Monday, August 2, 2010


Well Cassidy has decided that she is going to stay in El Paso and go to UTEP this winter.. SHe doesnt want to go to Alaska with us and make new friends.. BOOOOOOOOOOOO Damn that whole i'm 18 and can do what I want crap! It pisses me off. On one hand I know she will do great, but the mama bear side of me is broken hearted. I dont like that they are growing up and moving out- THE TRAITORS!! First it was Nicholas, then Ashlee and now Cassidy.. I want them to be with me forever, I sincerly mean that. I like, no I LOVE having my kids around. So, she stays-for now.. Im hoping her mind changes yet again, we shall see..

I do know that in all of this I really do have the MOST AWESOME HUSBAND on earth.. Its the truth. He has hugged me and wiped away many tears today. He has been the voice of reason, eventhough I know he is sad that she wont be leaving with us to Ak. He really is beyond wonderful. I love you mucho, Sal.

He, SAL, will be my latest introduction. Where to start? Well we met when I was 15, although he had seen some pics of me and thought to himself that he would marry me one day (hello, can you say stalker? LOL) So, We met face to face and I didnt give it another thought. I started working at Bashas, where he worked and we over time became friends-eventually it became more than friends. I have always known Sal to be a wonderful man. When I was 17 my dad died and Sal took on the role of helping around our house, getting me and my little sister to where we needed to be. Just a nurturing fellow, which made me REALLY know I loved him truly. We got married at 18 by the JOP, not the best way to get married and certainly not my dream wedding with a borrowed dress, a pregnant belly and not a picture to be had, but I did know I loved him and knew it was the right thing to do. We have had our share of ups and downs like anyone else,but from the very beginning we knew we were a team and had to face things head on, good, bad or ugly. He joined the Army and left 1 week after our wedding. It would be the 1st experience in living apart and I think I did pretty well. I had our 1st child on June 3, 1989-alone. He was in Alabama making a future for us. Over the years he has taken me all over the world(partly in courtesy of the Army, LOL) and we have made ourselves a nice life. Its constant work, but the fruit of our labor is lots of love and understanding.


  1. Beautiful, You have been the one with reason and keeping me straight over the years! I love you very much and would want it any other way! Hugs and kisses! have raised some awesome kids and they will grow and do great things. Love Sal

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was the voice of reason today as well, buttt didnt get mentioned.. HMPH!!!!!!!!


  3. I'm dreading the day my girls start leaving home. Dh makes fun of my mini panic attacks when our oldest talks about going to college in London. I just can't imagine everyone not being at the dinner table. *sigh*