Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oy vay!

We have YET another driver in the house!! Congrats to our baby boy, Tony!!! Today he earned his learners permit. He is A LITTLE late in doing this but he has it now and that is all that matters!!! You should have seen him taking the test, he looked as if he were playing in the NBA finals and that his shot would be the winning or losing for the team.. But he did it!! He drove home and had to drive the freeway.. NOW to some of you, this may not be a big deal BUT in this house Nicholas, Ashlee and Cassidy have ALL had to earn their freeway driving privilege, by that I mean I would only let them drive on our street for about 2-3 weeks, then an area in Missouri near a school that had nearly EVERY kind of traffic sign, an area to park, too parallel park, pedestrian crossings, etc.. Only after MANY hours of driving were they allowed to enter the freeway, BUT here in Alaska its a bit different as you HAVE to drive on the highways to go ANYWHERE, so I'm sure his siblings will be a bit ticked in this, LMAO.. But I'm sure they will get over it!!!!! Friday, Sal gets promoted-yayy!!! Life is good here in Alaska!


  1. I was scared silly to drive when I got my permit! I got mine when I was 17, and learned to drive in driver's ed. I can think of maybe 5-9 times I drove on the road with my permit. I got my license the day I graduated highschool (thats the day the waiver I got in Driver's Ed for the driving test expired). I didn't drive for 2 months after that!

    I still do not like driving. Especially in EP!!!

  2. How exciting for Tony and Congrats to Sal!!

  3. Congrats to Tony & Sal!
    I am dreading the whole teaching the kiddos to drive. I have two more years and they both want me to take them out not dad. I hope to be medicated. *lol*