Saturday, August 7, 2010

Letter to my friends here in El Paso

Okay ladies its getting to be time for me to set sail on a new adventure. I cant believe how fast its come and gone. Im excited about our last ladies night out, you all have provided many laughs, particulary this past year. It is MUCHO appreciated. So, this journal entry is dedicated to you my, EL Paso friends who I know will keep in touch with me. You are all more than welcome to come to Alaska and visit. You will always have a place to stay :) these are in NO particular order, LOL

To Kristin,

You have been my partner in crime during this year and it has been great. Im glad that we met and became fast friends. It has been fun getting to know you and Reese and the boys and Im glad you are moving to Washington, we will be able to visit and vice versa!! We have had such great laughs.. Miss you friend.

To Anna,

It has been such an honor to get to know you. You are one classy gal and I forsee such fabulous things for you and your sweety pie. Good luck in the ETS. Everytime I point my finger in a stern way, I crack up... all because of you :) Thanks for being on board with my sparkly vampire obsession, LOL

To Jennifer,

You my friend are an amazing lady and the toughest broad I know. I have had a great time getting to know you and the laughter we have had at the expense of PT cruiser owners makes me laugh as I type this. You too have been part of the sparkly vampire clique(we wont mention the traders, but their names rhyme with laurie and Misa ) LOL Enjoy the rest of the time here and get your school on and kick butt!

To Laurie,

Oh girl you make me laugh! You pit bull you! Thanks for the laughs. Im sure as Mike is an MP we will meet again somewhere down the road. Good luck with this new bebe and just remember, they outgrow that phase(that is always the mantra for baby number 2 for anyone LMAO, just warning you) You know im a FB message away :) I likes ya, eventhough you *gasp* dont like sparkly vampires that are damn hot

To Lisa,

You are such a sweet person its been a joy knowing you as well. Good luck to you and the big guy with Recruiting. You are such great mom to Anthony and just fun to be around. I have to repeat what I said to Laurie, about the sparkly vamps, LOL.. Who would have thought the insanity that is AWW would bring some of us together :)

To karen,

Stay strong here in El Paso!!! I hope soon you will get to PCS :) Its funny in like the 10 years I have "known" you, this was the place we got to meet in person. Gotta love the internet. Its been fun doing play dates and shooting the breeze. Ill miss you my friend :)

Donna, Donna, Donna,

what can I say.. We have become friends so quickly and now I have to leave:( Thank God for FB, right? You have been such a breath of fresh air during the deployment. We just love ya to do death. Come see us in Ak woman!!


I have seen you blossom into such a fabulous military spouse. Be proud of what you accomplished this year. I see great things for you. Im glad we got to know each other and became friends. Venti Please!!! LOL Enjoy Ft Gordon!

Courtney and BRAINA!!!

thanks for being such a good friend. Ive enjoyed the fun we have all had and you did a FAB job this year.Im excited for you guys with the new baby and the new adventure that brings. Stay in touch little lady!!

Ciao bellas, Ciao!


  1. "(we wont mention the traders, but their names rhyme with laurie and Misa )" Way to hide my name! LMAO!

    From one pitbull to another!!! Thank you for everything! You honestly are a go-to person for me when it comes to Army Life crap. You and Sal both have been so helpful to Mike and I. I am really sad to be losing the second half to the El Paso Cardinals Fan Club!! LOL You can always make me laugh and I will miss that so much about you. Lord knows, I will always come to you thru a FB message for support / venting. You are one amazing woman. And I am glad to call you one of my Army Sisters. Just sad you are leaving me here!!! Love you honey!!

  2. Awww Mary I will miss you too. I see us here for quite awhile but that's ok. I like El Paso ( I like PCS'ing too) and new things will be coming my way with college. You keep warm in Alaska and there is always facebook to keep in touch.

  3. Alaska, WOW!! good luck up there.