Thursday, September 30, 2010

my top 10

My top 10 things I like and Dislike about Alaska-

Top 10 things I like:

1-my bff'erella is here

2-the beauty that I see daily

3-the history of Alaska

4-the seafood

5-the smells of fall

6-the hiking trails

7-the casual attire(jeans and sweaters are the uniform here, LOL)

8-the snow

9-wildlife(as long as they arent attacking me)


10 things I dont like:

1-the feeling that you are on an island and cant get off(I cant explain it, but you feel that way)

2-the price of fuel

3-the high homeless'ness(its beyond sad here)

4-the cost of milk at the commissary(4.57)

5-SOME of the attitudes that some employees here on post have.. Im seriously shocked

6-that we are not just a days drive from the kids and grandkids

7-that Cassidy isnt here with us(pleasssssssssssssssse come home Cassidy, LOL)

8-that Sal isnt overly thrilled with his new assignment(BUT there is hope, always hope)

9-that we have gone to only 1 car-not fun

10-that my sister isnt here to enjoy Alaska with me and Julie

These things are in no particular order.. I had to REALLY reach for the negatives, but everywhere has a "needs an improvement" area :) They will be things I can overcome.. Ill either kill them with kindness or give them the whats what.. LOL As with Sals job, well he typically gets that way at any installation and then just falls in love with it and has a hard time leaving, LOL.. I think he is just a bitter betty because he doesnt like the temp to go below 79, LMAO!! All in all, Alaska is very nice and we do really like it. The people of the area are FABULOUSLY nice-expect the douche that works in the Nordstroms shoe dept.. He sucks eggs. I must also add that ANOTHER thing to love about here, is the fact that I can wear my cute and fun socks, DAILY!! How fabulous is that?? Still no word on whether or not we have an FRG, or what have you-Sal just forgets to inquire as he is busy with mundane stuff like finding out what he is really doing here LMAO.. BORE, BORE, BORE-ME, ME,ME hahahha.. Tomorrow Julie and I are going to go pour and bottle wine that she made a few months ago!! Im looking forward to that-alot!! I cant remember what flavor it is, but after I drink it all, ill let you know. My sister arrived safely in Scottsbluff, Ne.. They are happy for this new adventure!! I have an interview today with Toys r us in their Customer service Dept.. Not sure im going to take it.. I applied not thinking they would call me the next day LMAO.. I need to get another car first.. They are supposed to come and paint our garage today.. Okay guys and gals, enjoy the day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall weather

Fall weather is my favorite and I am getting it in HUGE doses living here in Alaska. That crisp air, the smells-all wonderful... Today I made homeade chicken soup and now the house is filled with delicious smells and warmth. We are all doing well, Tony I think, has strep throat again.. poor kid. He has NEVER been sick and then in the last 3-4 months strep, strep, strep!! He is home sleeping today. Roman and I went to the commissary for some organic veggies for the soup, didnt see any organic chickens BUT found some that are hormone free, so that is okay. Today my sister, Ronni, and her family are making a big move in life. They are leaving Alabama and heading to Nebraska! They wanted a change and something new. I wish them well in this adventure and I think they are going to love their new home. Nick is enroute to Ft Bliss and stopped in Tennessee to see Ashlee, Blake and Kaydence, so that was nice. Its hard being a military family in these situations. It will be a RARE occasion that we have all 6 kids together under one roof, which makes me soo sad.. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a "regular" person and live in one town our whole life and get to see our kids and grandkids whenever we want, BUT our life has been great and I really cannot complain too much. We have seen and experienced such wonderful things and we did it together as a team. Those memories will be with us forever. Im ever so proud of Nick and Ashlee for following the military tradition in this family, its a hard knock life, but they are doing an amazing job and we are so proud. When Cassidy graduated HS and went to Az, there were a couple times she was "homesick" and I dont mean just for us, for this way of life. When Cassidy had days like that she drove to Luke AFB and would go to the px and commissary. She said it made her feel at home to be around military and military families.. AWWW, my poor baby girl, LOL. Tony really doesnt want to be in the military-which is fine with us. After college he wants to be a police officer. Really, im proud of our children as long as they are all good and decent human beings. So, today while I am making our dinner meal (which is something our kids always love to eat) it makes me think of them and eventhough it puts a tear in my eye to miss the 3 that are on their own, it also makes me proud of who they have become.. I love you Nicholas, Ashlee and Cassidy-We miss you all soooooo much but are very proud of you.. Love, mama!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A beautiful Day!!

