Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Had a super wonderful Christmas Eve and Day here in Alaska! Last night we had the Merciers over for a BIG Urzi Family tradition-Cookie decorating and homemade pizza making! Although we missed My sister and her family and Sals sister and her family, Ashlee, Blake, Kaydence, Nicholas, Meagan, Gbaby, Deuce, Cassidy and Katie and HOPEFULLY 1 day we can all be together, we still managed to have fun :) We decorated and decorated sugar cookies and I got to make our Pizza dough in my new bread maker (thank you Julie and Scott!!) we drank LOTS of vino and had some great laughs and made some great memories.. Roman and Dominic are now in love with Taylor and I think they will be sooo sad when he leaves, Roman is going to miss Kirsten-He must need a big sister fix(HINT HINT SISTERS LMAO) We went to Mass last night and watched the childrens play.. Roman kept thinking we were there to see a PLANE and wanted to know when these damn kids will be done so he can see the plane LMAO!! The young men in our house, woke us up at 0400 to open gifts-uggg, didnt they know that we-er, Santa was up until 0130 wrapping gifts and stuffing stockings??? Tony loves his customized Suns tshirt and his goodies, the little boys are IN LOVE with their bat cave.. Sal got a bar stool from Tony for his man cave and Tony gave me a stocking filled with all kinds of my fave things. It was a very nice holiday.

Remember today their are soldiers and families without getting to celebrate in the way we all have been blessed to this year. our warm thoughts go out to our brothers and sisters who are far from home this year. We send our prayers for your safe return..

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  1. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. It's so hard when we can't have all the kids home. I feel you, sister.
    I got a bread machine this year for Christmas and can't WAIT to try out different stuff. So much for losing 20 lbs after the first of the year :)