Friday, October 8, 2010

17 years ago today

At 1149am in Phoenix Arizona I met a little man who would bring more love and tons of laughter to my life.. Anthony Giancarl Urzi.. He was 8lbs 11ozs and 19 inches long and a tiny bit of dark hair and gorgeous olive skin.. I had returned to Arizona from Germany to have him, because of the due date and sal's PCS time.. so my sister was in the delivery room with me. She was in high school and I thought it wuold be a great form of BC LOL... My labor with him was relatively easy, no drugs and about a 5 hour labor. He was (and still is) one of the most handsome guys I know. Tony was a very easy baby, but became a very difficult toddler and little guy.. WHEW he wore me out somedays, BUT he has turned into a fabuluos young men! Tony is the Adam Sandler of our family. Everyday something hilarious comes out of his mouth!! He is a very strong and silent type at times and ALWAYS honest.. Anthony is GREAT at so many things. He is a fabulous baseball, basketball and wrestler. He eats AMAZINGLY healthy and lives at the gym, which I will take anyday over a bratty kid that is running the streets.. Today Anthony, we celebrate your special day and it has been a wonderful experience seeing you grow. I know you will follow your dreams and be a success at ANYTHING you do, whether it be in the NBA or as a police officer.. Thank you for keeping us smiling.. KISSES my son, kisses..

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  1. sounds like a great kid to have around :) Honest, strong, sometimes silent, and like Adam Sandler

    (and I love the halloween background)

    (and I find it funny that the captcha thing that I have to type says 'maryless')