Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday was day one and it went pretty well. Only 1 tantrum, lol.. always a good thing. We made it to Phoenix and spent the day and evening and night with Sal's sister michelle and her family. Mark, her husband, sheree, jen, Chris, Danielle and our new baby grandniece, Mackenzie.. OMG, she is deliciously wonderful and so petit!! Roman was in love with her instantly-he has a thing for bebe's. Sal was very entertaining on the drive, so God only knows what today will bring.. Last night we ate at The Cheesecake Factory with everyone, to include Sal's parents. It was Sal's 1st time there.. YUMMO.. I had orange chicken and cherry cheesecake... Im seriously going to need the gym once we get to Ak!!!!! That is the icky thing about traveling-all the eating out.. You can only find so many yummy, healthy things on the road. We did bring water and fresh fruit, so that has been helpful. I do have to wonder WHY when on the road do people get a taste for slim jims and dairy queen???? And seriously, wth is THE THING??? Anyone stop and find out??? my curiosity is getting the best of me I think.. Well folks we are about to head out on day 2 of our Journey to Alaska.. What do you think the day will bring us?? I do know ONE thing, 2 little boys will be UBER surprised when they wake up in the morning and we walk into the gates of the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!

Love to all!

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  1. Mary, actually googled The Thing after we drove back from Florida....drove me nuts wanting to know what it is mummified remains of a child, they think. Definately glad I did not bother to stop :^)