WOW, no words can describe the beauty we saw today.. Stunning is what it was. Sal and I and the 2 little boys went with Scott and Julie to the Eagle River Trail/Nature Center for a hike.. We hiked for 4 hours and climbed some rocks, knocked over some dead trees, played in the river, watched salmon swim upstream and just enjoyed what Alaska has to offer. Scott and Julie are our dear friends/family.. Its nice have friends that are such a great match.. Sal and Scott are alot alike and Julie and I, well I think she is me and Ronni's missing link, LOL.. We have been friends for years but its been 2 years since we lived near each other.. Scott is VERY outdoorsy and Sal is getting back into being outdoorsy.. Sadly other than Missouri we havnt lived at a place that Sal was able to do alot of hunting and fishing, so he and Scott will be exploring while we are all here. The kids love Scott and Julie, as if they are family-which is ALWAYS nice!! So we have our family here and its nice to go on adventures like today.. Scott taught the little boys about moose and bear poop that we found along the hike, taught them about birch trees, pine trees, salmon swimming upstream and how to make a teeter totter out of a big log and all the "boys" were throwing rocks into the creeks and having a great time. Im sure my body will hate me tomorrow as I already feel my thighs burning up.. LOL THANKFULLY we didnt see any bear, BUT we did find alot of their poop, LMAO.. The sound of the river was so relaxing, I didnt want to leave that area.. After we got back to the trucks we went to dinner and Piccolinos Italian and Greek eatery.. I had a gyro and salad and it was DELISH! I must have burned a trillion calories today, or close to it, LOL.. All in all, it was a wonderful day.. Thank you Julie and Scott!

PS, little Nic(scott and julies son) and our son Tony, didnt venture out with us, but they have both been on that hike before :) Didnt want anyone to think we left the big boys out.. They had gone out and stayed out all night the night before and just wanted to zone out today.. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Okay, okay

Yes, ive been neglecting my blog, but with good reason. I have really just been trying to get the house all exactly how we love it, LOL perfecting chaos is a very hard job, you know. So, im now a member of our PTA and they may not know what hit them when I start offering advice and suggestions.. They are relatively young and havnt done this before and im old and should have PTSA/PTA stamped over my forehead, LOL.. Im a pro at organized chaos but unorganized chaos? Well that makes me want to curl up in a corner and eat crayons.. Seriously.. So, we shall see.. I do find it HILARIOUS that our school has an ice rink.. Only in Alaska!! I am curious as to why PTA is funding the zamboni and maintenance of it, when the COMMUNITY uses it in the evening.. HMMM, Im sure they will eventually NOT want me to come to PTA meetings, LOL And WHY are we funding the PE program?? Well, not the full program but it has specific funding on our budget.. And why do parents complain yet dont help the problem??? I dont ever understand that one!! So we are all doing well, the temps are dropping DAILY... The afternoons are simply beautiful-usually in the mid to high 60's and we have had alot of sunshine but OMG the mornings!!! Today was 37, IN THE SUN!! A little nippy, but wonderful.. That cold air makes you feel alive, unless your Sal, then you are a big cry baby.. We have to get another car, BOOO.. I hate spending money on that stuff, LOL.. But Tony is getting his permit this month and eventhough Sal litterly works in our backyard, he will sometimes need the truck/car, whatever.. So add that to another financial goal for us, LOL.. Cass has and pays for the jeep, which Sal misses (he misses Cassidy too!) A friend has asked me write an article online about mentorship and the military spouse. Im very excited about that because I think mentorship is UBER important and I want new spouses to know that people do care in how they turn out.. Sometimes as a spouse of a soldier, it is expected that we know everything and if we dont, then we just smile and nod that we do.. The kids are all adjusting well.. Every now and then Dom has a teary eye at school, but I think because he hasnt found his niche yet with his peers, although all the kids think he is great and get so excited when he shows up, he is just a person that has to really figure you out, LOL.. Roman, well he is who he is and very adorable and its been fun to have him all to myself.. Ive never had that all day with him, so im savoring it.. Sal, oh poooooor man.. Let me tell ya. I did have a mental breakdown earlier this week because NORMALLY Sal is a very positive person and will ALWAYS see the good in situations.. Well our Army Post and the AF base is joining and becoming one and being led by the AF and Sal isnt overly thrilled about that, because it seems as though the AF is really just throwing some bones to them.. Im sure it wont be that way once this place gets going on the Joint Basing, BUT for now he is the ONLY Army Soldier assigned to an AF squadron, so that is a bit of a task for him, to NOT have soldiers... So, we shall see, we shall see...

