Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bashizzy day!

Today Sal and I are doing the dreaded icky cleaning.. You know, the walls, baseboards, stove, fridge, etc... Scrubbing floors by hand, double blah.. but its looking nice, so that is what matters. Elbow grease goes alonnnng way! My husband is OBSESSED with the smell of bleach, it "ain't" clean if he didnt use bleach.(I, prefer to use natural cleaners like baking soda, lemon juice, steam, etc) But not Sal, he is all about the CLOROX.. So since he helps me clean, he can do it however he wants. Just part of getting the house in order for the big move. Right now the little guys are playing the xbox 360. They are amusing and QUIET.. Yeah I know video games arent fabulous parenting, BUT they can only play on Saturday and Sunday and that is even limited so it works for everyone in that I can get stuff done around the house and they stay out of mama's way! Speaking of my little guys, they are 2 more characters i'd like you to meet.

Dominic and Roman, they are 5 and 4 respectivly. They are amazing little guys. TERRORS but cute and amazing all rolled into them. We had the 1st 4 kids and didnt have the last 2 until our 4th was 12, so they are bonus babies and have provided ALL of us with something in our lives. Dominic is 5 but has the personality of a 35 year old. He uses very big words which is just funny to hear coming out of a tiny guy. Roman is a caveman and grunts alot, LOL they are the ying and yang to each other yet cant be more than 10 feet away from each other.. They NEED each other, they dont function right without the other. Its sweet really. Roman is the defender and NOBODY will EVER hurt his big brother, ever.. They say some CRAZY stuff which provides amusement over on facebook for my family and friends. They are getting very excited to move to Alaska. This is going to be Dominics 3rd PCS and Romans 2nd. They are typical annoying baby brothers to Tony, but he loves them and is very nice to them when nobody is looking, LOL BUT thinks we let them get away with everything and that we dont parent with an iron fist like we did with the 1st 4, LOL Which is partially true, we are strict to a point but alot more flexible with these 2, but I chalk that up to being "old" and "tired".. Right?? I was 18 when we had Nicholas and a few days shy of 35 when I had Dominic, so I have learned things over the years, LOL I probably didnt need to be so strict with our older kids, but there were 4 of them under 4 and only 1 of me, LOL Sal was just starting his Army career and an MP at that, so he was RARELY home and the majority of the child rearing fell into my lap, which was fine but in that I had to crack the whip and those kids were like little tin soldiers, LOL. Even now as a 21 year old man, when Nicholas goes to the store with me, he holds onto the cart in the VERY same spot he HAD to as a little child. I had a system to the commissary and out of habit he still does it, LOL its funny. But these little boys have really done alot for my sanity.. Im not sure what I would have done if they hadnt been in our lives. I heart them.

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