Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh so long ago..

Nearly 22 years ago there was this boy who had just gotten married to this girl, they were preparing for their 1st of what would be many precious babies. Boy left for basic training with many hopes and dreams and to take care of girl and baby. He flew ALL the way to Alabama for what would seem like eternity, but in reality was for 16 weeks. Boy worked hard and push- upped his way through training and learned how to be a soldier-girl missed him, alot.. Yeah, this is the story of us. Yesterday Sal was pinned his E8 and SOOO many memories flooded my brain while they were making speeches about him. I remember the day he left for basic training, we had only been married a week and he would be gone for our first childs birth. I was so sad for days when he left, I think I cried an ocean of tears.. I didnt want him to be gone, or to miss out on our pregnancy.. I learned quickly that me doing things on my own would definately be a normal way of life. So, Sal and I originally had said only 1 enlistment, then get out, get on with the highway patrol and move into a cabin in Flagstaff.. HAHAHAHHAHAH jokes on us, that never happened, LOL.. I remember arriving at our first duty station where Sal was the LOWEST ranking person on the ENTIRE post.. He was an E1 the day he arrived and the next day they promoted him to E2. We of course learned alot of things the hard way in every aspect of our lives, but we stuck it out. Many times we had no money, or very little of it, but we made do and just enjoyed our baby and each other and had to depend on each other for everything. Im not sure why we didnt end up getting out after the 1st enlistment was over in 1993, but im glad we didnt. We have had such an amazing time and have been able to be part of something wonderful. Sure, there have been bumps along the road whether that was with the military or our own lives, but I really cant imagine life any other way. The people that we have met over the years, the wonderful places we have been able to live at and the many experiences we have had. So, as I was putting Sals new rank on him, I litterly looked at him and remembered what he looked like when he was an 18 year old E1, he had a sparkle in his eye and loved the Army and what he does and loves being a soldier, he had the SAME look in his eye yesterday. The passion is still there for the Army and TAKING care of soldiers and being a soldier and living the life with integrity, honor, duty and loyalty.. Now I know why he never wanted to get out, he still is in love with this. So Sal, I wanted to let you know that I adore you and love you and am BEYOND proud of the man you have become. You take such wonderful care of OUR family and of OUR military family, you live what you teach and I know you can look in the mirror and be proud of yourself.. I love you honey and thanks for showing me the world, like you promised me 22 years ago...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oy vay!

We have YET another driver in the house!! Congrats to our baby boy, Tony!!! Today he earned his learners permit. He is A LITTLE late in doing this but he has it now and that is all that matters!!! You should have seen him taking the test, he looked as if he were playing in the NBA finals and that his shot would be the winning or losing for the team.. But he did it!! He drove home and had to drive the freeway.. NOW to some of you, this may not be a big deal BUT in this house Nicholas, Ashlee and Cassidy have ALL had to earn their freeway driving privilege, by that I mean I would only let them drive on our street for about 2-3 weeks, then an area in Missouri near a school that had nearly EVERY kind of traffic sign, an area to park, too parallel park, pedestrian crossings, etc.. Only after MANY hours of driving were they allowed to enter the freeway, BUT here in Alaska its a bit different as you HAVE to drive on the highways to go ANYWHERE, so I'm sure his siblings will be a bit ticked in this, LMAO.. But I'm sure they will get over it!!!!! Friday, Sal gets promoted-yayy!!! Life is good here in Alaska!

Monday, October 25, 2010

You can do it!!

This is my cheer for military spouses everywhere!!! I am noticing soo many complaints about things and it really saddens me and irritates me. Lets break it down, shall we?

*Housing- it isnt a perfect organization, BUT it cant be that bad, otherwise people wouldnt be pining to get on the list... NONE of us are better than anyone else, we all have been at the bottom of the housing list and have had to live elsewhere until we hit our number. No scheming, lying or telling small fibs will get your number higher. Living off post isnt bad and neither is living on post. It just is what it is.. If you have to live off post and your BAH isnt fabulous, you may have to do alot of leg work and research. Remember to ALWAYS have housing or JAG look over your lease to make sure it is serving and protecting you.