Tonight im excited.. Its couples night out for Sal, me, Scott and Julie!!! We are going to Glacier Brew house for DINNA, no I didnt spell that wrong, its how Scott says it.. he is from Maine :) I want an accent like his and Julies.. Its wicked cute!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Again, I must defend "my world"

Yes, today there was a shooting on post at Ft Bliss.. Tragic, senseless and horrifying.. BUT crime happens EVERYWHERE, even on a military installation.. If you think it doesnt or shouldnt, then maybe you should rethink the military way of life.. We are ALL human and some people whether they are military or civilian are going to commit crimes.. Crime happens Everywhere and DAILY.. You are still safer on a military installation, than just about anywhere else.. Im calling that this was a domestic situation that was dragged out into the open, which is what happened with the shooting over a year ago at the PX and the shooting of a highschool student right before that, that was a random act of horrible crime. If you are ever privy to an MP station in a 24 hour period of time you would be shocked at what goes on, at any given time.. Today its obvious that the MPs handled it great and maybe saved more lives, because who knows what could have happened had the shooter gotten away.. "we" cant get paranoid and think that we are overly safe on post and that soldiers and family members wont screw up and commit these horrible acts.. But they do. You have to always use common sense in your personal safety..

My next issue is complaints about the FRG-FAMILY READINESS GROUP!! There will NEVER be a perfect FRG and they are ONLY as good as you make them.. I dont go into a leadership position thinking I will "show them how its done right" I go in thinking hmm, id like to hear what THEY expect from me, and let them know what I expect and talk about goals and what an FRG is and what one isnt.. You dont have to be part of the FRG and we have all been burned at some point.. But where you burned by a person or by the FRG? Sometimes there are crappy people, most people are good and want to mentor or help out a spouse.. if you had a bad experience, dont let it stop you from being part of another FRG.. I think spouses are forgetting that WE, as in FRGs, soldiers, civlians, military installations, arent perfect.. They are lead by human beings and we are all guilty of having shortcomings at times.. For instance... This last deployment I was a co-leader to my friend Kristin, we made MANY many plans and had alot of great things for our families in the unit, BUT we cant force you to give us correct information, we just cant.. So, if they werent contacted about things due to lack of correct information-guess whose fault that is?? Not mine, Not Kristins)eventhough we definately got the blame) it was YOURS(meaning spouses) Again its about being human.. Im not a mind reader, although my kids might argue that, LOL I cannot know you are having issues with anything during a deployment if you dont let me know. I cant help you solve the problem if I dont know, I dont know you had baby, if you didnt let anyone know you were pregnant. I also think if I had an issue with each FRG over the past 21 years, I would start looking in the mirror to see if maybe I am part of the problem.. Not to say there arent crappy people and less than stellar FRGs, but its rare, honestly..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Okay, Boxes came in...

