Sunday, September 26, 2010

A beautiful Day!!

WOW, no words can describe the beauty we saw today.. Stunning is what it was. Sal and I and the 2 little boys went with Scott and Julie to the Eagle River Trail/Nature Center for a hike.. We hiked for 4 hours and climbed some rocks, knocked over some dead trees, played in the river, watched salmon swim upstream and just enjoyed what Alaska has to offer. Scott and Julie are our dear friends/family.. Its nice have friends that are such a great match.. Sal and Scott are alot alike and Julie and I, well I think she is me and Ronni's missing link, LOL.. We have been friends for years but its been 2 years since we lived near each other.. Scott is VERY outdoorsy and Sal is getting back into being outdoorsy.. Sadly other than Missouri we havnt lived at a place that Sal was able to do alot of hunting and fishing, so he and Scott will be exploring while we are all here. The kids love Scott and Julie, as if they are family-which is ALWAYS nice!! So we have our family here and its nice to go on adventures like today.. Scott taught the little boys about moose and bear poop that we found along the hike, taught them about birch trees, pine trees, salmon swimming upstream and how to make a teeter totter out of a big log and all the "boys" were throwing rocks into the creeks and having a great time. Im sure my body will hate me tomorrow as I already feel my thighs burning up.. LOL THANKFULLY we didnt see any bear, BUT we did find alot of their poop, LMAO.. The sound of the river was so relaxing, I didnt want to leave that area.. After we got back to the trucks we went to dinner and Piccolinos Italian and Greek eatery.. I had a gyro and salad and it was DELISH! I must have burned a trillion calories today, or close to it, LOL.. All in all, it was a wonderful day.. Thank you Julie and Scott!

PS, little Nic(scott and julies son) and our son Tony, didnt venture out with us, but they have both been on that hike before :) Didnt want anyone to think we left the big boys out.. They had gone out and stayed out all night the night before and just wanted to zone out today.. :)


  1. I am glad Alaska is everything you wanted it to be Mary!!!
    PS I am not sure how this picking a profile thing works on I will just let you know...this is from Lynette! :P

  2. since I have been named you and ronnies missing link, I'm pretty sure I must be the death bed confession... LMAO!!!!