Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 5

Hello my friends!! Today we bid Disney a fond farewell.. It really was alot of fun, exhausting but super fun... Today our journey will take us to Price Utah.. Its where my roots are. Its the first place I remember living and it still has delicious memories!! Its where I met my first best friend, Nicole, its where I became a big sister, it was the last time id have extended family around me. Price Utah is a small coal mining town and really hasnt changed over the years. I remember going to the shoe store downtown and actually being fitted for shoes and after my mom bought be a pair of mary janes I would get a lollipop. So now, most of my family no longer lives there but my dad, grandmother, grandfather and other friends and family members are buried. Thus the reason we are hitting Price.. I havnt been to my daddy's headstone in 16 years.. I know that is shameful, we have just never lived where it was very close. Is it weird that I am excited to "see" him? Sad because it makes me miss him even more, sad because my sister cant be there with me. But I just need to feel his presence. So, this will be a bittersweet portion of our journey... On the happier side, I get to take 2 of the kiddos to the Milky way!!! Its a mom and pop shop that makes their own popsicles and ice cream, he was also the towns ice cream man!!! YUMMY!!!!!

So, Back to Disney. I have decided there needs to be a foot massage/pedicure parlor over in Downtown Disney!! i would have paid 100.00 for that service yesterday.. Im just sayin!!

OKAY, so Sal isnt a big money spender.. He never minds if I spend money, but he just isnt one to say "hey, lets go shopping" Well, he was addicted to this one store in Downtown Disney.. RIDEMAKERZ... its build a bear only race car style LMAO.. We started out with inexpensive free wheel racers for the boys and ended up with PRICIER RC versions of lifted monster type race cars.. He blamed a small tear on Doms face for the RC, only to realize as he went to wipe it away, it was dried syrup from breakfast.. Oh he is a sucker!!!!

Love to all!

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  1. Oh, suuure it was because he thought he was crying ;-) Jake is a sucker when it comes to toys.

    --tina st p