And boxes go out!!! Our movers dropped our stuff on Wednesday and we are now on our 3rd day of the "3rd day rule" imposed on our family by the "boss", 20 years ago... We have about 11 boxes left to unpack. 7 of those are in our bedroom and 1 better be my VERA bags!! im just sayin'. We have the living and dining room all done and it looks great.. Ill take pics when I can find my camera.. The basement has had carpet put in and is now the boys winter playground/wii place, their playroom is done and their room is about 98%complete, Tonys room is also at 98%, kitchen-done!! This afternoon im taking time off for good behavior and doing some shopping.. Need more twinkle lights for my trees in my dining room, need some pepper berries for some accent pieces and POSSIBLY the most perfect area rug I can find and some kind of coffee table or ottoman for everyones feet, LMAO.

Our movers we very good as were our packers in El Paso.. The ONLY complaints I have about this move is that our El Paso packers, I think were confused after they sealed up boxes and labeled them cups when they were hats, kitchen when it was linen closet, LMAO no harm no foul though. NOTHING was broken or even scratched, NADA!!! *tip to those that will pcs soon, be upfront with how you want things packed, they generally will do it without issue... * BUT, do it with kindness-no diva-ish'ness..

Kids are all good(ill go in order to update everyone LMAO)

Nick and Meagan- they leave Md on Sunday for Ft Bliss and are very happy to have gotten the hell out of FLW!!!

Ashlee and Blake-they arrived in Knoxville 2 days ago and they met with his 1sg and other recruiters and said they are nice. They found an old farmhouse 20 min from the station, with horses and 17 acres

Cassidy-has her job back at bk on biggs and is living with her friends and enjoying life-starting school soon!!

Anthony-doing better in English, living at the gym(as usual) thankfully its litterly across the street

Dom and Rome are enjoying their alaska(that is what they call it) and cant wait for the snow *add boots, gloves and hats to my shopping list*

Sal-hahahhaha, he isnt quite sure about his new job.. Right now he is the new DES SGM, BUT in October when the AF base and Army post here become joint his title will be Provost something/liason to the AF for law enforcement and in charge of the MP station. Its very confusing and he will have to wear a few hats and has been to several meetings and thinks the AF doesnt run it right LMAO.. He is assigned to an AF squadron, and is the ONLY Army person in that squadron, so its bad enough that MPs are the red headed step children of the Army-NOW who knows what we are LMAO.. I will keep my chin up and hope for an FRG or whatever its called in the AF and be thankful that I wont be the leader, just the follower and no stress... HAHAHAH... Ill be volunteering with another FRG here in october for a function and im looking forward to that. Preschool at CDC has a waiting list-OF COURSE IT DOES.. All skies classes here have a waiting list, nice right? So im hunting town tumbling/gynastics gyms off post. I am enrolling the boys in a pee wee cooking class called "mini chefs" NO waiting list for that one!! Roman especially loves to be in the kitchen and cook-watch for him on food network one day. okay, rambled enough. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am happy as are the rest of the Urzi clan..

On a more somber note- today would have been our nephew, Daniels, 22nd birthday.. We miss him daily...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We have internet!!

We have cable, phone AND internet!! And drum roll...................Tomorrow, we have household goods!! Lets take a moment and pray everything arrives in the amount of pieces it is supposed to have LMAO... Dom is in school now and Roman has a waiting list for preschool on post, fun.. I know! So, I may be looking elsewhere for him to get educated, LOL.. Sal had his 1st official week of work and umm, interesting is all I have to say.. He is going to have a huge undertaking (the Af here and the Army are combining) and NOBODY really knows whats going on, BUT PS, the combining of this place happens in less than 2 weeks!! LOL BUT, they selected the right man for the job, as Sal can make prime rib out of hamburger helper and do it without breaking a sweat. Im proud of him, he rocks. I thankfully have my best friend here so that makes things easier for me because she is a wealth of knowledge and a bucket of fun. I am still trying to figure out what ill do here in regards to volunteering, LOL.. They already have a PTA president, no FRG for what Sal will be doing, so hmm, what shall Mary do? I am-at least I think I am- the oldest parent at the school LOL Saw some interesting types today.. Interesting bad, not interesting, hmm Id like to be friends ;) Roman and I went to the PX today and bought toilet brushes for each bathroom, cereal organizers, storage containers(yeah, is this the alaskan adventure you wanted to hear about?) Our daughter and her family have arrived at their final destination for recruiting!!!!! So happy for them and this new start. Our son and his family are in the middle of their PCS from Leonard Wood to Bliss(Nick will be in the company Sal just left-do you think that they will think Sal was demoted? LOL) they are DEFINATELY looking forward to getting the heck out of FLW!!! We love them all and miss them horribly! Cassidy the traitor LMAO is doing well also. She is working full time and BETTER get to the college this week to get the info I am waiting to hear about... Tony starts open gym for bball tonight, so I know he is THRILLED about that.. Now to find him an English Tutor and we will be set.. English for some reason has been a challenge for him this year. he is normally an honor student.. This year, English is thyne Enemy for him.. But he is a tough cookie and if WE have to stay up all night to figure it out and help him, well then-we will!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

