Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well tonight is the last night of 2010 and I cant believe how fast this year has gone by. 1 year ago today I was at home, without the love of my life, because he was in Iraq. Many New Years have we spent it apart so I am savoring him being home. So much has happened in the past 12 months, in our family. Nicholas got married to Meagan and they had a baby(nicholas II), they pcsd to Ft Bliss and he is now prepping for deployment. Ashlee and Blake ended 2009 with the birth of their sweet pea, Kaydence, Blake went to recruiting school, Ashlee graduated from college and they PCSd to Tennessee. Cassidy graduated HS and moved to Az, then moved back to Tx, worked, moved in with her girlfriend, Katie and we said goodbye to her as we moved to Alaska. Tony, started a new school, met some new friends and has really grown alot, he learned how to snowboard, and made the Varsity Basketball Team. Dom and Roman traveled through Canada, saw bison, went to Disney and think Alaska is the best.. Sal and I have again PCSd, reunited, survived another deployment, Sal got promoted and I got a job that I love! All in all its been a good year and I hope 2011 is even better. I love my family and our life. I hope all of you have a safe and happy new year and that everyone stays healthy and safe and special prayers for the soldiers still downrange and our civilian friends down there as well and their families (you are in our prayers each and every day) We also send out prayers to our military families who have suffered from the devastation of the tornado at Ft Leonard Wood and may 2011 be healing for them. I challenge all of you to do something nice for someone this year, something out of the typical nice realm.. Dig deep.. Volunteer some time to a retirement home, crisis nursery, soup kitchen, red cross.. We all depend on each other on this trip called life and we all need to take care of each other.. Peace

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Had a super wonderful Christmas Eve and Day here in Alaska! Last night we had the Merciers over for a BIG Urzi Family tradition-Cookie decorating and homemade pizza making! Although we missed My sister and her family and Sals sister and her family, Ashlee, Blake, Kaydence, Nicholas, Meagan, Gbaby, Deuce, Cassidy and Katie and HOPEFULLY 1 day we can all be together, we still managed to have fun :) We decorated and decorated sugar cookies and I got to make our Pizza dough in my new bread maker (thank you Julie and Scott!!) we drank LOTS of vino and had some great laughs and made some great memories.. Roman and Dominic are now in love with Taylor and I think they will be sooo sad when he leaves, Roman is going to miss Kirsten-He must need a big sister fix(HINT HINT SISTERS LMAO) We went to Mass last night and watched the childrens play.. Roman kept thinking we were there to see a PLANE and wanted to know when these damn kids will be done so he can see the plane LMAO!! The young men in our house, woke us up at 0400 to open gifts-uggg, didnt they know that we-er, Santa was up until 0130 wrapping gifts and stuffing stockings??? Tony loves his customized Suns tshirt and his goodies, the little boys are IN LOVE with their bat cave.. Sal got a bar stool from Tony for his man cave and Tony gave me a stocking filled with all kinds of my fave things. It was a very nice holiday.

Remember today their are soldiers and families without getting to celebrate in the way we all have been blessed to this year. our warm thoughts go out to our brothers and sisters who are far from home this year. We send our prayers for your safe return..

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Helloo lovelies! It has been a while since I last blogged, sorry. Things have been busy with kids, work, Sal, work, kids, sal LMAO oh and Christmas. I have really got to get back on my blogging routine. Everyone is doing fine. Sal is trying to thaw out-hahahhah..Its been a wee cold, but the pretty outweighs it for me. Today is the kiddos' last day of school until the new year and im looking forward to sleeping in and having jamma days!!! Im nearly done with the Christmas shopping, with a couple exceptions, but they arent major. I need to get on the wrapping though.

Please send warm thoughts and prayers to our troops away from home and their families. Christmas is a time for family and traditions. Nobody should really apart during that time, but soldiers and their families sacrifice those wonderful things that some of us take advantage of. In honor of soldiers and their families, I challenge each of my blog readers to "pay it forward" this week before christmas. If possible for a soldier or their family, if not, then anyone in the honor of the military and their families. Cant think of something to do? I have lots of ideas:

*volunteer an hour or 2 of your time at the red cross

*donate to toys for tots

*buy an extra turkey and give it to a family of need

*volunteer some time at a soldiers retirement center or any sr center

*make a donation to one of the wonderful organizations that help military families, ie-Fisher House, wounded warrior project, etc..

Do something that lets military families and soldiers know that they are thought of and appreciated. This is to include military families helping others as well. WE as military families need to also make sure to serve our communities and give back. We are the BEST advertisement and recruiting tool there is..

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kaydence Marie

So today, our gorgeous grandaughter, Kaydence Marie, turned the BIG 1!!! Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!! She is our 2nd grandchild, but 1st grandaughter. She is so funny and precious and has a cute sense of humor. I am hoping she gives her mom a run for her money as she gets older, for PURELY payback purposes.. Ashlee wasnt an "easy" child-she just LOVED to rock the boat and see how far she could push things.. Happily she has turned out FABULUOS and now has a wonderful husband and daughter.When she was pregnant with Kaydence, she was all by herself because Blake was in Iraq, she did wonderfully though and we are just so proud of the mom and wife she has become. Kaydence is such a cute mesh of Blake and Ashlee and I know she brings them such happiness and good times.. I wish we could be together little girl, for your 1st birthday, but know that Boss and MiMi love you and are so happy you are in our lives. As you grow up you are going to meet challenges and hills, but be honest and try really hard-ask for help if and when you need it. Never be too proud to ask for assistance. Always do your best and never give up or give in. Life is hard, but your family will help to see you through. I cannot wait to see you again.. Smooches my little love..