. You are such great mom to Anthony and just fun to be around. I have to repeat what I said to Laurie, about the sparkly vamps, LOL.. Who would have thought the insanity that is AWW would bring some of us together :)

To karen,

Stay strong here in El Paso!!! I hope soon you will get to PCS :) Its funny in like the 10 years I have "known" you, this was the place we got to meet in person. Gotta love the internet. Its been fun doing play dates and shooting the breeze. Ill miss you my friend :)

Donna, Donna, Donna,

what can I say.. We have become friends so quickly and now I have to leave:( Thank God for FB, right? You have been such a breath of fresh air during the deployment. We just love ya to do death. Come see us in Ak woman!!


I have seen you blossom into such a fabulous military spouse. Be proud of what you accomplished this year. I see great things for you. Im glad we got to know each other and became friends. Venti Please!!! LOL Enjoy Ft Gordon!

Courtney and BRAINA!!!

thanks for being such a good friend. Ive enjoyed the fun we have all had and you did a FAB job this year.Im excited for you guys with the new baby and the new adventure that brings. Stay in touch little lady!!

Ciao bellas, Ciao!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


SO, 21 years ago I became a mom. That moment was the most amazing moment of my life. Little did I know at that time that one day they would be old enough to leave the nest!! Someone SHOULD have really told me that 9 months before that, but nobody did.. You always know that time will come and typically you can't wait for them to turn 18 and fly, baby, fly! But that day indeed does come. When Nicholas joined the Army I remember the day Sal and I took him to the recruiters so they could take him to St Louis and bus him back to Ft Leonard Wood(weird I know, its how it goes though) And we were sitting in the office and the recruiter said something sort of not in a nice way to Nicholas and I went all mama bear and realized I can no longer protect him and I walked out of that office and bawled my eyes out-you know, THE UGLY CRY!!! So, he went off to Basic and we went back home where only 5 kids were left , yes I know ONLY 5 kids?? Well 5 is less than 6 and 1 less than id like. So, while I was sad, I knew nick would be okay. He was joining the Army, they would take care of him, he had a paycheck, education, etc.. Several months later, Ashlee informed us that she was going to Ft Hood to wait for Blake to come home and then they were getting married. Again, I bawled the ugly cry(I take them leaving so personally, LOL like WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME?????) We had a nice wedding for Ashlee and Blake(whom we have known since he was a kid and love his parents) so I knew she would be okay, but there we went from 6 to 5 and now 4. 4??? What the hell do you do with only 4 kids? I cant cook for only 4 kids, 2 less kids is way to quiet and less chaotic for my liking. Well I realized well we still have 4 kids for a while so I wont give it another thought. Umm, wouldnt you know that Cassidy graduated and DOESNT want to go to Alaska with us.. UMM hell to the NO.. She is my baby girl, the baby that almost didnt make it 2 times in her life, my TINY and I do mean TINY baby girl.. How will she survive this cruel world without me taking care of her? Okay, so I have had the UGLY cry all week and I think I have lost 11lbs just in tears. I was thinking of doing a hunger strike for good measure, but it wont work.. DAMN us for making them responsible and wanting to achieve their goals.. DAMN DAMN DAMN that.. I have 2 years to prep for Tony leaving, so im stocking up on super glue, duct tape- why those things you ask? Well because im super gluing him to our house and the duct tape is so he cant scream for help, der! its weird, you are happy to have your kids grow up and do their thing but soo sad because they are growing up and want to do their thing.. I want to have all 6 kids around the table arguing and passing food, telling each other about their day, laughing and loving. I want to yell at them for leaving their laundry in the dryer for 2 days, for putting an empty milk jug back in the fridge, for just being kids. I have ONLY been a SAHM, that is it, its been my life and my everything. Now I have to look and think about where our lives will go next. Sure we still have Dominic and Roman for MANY years, but it just doesnt feel like MY NORMAL. I love you Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman. Bare with mama in her mentalness about you all growing up and leaving. One day our grandchildren will do the same and you will realize truly how much you were and are loved!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well Cassidy has decided that she is going to stay in El Paso and go to UTEP this winter.. SHe doesnt want to go to Alaska with us and make new friends.. BOOOOOOOOOOOO Damn that whole i'm 18 and can do what I want crap! It pisses me off. On one hand I know she will do great, but the mama bear side of me is broken hearted. I dont like that they are growing up and moving out- THE TRAITORS!! First it was Nicholas, then Ashlee and now Cassidy.. I want them to be with me forever, I sincerly mean that. I like, no I LOVE having my kids around. So, she stays-for now.. Im hoping her mind changes yet again, we shall see..