having a great time

Sorry bloggers, that I havnt been updating BUT while I am "borrowing" internet, the signal comes and goes and the banking and emails take priority. Tomorrow we will however be getting internet and cable!! Can you hear the hallaluhia chorus? So, Ill catch you up!! Friday, Julie took half a day off and we started our shopping extravaganza!!! I NEEDED things for the house. Good thing we purged alot of stuff before we came. Its funny, everytime we move into a new place we need odd new things.. So we hit the mall(got my hot pink danskos) got my nails fixed. We then went to Joannes and michaels for some decorating items for the house(I found 2 fabulous topiary trees that are about 4.5 feet tall for 80% off!! Went to dinner then to Target for other "much needed" items.. Oddly, I havnt seen a huge jump in prices here, like I had been warned, with an exception of eating out-that is crazy shyte, in SOME places.. But the mall and other stores, not so much.. Milk at the commissary IS 4.57 a gallon(costco and Fred Meyer have it way cheaper) Gas for unleaded is 3.30-ish, for Diesel is 3.50-ish, so quite a bit more for unleaded people, NOT such a huge shock for Diesel people, considering we were paying over 3.00 a gallon lately anyway.. Crime is high here, which surprises me and there are bad sides of town, just like everywhere else.. Yesterday we took Tony school clothes shopping and were on the hunt for a tv. THANK GOD, Sal and Scott were with us to help out with this decision(can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) LOL Jk! You would have thought those 2 were buying a 90K car, LOL.. So we left the stores with everything-I THINK - we will need. New dishes(distressed looking and fabulous) and I found my perfect mason jars for my drinking glasses :) (my theme for the majority of the house is country tuscan/ french farmhouse-ish) We went to the ULU factory and watched how they make these fabulous cutting/knife tools. Indiginous people have been using this very tool since 1000 bc!! Today I have to clean up, go to commissary and get ready for this week.. We will be getting our household goods and Dominic starts his 1st week of school. Oh, Julie and I went to Fred Meyer yesterday(for my phx friends, its like old school smittys) and walked in and they had a beautiful leather ashley sectional for 50% off!! So we asked about it and the store only has 1 side of the sectional(maybe that is why it was 50% off lmao) so we asked if we could buy the display(eventhough my germaphobe mind is sceeving at the thought of strange butts having been sitting on it) But, they cant sell the display-boo!! So he called another store and they had it, and would hold it. Sal and scott went to pick it up and they gave him another 10% discount. Brought it home and Tony and Sal took 30 minutes to get it in the door, LOL we unwrapped it and guess what?? Yep wrong thing.. The other piece in the garage was the CORRECT piece. So sal called and they said oh okay we have the other piece.. Sal said okay but we think we like the other one better, how much is the difference.. 400.00 Sal said you have to do better than that for MY inconvinience, so the guy said to call back this morning and talk to the manager, so we are now on hold.. They are BOTH lovely, but the wrong one I like more LMAO(of course I do-its more 'spensive) Sal informed me today we are "done" with our shopping spree.. Im not sure why he told me that after checking the bank online-LMAO!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a little dinosaur advice

