Thursday, September 30, 2010

my top 10

My top 10 things I like and Dislike about Alaska-

Top 10 things I like:

1-my bff'erella is here

2-the beauty that I see daily

3-the history of Alaska

4-the seafood

5-the smells of fall

6-the hiking trails

7-the casual attire(jeans and sweaters are the uniform here, LOL)

8-the snow

9-wildlife(as long as they arent attacking me)


10 things I dont like:

1-the feeling that you are on an island and cant get off(I cant explain it, but you feel that way)

2-the price of fuel

3-the high homeless'ness(its beyond sad here)

4-the cost of milk at the commissary(4.57)

5-SOME of the attitudes that some employees here on post have.. Im seriously shocked

6-that we are not just a days drive from the kids and grandkids

7-that Cassidy isnt here with us(pleasssssssssssssssse come home Cassidy, LOL)

8-that Sal isnt overly thrilled with his new assignment(BUT there is hope, always hope)

9-that we have gone to only 1 car-not fun

10-that my sister isnt here to enjoy Alaska with me and Julie

These things are in no particular order.. I had to REALLY reach for the negatives, but everywhere has a "needs an improvement" area :) They will be things I can overcome.. Ill either kill them with kindness or give them the whats what.. LOL As with Sals job, well he typically gets that way at any installation and then just falls in love with it and has a hard time leaving, LOL.. I think he is just a bitter betty because he doesnt like the temp to go below 79, LMAO!! All in all, Alaska is very nice and we do really like it. The people of the area are FABULOUSLY nice-expect the douche that works in the Nordstroms shoe dept.. He sucks eggs. I must also add that ANOTHER thing to love about here, is the fact that I can wear my cute and fun socks, DAILY!! How fabulous is that?? Still no word on whether or not we have an FRG, or what have you-Sal just forgets to inquire as he is busy with mundane stuff like finding out what he is really doing here LMAO.. BORE, BORE, BORE-ME, ME,ME hahahha.. Tomorrow Julie and I are going to go pour and bottle wine that she made a few months ago!! Im looking forward to that-alot!! I cant remember what flavor it is, but after I drink it all, ill let you know. My sister arrived safely in Scottsbluff, Ne.. They are happy for this new adventure!! I have an interview today with Toys r us in their Customer service Dept.. Not sure im going to take it.. I applied not thinking they would call me the next day LMAO.. I need to get another car first.. They are supposed to come and paint our garage today.. Okay guys and gals, enjoy the day!

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  1. Mary, I'm so glad you're loving Alaska so far. It can be hard when you get there late in the year, but I promise the summers make all of the minuses worth it!! A lot of the things you just get used to -- food & fuel prices, the "island" feeling, etc. The added bonus about food and fuel is that when you go out of state, everything's totally affordable!

    Growing up in AK, you learn that everyone and everything is just a plane ride away, and we traveled a lot to other countries because if you had to get on a plane anyway... part of my magical AK childhood that I would never ever ever give up.

    We just found out we're coming back (instead of El Paso) and I cannot wait to come home! :)