Sunday, August 29, 2010

Journey day 2

Oh, im exhausted!!! We drove from Phoenix to Anaheim, to the Happiest Place ON EARTH, LOL.. We got here and checked into the Howard Johnsons right across from Disney and it is GREAT!! They have a childrens little water park, a jacuzzi, regular pool, clean rooms that smell clean and not gross and musty.. We went to dinner at ihop, Sal's LEAST fave place to eat, but it wasnt too bad, LOL.. We did tell the boys that they are going to Disney and Dom was speechless.. he just kept hugging me.. The weather is FABULOUS!!! We may even need hoodies for in the morning.. We are a little worn out tonight, not sure how days more of this are going to work, LOL.. Not that we have a choice, right? I cant wait to get to Alaska, I am just not thrilled about the drive.. Maybe once we are in Canada alles GUT LOL.. Im reading the Book, Army Wives and can I say its not nearly as good as I expected it to be?? I know its true, blah blah.. But it might be because I live this life and a book just doesnt do it justice, LOL. It is a sad book though and makes you think about alot of things regarding separations and deployments and the mental attitude of spouses and soldiers. Its hard.. it really can be, but that doesnt mean it isnt doable.. Most can do it, this I know because i've witnessed it first hand..
Sidenote- I think some people MUST get a 2nd mortgage on a house to come to Disney, LOL For dinner I had an omelette-13.00 Sal had a breakfast-12.00 Roman had a grilled cheese sandwich and fresh fruit-8.00 and Dominic had 5 silver dollar pancakes and 2 pieces of turkey sausage-8.00 WTF? That is insane, LOL 48.00!!!!!

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