So, I have been reading alot of posts on various military spouse websites complaining about this or that and I have to remind these ladies and gents- This is the military, it isnt run the way the civilian world is run and you can either accept it now (which will make life a whole hell of a lot easier) or continue to vent frustrations to the people in charge of orders, medical care, etc... "WE" are not the only ones PCSing, ETSing, needing medical care, pissed that our soldiers have to work late.. These civilians and personel people are dealing with litterly hundreds of situations and patience has to be our best friend... Ive seen spouses smart off to civilian employees, 1sgs, commanders, etc.. It Ain't pretty when that happens.. You make yourself and your soldier look bad and it CAN and DOES affect the soldiers reputation.. Trust me when I say we have all been spoken to rudely, or dismissed with a concern, BUT there are MANY ways to handle it-MANY right ways to handle it.. We just cant always have our way.. Just not possible unfortunately, although it would be nice if it could happen.. it isnt a perfect world baby!! so, my
advice is that you have to play the game as a mature person-be the bigger person always..

Im in heaven!!

Today was our 1st real day at Ft Richardson. We went to Benihana of Tokyo for dinner with the Mercier family and I had the most delicious lemon chicken and soup.. We laughed so hard my head hurts. We also now have housing and will be moving in on Thursday!! Cannot wait.. Now just waiting for our household goods to arrive and get settled.. My goal is to have everything done by end of September.. Wish me luck.. hahahahaha.. It is really beautiful here.. If you cant get stationed here, at least try to visit... I am really soooo TIRED, its all catching up to me. I think I have been running on adrenaline, which isnt good. Tomorrow, im just relaxing... This weekend we may go blueberry picking and definately some shopping.. Am on the hunt for a bench for my dining room table or a new dining set!! so we shall see.. Also need to find bunk beds for the little guys.. lots to do, lots to do... Have to also register Dominic for school so he can start end of this week or first thing on Monday.. he is very excited. Still unsure about prek for Roman, so we will see.. This is an adventure and we will take the hits and the wonders as they come...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Words and pictures do NOT to the Yukon territory any justice.. It gives you chills, and I mean that honestly.. It takes alot to impress me and this place takes the cake.. The mountains, the trees, the smells, the water, the wildlife.. STUNNING!!! If you can ever visit Canada, DO SO!!!! Today we drove 12 hours, part of it in the rain and it went by so fast!! In my pics, I actually was up close and personal with some caribou and bison.. AMAZING!!! We also had funny things that happened along the way... Sal gave us the 1st funny of the day while cleaning the windshield on the truck, he was also squeeeeeg'ing the mirrors LMAO and I caught it on camera.. MUHAHHA.. Next we were driving over the river called the SMART RIVER and Sal said "must be where they get smart water from" Dork! But I love him!! The boys kept us entertained as well as those fabulous trio-Alvin, Simon and Theodore.. AGAIN LOL.. We stopped in whitehorse Canada and wouldnt you know but AGAIN we had a block on our bank card!! WTF??? 2nd strike against Armed Forces Bank.. After a 30 minute phone call our card was back in action and we were on our merry way.. We stopped in WhiteHorse to get a bite to eat and had lunch at a mom and pop place called BEEJAYS and it was really cute and the waitress was adorable, eventhough I think she was having a moment and firing someone and that someone got in Sal's face at the payphone, while he was yelling at the bank.. Ahh, Memories.. Sal and I were visiting our past today and talking about all the drives all over the world we have taken and how much we miss our kids who are now on their own.. Makes me soo sad.. Happy that they are all doing fine on their own, but also a little heartsick that they are doing fine on their own.. I just love them so much.. and miss them.. our 1st pcs(permanent change of station) was from Arizona to Vint Hill Farm Station, Va(near ft Belvoir) we were 18, had a brand new baby and everything we owned fit into a tiny U-haul-that U-haul by the way, broke down in the middle of nowhere and I had to bathe a new baby in the sink of a rest stop.. By the time we got to Manassas, Va we had 50.00 to our name!! If that!! Broke as a joke!! We lived on balogna and fruity pebbles and milk for many days!! The drive was great though. We were on an adventure..TOGETHER, come rain or shine we were doing this as a team. 21 years later we are driving across Canada and Alaska together as a team. I love him, even when he is weird and cleans the mirrors and breakdances while he drives and sneaks ring pops to 2 little boys along the way... Thanks for the Memories

Hello from Brittish Columbia!

