Saturday, September 18, 2010

Okay, Boxes came in...

And boxes go out!!! Our movers dropped our stuff on Wednesday and we are now on our 3rd day of the "3rd day rule" imposed on our family by the "boss", 20 years ago... We have about 11 boxes left to unpack. 7 of those are in our bedroom and 1 better be my VERA bags!! im just sayin'. We have the living and dining room all done and it looks great.. Ill take pics when I can find my camera.. The basement has had carpet put in and is now the boys winter playground/wii place, their playroom is done and their room is about 98%complete, Tonys room is also at 98%, kitchen-done!! This afternoon im taking time off for good behavior and doing some shopping.. Need more twinkle lights for my trees in my dining room, need some pepper berries for some accent pieces and POSSIBLY the most perfect area rug I can find and some kind of coffee table or ottoman for everyones feet, LMAO.

Our movers we very good as were our packers in El Paso.. The ONLY complaints I have about this move is that our El Paso packers, I think were confused after they sealed up boxes and labeled them cups when they were hats, kitchen when it was linen closet, LMAO no harm no foul though. NOTHING was broken or even scratched, NADA!!! *tip to those that will pcs soon, be upfront with how you want things packed, they generally will do it without issue... * BUT, do it with kindness-no diva-ish'ness..

Kids are all good(ill go in order to update everyone LMAO)

Nick and Meagan- they leave Md on Sunday for Ft Bliss and are very happy to have gotten the hell out of FLW!!!

Ashlee and Blake-they arrived in Knoxville 2 days ago and they met with his 1sg and other recruiters and said they are nice. They found an old farmhouse 20 min from the station, with horses and 17 acres

Cassidy-has her job back at bk on biggs and is living with her friends and enjoying life-starting school soon!!

Anthony-doing better in English, living at the gym(as usual) thankfully its litterly across the street

Dom and Rome are enjoying their alaska(that is what they call it) and cant wait for the snow *add boots, gloves and hats to my shopping list*

Sal-hahahhaha, he isnt quite sure about his new job.. Right now he is the new DES SGM, BUT in October when the AF base and Army post here become joint his title will be Provost something/liason to the AF for law enforcement and in charge of the MP station. Its very confusing and he will have to wear a few hats and has been to several meetings and thinks the AF doesnt run it right LMAO.. He is assigned to an AF squadron, and is the ONLY Army person in that squadron, so its bad enough that MPs are the red headed step children of the Army-NOW who knows what we are LMAO.. I will keep my chin up and hope for an FRG or whatever its called in the AF and be thankful that I wont be the leader, just the follower and no stress... HAHAHAH... Ill be volunteering with another FRG here in october for a function and im looking forward to that. Preschool at CDC has a waiting list-OF COURSE IT DOES.. All skies classes here have a waiting list, nice right? So im hunting town tumbling/gynastics gyms off post. I am enrolling the boys in a pee wee cooking class called "mini chefs" NO waiting list for that one!! Roman especially loves to be in the kitchen and cook-watch for him on food network one day. okay, rambled enough. Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am happy as are the rest of the Urzi clan..

On a more somber note- today would have been our nephew, Daniels, 22nd birthday.. We miss him daily...

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