Friday, August 13, 2010

Tears, laughter and pride

Well, yesterday was it for us here at Ft Bliss. Sal had his COR (Change of responsibility). Sal choked back MANY a tear yesterday during the ceremony and his speech. He spoke to his soldiers of always being professional and how proud they have made him and his joy to work for them. My husband is truly a good man in EVERY sense of the word. I had several soldiers come up to me and say such nice things about him after the ceremony, bursts my buttons with pride. I know it will be hard for Sal to leave them, he truly has a love for them and his duty as a soldier. Somehow even when soldiers lose their way, he manages to help them help themselves and get back on their path. I admire that in him, I truly do.. He is tough as nails when he needs to be, but also loving and these young men and women know that. We will really miss our partners in crime, Capt. and Kristin Huff. We made a great team, which is sometimes hard to find in this life. I was presented roses and some Vera Bradley items(these people know me, they really know me LOL) So, we got home after the festivities and right away I could tell Sal was lost. He was fidgety and not liking this, LOL. So, he cleaned a little, played on FB.. I took my friend Laurie to Walmart and the Hospital, IN THAT ORDER, LOL She was in labor, so we walked and walked and then left.. They eventually sent her home, but I have a feeling that little stubborn bambino will be here very soon!! The staff at the hospital here at Ft Bliss were soo nice. I came home and went to bed. Sal slept in this morning until 0900!!!! 5 hours past his regular wake up time LMAO.. I ran in the room and said "honey, you are late, you are supposed to run the canyon today" he didnt buy it, he said haha, very funny... MUHAHHAHA.. I made him Breakfast in bed and he is now on his way to take cass to get her new ID card, gas up the truck and jeep and come home. He must really miss morning meetings because we had one this morning, where he told me his agenda, LOL Umm, IM not your XO mr!!!! Yeah, im thinking retirement wont be so good for him..Today is commissary and cleaning..BLAH!! We dont need many groceries, which is nice. We move into the hotel next week, yayy!!!!!!! Okay, have to get moving and get presentable.. Again, thank you to 4/1 for a fabulous send off of the big guy.. You will All be remembered and missed, more than you can every know. Kisses!!!

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  1. Mary,

    Thank you soooooo much for last night! I cannot tell you how much I will cherish that time with you!! LOL You will be greatly missed. Tell the big guy that I appreciate him sharing you with me. Just remember that Sal needs Mike in AK! LOL

    Love, Laurie