Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journey day 3 & 4

Yesterday was FILLED with fabulousness!!! We went to the Happiest Place on Earth! The look on 2 little fellas faces was truly priceless. When they met Mickey for the 1st time, they were dumbstruck and beyond excited. They met their pal Goofy, they saw Winnie the Pooh and tigger too!!! It was alot of fun. Dominic kept saying that "this was the best sperience of his life" I said REALLY??? The BEST? he said well, swimming at the hotel was good too LOL.. Roman, well Roman is a caveman and things just dont impress him very much.. He slept a bit at Disney, LOL.. But he LOVED the buzzlightyear ride so much, he went on it 2 times and was patient in waiting in the line.. LOL he is a twerp, if he is tired of standing in a line, he tells us he has to pee LMAO!! Well kid we are 5 people away from getting on splash mountain-you can hold it, dude!! Can I say that its a small world is my fave!! its air conditioned, we can sit for a LOOONG time and I just love that song!! The only thing that happiest place on earth was missing was the rest of the people I love..

Eating at the park isnt cheap, but they sell fresh fruit all over the park for a very reasonable price and their 8.00 chopped chicken salad is tooooo die for!! I have no idea what the dressing is that they use, but OMG I wanted to lick the plate clean!! I also had my fave snack of all time- a chocolate banana, and I savored every morsel of it-YUMMO!!

Today we will hit California Adventure, Downtown Disney and a couple of rides at Disneyland!!! its going to be FABULOUS! You will all hear about it via my FB updates LMAO

PS- ALOT of ladies are channeling snookie, God help us!

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  1. Glad to hear the kids enjoyed Disneyland :)

    now what/who is snookie?