Friday, August 27, 2010

Tchuss, au voir, Adios and goodbye..

Well guys and dolls this is it.. My last blog from Ft Bliss Texas! This was our 2nd time being stationed here and really, we like it alot. NO LAURIE, there are NOOO beaches, but it has its own beauty. Part of loving this place is the people that are here with us. Friends in the military really become an extension of your family and that helps with the adaptation of a new environment(hah, that sounds very national geographic right? Like we are living in meerkat manor) So I just wanted to part El Paso and leave some nuggets of knowlege and info to the spouses and families that are still here..

Enjoy this assignment. Dont waste it hating it for something it isnt.. I can promise you that it will be a place you will look back and miss one day. Get out and see what it has to offer, I promise there is alot to do here. Dont be afraid to try something new, whether it be shopping in a different part of town, eating at a restaurant that doesnt look so great from the outside.. El Pasoans are great people who truly love the military and support Ft Bliss, like you cannot believe. Be patient with aisle blockers in target or walmart. This place is very social and they dont mind stopping and chatting for a bit, they also dont mind if you move their carts out of the way.. Hike the franklins, they are really beautiful,learn some spanish, make friends with a local. Ft Bliss will always have a piece of my heart, as do all the places we have lived. You learn alot about yourself with each PCS and it never fails, no matter how much you "hated" the place you will always have some fond memories about it. My fond memories of El Paso this time around was watching the fabulous spouses of the 4/1 come together during a deployment. I saw so much growth in all of us. Sal and I will miss the families of the 4/1 HHC STB very much and im sure along the way, someplace in our lives we will get to see alot of you. The Army is a small, small world.

Id also like to pass on a little military spouse nugget of advice.. be kind to each other. Mentor spouses that are new, also ask questions. You are never too old or experienced to learn more!! Take AFTB, volunteer.. Be active in this role of yours..

Well, I must go now.. See you on the flip side.. Stay tuned for Mary's many Diva-ish antics in Alaska!! I will journal along the way!


  1. Kristin and FamilyAugust 27, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Have a very safe trip woman! We love you all dearly and will greatly miss you!

    Enjoy the Moose Watching, Sarah Gazing, Northern Lights and Cooler Weather!

  2. have a safe trip and enjoy Alaska :)


    --tina st p

  3. Mary,
    Gonna miss you guys and wish we had more time to hang out here and get reacquainted! Travel safe, have fun, learn to ski, snowshoe, hike Donnelly Dome up by Fort Greeley, go to Mount McKinley National Park, go to the Iditarod..both starts! Go fishing, have Caribou Sausage, Read about Alaska's great History from gold rush to war, to conquering the last great frontier! I loved it there, and perhaps we will meet up there again! Take care,

  4. Well my military family is all leaving poo on El Paso! LMAO! Just kidding. Mom and I did pick out things that are better here then Drum...IE we have options for shopping and dinners out. But that's as far as we got! LMAO!

    Ms. Mary, thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for your friendship and your guidance. I am glad to call you part of MY military family. Tell Sal to hurry up and get the second half of the EP Cards Fan Club to AK so we can be the AK Cards Fan Club.

    Baby Pzookie, Mike, Mikey, and I will miss you tons and owe you big!