Sunday, August 15, 2010

live, laugh, love..

Well yesterday was a busy day. The little boys had a birthday party to attend for their friend Wyatt and we had a nice time. Then I was off to my mary-bye-bye-paloooza!! We all met at BJ's Brewhouse and had a fun time. In attendance was, Jennifer, Anna, Laurie, Lisa, April, Donna and Courtney. Lots of laughs and just a nice time. Jennifer got me a Vera Bradley tea cup, HELLO ADORABLE!!!!! and Anna gave me a starbucks giftcard to buy more and more green strawed deliciousness!!! I will miss these ladies and Im sure will see some of them in the near future :) Poor Laurie, she was a champ coming because she was in LABOR!!!!!She left for the hospital right after dinner AND PAZOOKIES!!! She had the baby early this morning... A Fabulous sweet pea named Abigail Grace and she is beautiful..Her nickname shall henceforth be PAZOOKIE!!! Congrats Mike and Laurie and Mikey on the latest addition to your great family! 18 years ago today we added to what was a small family then, with the birth of our 3rd precious doll. 18 years ago in Frankfurt Germany 2 young kids with not alot of money and tons of love and dreams gave birth to Cassidy Renee', at 1029am, weighing in at 7lbs 14 ozs. She had a rough start in life and nearly didnt make it that day, but she is a fighter and refused to give up. Its crazy to think she is 18 now. Its very bittersweet. She has grown into such a fine young lady and we just love her to bits. When she was born, she had red hair and blue eyes and looked like a little angel, she looked like my dad(she was born 1 day after his bday) I like to think she was a little gift to us from him. So, Happy Birthday Cassidy, we love you and cant wait to see what your future holds for you!!

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