I do know that in all of this I really do have the MOST AWESOME HUSBAND on earth.. Its the truth. He has hugged me and wiped away many tears today. He has been the voice of reason, eventhough I know he is sad that she wont be leaving with us to Ak. He really is beyond wonderful. I love you mucho, Sal.

He, SAL, will be my latest introduction. Where to start? Well we met when I was 15, although he had seen some pics of me and thought to himself that he would marry me one day (hello, can you say stalker? LOL) So, We met face to face and I didnt give it another thought. I started working at Bashas, where he worked and we over time became friends-eventually it became more than friends. I have always known Sal to be a wonderful man. When I was 17 my dad died and Sal took on the role of helping around our house, getting me and my little sister to where we needed to be. Just a nurturing fellow, which made me REALLY know I loved him truly. We got married at 18 by the JOP, not the best way to get married and certainly not my dream wedding with a borrowed dress, a pregnant belly and not a picture to be had, but I did know I loved him and knew it was the right thing to do. We have had our share of ups and downs like anyone else,but from the very beginning we knew we were a team and had to face things head on, good, bad or ugly. He joined the Army and left 1 week after our wedding. It would be the 1st experience in living apart and I think I did pretty well. I had our 1st child on June 3, 1989-alone. He was in Alabama making a future for us. Over the years he has taken me all over the world(partly in courtesy of the Army, LOL) and we have made ourselves a nice life. Its constant work, but the fruit of our labor is lots of love and understanding.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bashizzy day!

Today Sal and I are doing the dreaded icky cleaning.. You know, the walls, baseboards, stove, fridge, etc... Scrubbing floors by hand, double blah.. but its looking nice, so that is what matters. Elbow grease goes alonnnng way! My husband is OBSESSED with the smell of bleach, it "ain't" clean if he didnt use bleach.(I, prefer to use natural cleaners like baking soda, lemon juice, steam, etc) But not Sal, he is all about the CLOROX.. So since he helps me clean, he can do it however he wants. Just part of getting the house in order for the big move. Right now the little guys are playing the xbox 360. They are amusing and QUIET.. Yeah I know video games arent fabulous parenting, BUT they can only play on Saturday and Sunday and that is even limited so it works for everyone in that I can get stuff done around the house and they stay out of mama's way! Speaking of my little guys, they are 2 more characters i'd like you to meet.

Dominic and Roman, they are 5 and 4 respectivly. They are amazing little guys. TERRORS but cute and amazing all rolled into them. We had the 1st 4 kids and didnt have the last 2 until our 4th was 12, so they are bonus babies and have provided ALL of us with something in our lives. Dominic is 5 but has the personality of a 35 year old. He uses very big words which is just funny to hear coming out of a tiny guy. Roman is a caveman and grunts alot, LOL they are the ying and yang to each other yet cant be more than 10 feet away from each other.. They NEED each other, they dont function right without the other. Its sweet really. Roman is the defender and NOBODY will EVER hurt his big brother, ever.. They say some CRAZY stuff which provides amusement over on facebook for my family and friends. They are getting very excited to move to Alaska. This is going to be Dominics 3rd PCS and Romans 2nd. They are typical annoying baby brothers to Tony, but he loves them and is very nice to them when nobody is looking, LOL BUT thinks we let them get away with everything and that we dont parent with an iron fist like we did with the 1st 4, LOL Which is partially true, we are strict to a point but alot more flexible with these 2, but I chalk that up to being "old" and "tired".. Right?? I was 18 when we had Nicholas and a few days shy of 35 when I had Dominic, so I have learned things over the years, LOL I probably didnt need to be so strict with our older kids, but there were 4 of them under 4 and only 1 of me, LOL Sal was just starting his Army career and an MP at that, so he was RARELY home and the majority of the child rearing fell into my lap, which was fine but in that I had to crack the whip and those kids were like little tin soldiers, LOL. Even now as a 21 year old man, when Nicholas goes to the store with me, he holds onto the cart in the VERY same spot he HAD to as a little child. I had a system to the commissary and out of habit he still does it, LOL its funny. But these little boys have really done alot for my sanity.. Im not sure what I would have done if they hadnt been in our lives. I heart them.