Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh, Canada...

How you IRRITATE ME!!! Okay, so I have traveled all over the world and have driven everywhere, this Edmonton is CRAZY confusing... So, I am very irritated today. 1st our bank has a block on debit/credit cards here.. How did we find out? Umm, by filling up our truck and our cards being declined.. THANKFULLY we had cash and they accepted dollars.. I called the bank and they said oh Canada is a high fraud area, but we can lift the Block until Tuesday.. I said no, how about its my money and you lift the block forever.. GAH.. Armed Forces Bank you are on blast and NOTE WE WILL BE CHANGING OUR BANKING TO USAA, ASAP!! Then while minding our own business, litterly just driving down the highway, a man pulls up next to us, slows down and gives us the finger. NICE welcome there Mr. Canada man!! Im about at my breaking point for this drive, LOL.. Trying to keep a sense of humor about it though and trying to enjoy the moment. Montana is SOO beautiful!! Seriously, everyone go visit Montana!! We are now at a Holiday Inn in Edmonton and hahah, they give military discount!! Their exchange rate is one to one, but just now looking on my bank account online, our bank sure didnt give a one to one!!!! Boys did very well today until we go to the hotel, there they both proceeded to have mini nervous breakdowns and Roman just kept mumbling that he wanted AWASKA (alaska) and his big brother Tony.. AWWWW.. We will arrive to our new home on Monday Evening.. Tomorrow we will drive about 14 hours, the next day about 12 and on Monday about 10-12.. YEAH Canada is freaking HUGE!!!!.. They do have alot of IKEAs, LOL.. But damn that husband of mine, he "claims" he didnt notice them... hahaha.But even with the crappy parts of traveling, its all worth it in the end... Sal did tick me off for a few minutes today when he under his breath said I needed a map reading course.. UMM HELLOOOO MR LAND-NAV, I was under the assumption that YOU KNEW IT ALL!!! KISSES!! hahahah
Oh and the border guard in canada needs to stop watching American Westerns.. he asked us if we had any weapons and Sal said, only a knife.. The guard said "and you are from Tx and no GUNS? Weird"... LOL They call restrooms, washrooms and the money is pretty :) (see there are always positives)


  1. what? an army man that needs someone to read a map for him? lol.

    the driver that flipped you the bird, are you sure he's not from boston???

    that is kinda ridiculous what the bank does! Navy Federal tried locking our account down after we got to El Paso! We spent $ all across the country coming out here, and after we'd been here a few days and spent $200 at walmart, they tried locking our account down! We opened a USAA account to get a discount on car insurance, and will probably be moving EVERYTHING to USAA. They do reward points on all spending, not just credit card like NF

  2. Good grief, you are brave, those are some long days!

    When we move to Mississippi in December I already told Matt I am driving the minimum amount of miles per day and that is it, lol.