Greetings friends!

Today I am blogging from Fort Nelson Canada, which is located in Brittish Columbia!! It is SOOOO incredibly beautiful here.. We drove 12 hours today, but it went by super fast.

Right now im doing laundry from the hotel-yep, mommy's work is never done LOL.. So a few funny things today.. Whilst we were in MacDonalds for lunch, the boys had eaten and we were letting them play in the indoor play area there and we noticed a sign that said *socks must be worn and can be purchased at register* LMAO!! That is just too damn funny.. THEN, Dominic instead of just saying "hey mom and dad, I need to pee" He says " Oh my goodness, I dont understand why I alw ays have to pee" LOL, that is our clue that some pee'ing has to commence. And of course we cannot go one day without Roman adding some wit.. Today they were counting their toes(yeah, I know-we were REALLY bored) so Dominic said he has 5 plus 5 equals 10 toes and asked Roman how many HE had.. Roman said " they are my friends, my toes" Oy, that kid!! The drive today, while it was 12 hours, it didnt seem like it.. We drove through Dawson Creek, Peace River and other various towns. We also hit a rain/mud storm, so Sal is very happy that his F250 has been baptized in the mud!! So, tonight we are planning tomorrow, doing laundry, giving boys a bath and ate at a cute place called Boston Pizza..The boys had pasta, Sal had Lasagna and I had a french dip.. Yeah, yeah none of us got pizza at a pizza place, its okay we are tourists and can do that LOL.. Tomorrow another 12 hour drive from here to White Horse or something like that.. Toodles!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh, Canada...

How you IRRITATE ME!!! Okay, so I have traveled all over the world and have driven everywhere, this Edmonton is CRAZY confusing... So, I am very irritated today. 1st our bank has a block on debit/credit cards here.. How did we find out? Umm, by filling up our truck and our cards being declined.. THANKFULLY we had cash and they accepted dollars.. I called the bank and they said oh Canada is a high fraud area, but we can lift the Block until Tuesday.. I said no, how about its my money and you lift the block forever.. GAH.. Armed Forces Bank you are on blast and NOTE WE WILL BE CHANGING OUR BANKING TO USAA, ASAP!! Then while minding our own business, litterly just driving down the highway, a man pulls up next to us, slows down and gives us the finger. NICE welcome there Mr. Canada man!! Im about at my breaking point for this drive, LOL.. Trying to keep a sense of humor about it though and trying to enjoy the moment. Montana is SOO beautiful!! Seriously, everyone go visit Montana!! We are now at a Holiday Inn in Edmonton and hahah, they give military discount!! Their exchange rate is one to one, but just now looking on my bank account online, our bank sure didnt give a one to one!!!! Boys did very well today until we go to the hotel, there they both proceeded to have mini nervous breakdowns and Roman just kept mumbling that he wanted AWASKA (alaska) and his big brother Tony.. AWWWW.. We will arrive to our new home on Monday Evening.. Tomorrow we will drive about 14 hours, the next day about 12 and on Monday about 10-12.. YEAH Canada is freaking HUGE!!!!.. They do have alot of IKEAs, LOL.. But damn that husband of mine, he "claims" he didnt notice them... hahaha.But even with the crappy parts of traveling, its all worth it in the end... Sal did tick me off for a few minutes today when he under his breath said I needed a map reading course.. UMM HELLOOOO MR LAND-NAV, I was under the assumption that YOU KNEW IT ALL!!! KISSES!! hahahah
Oh and the border guard in canada needs to stop watching American Westerns.. he asked us if we had any weapons and Sal said, only a knife.. The guard said "and you are from Tx and no GUNS? Weird"... LOL They call restrooms, washrooms and the money is pretty :) (see there are always positives)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cont of 2 Sept

