Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hola Amigos!

Did you think I fell off the earth? Nah-I have been a little sick and just trying to sleep it off and keep the family running, LOL.. I feel MUCH better today though, thank goodness.

Im watching THE VIEW and their hot topic is about the case of the father of a soldier suing that wackadoo church for protesting his sons funeral. He won the case and then it was overturned.. I just dont get HOW in the world these people sleep at night, protesting such a thing. All this man wanted to do was mourn the death of his brave son and these people(and I use that term loosly) took away from that. I refuse to name the church on my blog, because they already get enough notariaty, BUT they SHOULD be ashamed of themselves for what they do. They should refocus on their teachings and beliefs and try and become BETTER people, not worse. Soldiers families go through enough stress during the time of a loss, they dont need that nonsense to deal with or see..*off soapbox*

So, I start my cashier/customer service training today, should be fun. Its only 4 hours so that isnt too bad. We are all doing okay, just keeping busy and WARM!! Its getting cold here..I keep hearing that this is supposed to be a bad winter, BUT bad winter definition depends on who you are talking to around here, LOL.. It means its going to be SUPER COLD and not a lot of snow, or A DUMP of snow and cold enough, LOL.. SHHH, dont tell Sal its going to be a bad winter-haha.. We arent sure we have an FRG yet, LOL still waiting on that news.. I did hear back from my ICE comment on the youth services and ODDLY they now have soccer for 4 year olds AND they said because Dominic and Roman have "experience" in gymnastics, they will put them in the next class up that doesnt have a waiting list.. I love ICE comments.. I dislike bad customer service and YES even in military facilities we as military families are entitled to good customer service.. I know alot of people just accept it because they dont realize that there can be something done in these situations.. Always handle these people with kindness though, so you dont get accused of giving the attitude or being classless. *military spouses-there is your tip of the day, LOL*


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