Sunday, September 12, 2010

having a great time

Sorry bloggers, that I havnt been updating BUT while I am "borrowing" internet, the signal comes and goes and the banking and emails take priority. Tomorrow we will however be getting internet and cable!! Can you hear the hallaluhia chorus? So, Ill catch you up!! Friday, Julie took half a day off and we started our shopping extravaganza!!! I NEEDED things for the house. Good thing we purged alot of stuff before we came. Its funny, everytime we move into a new place we need odd new things.. So we hit the mall(got my hot pink danskos) got my nails fixed. We then went to Joannes and michaels for some decorating items for the house(I found 2 fabulous topiary trees that are about 4.5 feet tall for 80% off!! Went to dinner then to Target for other "much needed" items.. Oddly, I havnt seen a huge jump in prices here, like I had been warned, with an exception of eating out-that is crazy shyte, in SOME places.. But the mall and other stores, not so much.. Milk at the commissary IS 4.57 a gallon(costco and Fred Meyer have it way cheaper) Gas for unleaded is 3.30-ish, for Diesel is 3.50-ish, so quite a bit more for unleaded people, NOT such a huge shock for Diesel people, considering we were paying over 3.00 a gallon lately anyway.. Crime is high here, which surprises me and there are bad sides of town, just like everywhere else.. Yesterday we took Tony school clothes shopping and were on the hunt for a tv. THANK GOD, Sal and Scott were with us to help out with this decision(can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) LOL Jk! You would have thought those 2 were buying a 90K car, LOL.. So we left the stores with everything-I THINK - we will need. New dishes(distressed looking and fabulous) and I found my perfect mason jars for my drinking glasses :) (my theme for the majority of the house is country tuscan/ french farmhouse-ish) We went to the ULU factory and watched how they make these fabulous cutting/knife tools. Indiginous people have been using this very tool since 1000 bc!! Today I have to clean up, go to commissary and get ready for this week.. We will be getting our household goods and Dominic starts his 1st week of school. Oh, Julie and I went to Fred Meyer yesterday(for my phx friends, its like old school smittys) and walked in and they had a beautiful leather ashley sectional for 50% off!! So we asked about it and the store only has 1 side of the sectional(maybe that is why it was 50% off lmao) so we asked if we could buy the display(eventhough my germaphobe mind is sceeving at the thought of strange butts having been sitting on it) But, they cant sell the display-boo!! So he called another store and they had it, and would hold it. Sal and scott went to pick it up and they gave him another 10% discount. Brought it home and Tony and Sal took 30 minutes to get it in the door, LOL we unwrapped it and guess what?? Yep wrong thing.. The other piece in the garage was the CORRECT piece. So sal called and they said oh okay we have the other piece.. Sal said okay but we think we like the other one better, how much is the difference.. 400.00 Sal said you have to do better than that for MY inconvinience, so the guy said to call back this morning and talk to the manager, so we are now on hold.. They are BOTH lovely, but the wrong one I like more LMAO(of course I do-its more 'spensive) Sal informed me today we are "done" with our shopping spree.. Im not sure why he told me that after checking the bank online-LMAO!!

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  1. Glad to see you are having a great time. We miss you terribly here!!! The couch story is cracking me up! LOL I can see Sal putting a stop to spending (and you not really listening!). LOL Tell Sal The Cards need him back in Hell Paso. They have gone into a tailspin since y'all left! LOVE YA! (Pzaookie misses you too!)