What a day!! We made it as far as Butte Montana.. Not to bad. Not where we would have liked to be, honestly. With 2 little guys though, we did pretty well. We are about 4 hours from Canada, so tomorrow we will leave EARLY and get a move on!! Idaho is kind of blah.. Montana seems beautiful though.. I really didnt want to leave Utah, I love that place.. Its home, BUT I am hoping Alaska becomes that for me :) We have managed today to misplace 2 DS games, LOL God only knows where they are. Also had to make a stop at Walmart for some lunch meat, fruit and Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakwel and the Alice in Wonderland dvd.. Also today Dominic and Roman had to pee every 10 minutes, LOL.. Funniest comment of the day goes to Sal who had to pull off the side of the road to let the fellas pee.. I heard him say"No, NO, dont pee on the door" LOL Funniest moment of the day, well that belongs to me.. I was saving Sal from being stung by what I am sure was an Africanized killer bee, so I caught it with the Canadian Map and rolled down the window and out went the bee and the map... UGGGG Oh well, we got a new map and are good to go, LMAO.. He just has to love me, he really does!!

Besides the sadness that was having to visit my dad at his gravesite, was seeing the tiny coal mining town I grew up in.. its missing so many things, just not the same..The downtown used to just have this feel about it, but the 5 and dime is gone, my favorite shoe store is gone, the crown theater isnt a theater, the cooks velvet freeze is gone as is the Milky way.. Where are all the mom and pop shops??? We need those places.. walmart and target have their place but these little local places NEED to thrive as well, so shop locally!!

sept 2

Wow what a couple of days. Yesterday we left California and headed to Vegas, where I got to see my Aunt Ellen-who is cute as ever!! We then went to Utah ad spent the night with Aunt Patty who wouldn't stop feeding us!! She just recently lost her husband, so it was nice to spend some time with her. We then headed to the cemetary to make a visit to my dad, grandmother and other loved ones. I was more emotional when I saw my dads headstone then I thought I'd be. I just miss him terribly. So we are now on on our way to SLC. We are trying to make it to the border of Canada we shall see lol. The little fellas are really doing well on this long ass journey!!!! Ill add pics when we get to a hotel. I'm doing this from my phone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 5

Hello my friends!! Today we bid Disney a fond farewell.. It really was alot of fun, exhausting but super fun... Today our journey will take us to Price Utah.. Its where my roots are. Its the first place I remember living and it still has delicious memories!! Its where I met my first best friend, Nicole, its where I became a big sister, it was the last time id have extended family around me. Price Utah is a small coal mining town and really hasnt changed over the years. I remember going to the shoe store downtown and actually being fitted for shoes and after my mom bought be a pair of mary janes I would get a lollipop. So now, most of my family no longer lives there but my dad, grandmother, grandfather and other friends and family members are buried. Thus the reason we are hitting Price.. I havnt been to my daddy's headstone in 16 years.. I know that is shameful, we have just never lived where it was very close. Is it weird that I am excited to "see" him? Sad because it makes me miss him even more, sad because my sister cant be there with me. But I just need to feel his presence. So, this will be a bittersweet portion of our journey... On the happier side, I get to take 2 of the kiddos to the Milky way!!! Its a mom and pop shop that makes their own popsicles and ice cream, he was also the towns ice cream man!!! YUMMY!!!!!

So, Back to Disney. I have decided there needs to be a foot massage/pedicure parlor over in Downtown Disney!! i would have paid 100.00 for that service yesterday.. Im just sayin!!

OKAY, so Sal isnt a big money spender.. He never minds if I spend money, but he just isnt one to say "hey, lets go shopping" Well, he was addicted to this one store in Downtown Disney.. RIDEMAKERZ... its build a bear only race car style LMAO.. We started out with inexpensive free wheel racers for the boys and ended up with PRICIER RC versions of lifted monster type race cars.. He blamed a small tear on Doms face for the RC, only to realize as he went to wipe it away, it was dried syrup from breakfast.. Oh he is a sucker!!!!

Love to all!