Okay, so Ill discuss other issues later, LOL.. So guess what we are supposed to be getting??? SNOW!!! I worked all weekend and am now catching up on deep cleaning.. THANK GOD SAL helps around the house because my small amount of deep cleaning could be HORRIFIC if he werent so FANTABULOUS!!! Speaking of him, he bought me a cross pistol charm for my bracelet*SMOOOCHES* I loves him. I really cannot describe what a guy I am married to. Sal is just super and makes me happy. I dont know how he works as hard as he does and still manages to be a happy person when he gets home and just wants to spend his time with us, whatever it may be. This weekend I was able to sleep in BOTH days AND got breakfast in bed BOTH days WOOHOO!!! Sal and the little boys played in the leaves this weekend and it was cute and surprise, surprise-I took some pics. Work is ehh.. LOTS of fun, There is only 1 douche who I work with that may need to be slapped at some point, LOL.. Okay, have to get back to cleaning and mopping-can I get a WOOHOO? LMAO.. Love to you all

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I started out feeling accomplished.. And then I got out of bed LMAO.. Today is my day off, so I decided that Roman and I would run some errands. FYI for peeps coming here to JBER ALaska-NOTHING Is open before 10am.. Seriously.. I went to the post office and they were not open until 10 am and closed from 1-230 for lunch.. REALLY? Then went to the credit union to open an account, you got it!! they dont open until 10, so Roman and I walked around the px and putzed around a bit, then went to the bank and then the post office and now home making some chicken and dumplings. I also emptied out my FB friends list and only left those that I truly care about. SO many times we get friend requests by people we dont truly know and automatically friend them.. I do it because I get alot of messages from spouses with questions, but I shall henceforth be more selective unfortunately. The weather is getting colder and colder with each day, it makes you feel alive when you walk out the door in the morning. Today I saw such a touching nature moment. I was driving my the fire station and saw a cow moose in the middle of the road and her baby was still on the grass eating.. She stood strong and didnt move out of that road until that baby was by her side, moms are moms whether we are humans or moose :) we love our bebe's

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guten Morgen!

Whew, I didnt realize it had been so long since I had blogged.. I started working at Toys R Us and LOVE it.. The people are really nice and I already got a promotion, LOL.. So, Alaska is hitting the winter and we should get snow ANY MOMENT... This weekend I thought it was going to snow, but sadly it did not! BOOO... Sal is starting back at college next week, Tony started Open gym and bball tryouts are in Nov.. Im HAPPY and THRILLED to say he pulled up his English grade!!!! He is actually very proud of his hard work.. The little guys are good, we cut all their hair off, BECAUSE they asked, which is what we agreed on.. If they should want it long again, im game :) Doms turned out good but Romans looks like my mom cut it, yuck.. Ill fix it tomorrow on my off day, along with everything else.. Sal is good, he has his new office and its now all settled and he is off and running. I know I have mentioned this, but I HATE HATE HATE being the only girl left in this house.. Boys are ICKY.. I love them, but they are icky.. I have come to think that even if the toilet is the size of a swimming pool, 2 little boys will still miss it!!! UGG!!!!!But they do provide me alot of comedy. I cant believe the holidays are upon us. Is everyone else NOT nearly as ready as they should be? Also im in the market for a bread machine.. Any recomendations?

Our weekend started on Friday with dinner at Cattlemans(black angus) with Julie and Scott, which was very nice-with the exception of my blackberry gingerale-ICKY!! In other family news, my sister got a job at a bank, WOOOHOO for her!! Ick news is my brother in law, Troy, was in a car accident and now their truck is totalled, boooo.. But he is OKAY, which is what matters. Nick is in his new unit and is a team leader, his and Meagans baby is due any moment :) Their son, Dominic Giovanni is doing well and growing like a weed! Ashlee and Blake are dandy. He is enjoying recruiting and Ashlee is SOOO close to graduating and kaydence is now walking and tormenting her mother(MUHAHHAHAHAH) Cass is good and prepping for her placement test for college :) Hope everyone is doing well

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good gravy people!!

I have decided that there are just people out there in the world who LOVE LOVE LOVE drama!! Im going to give some military spouse advice....

1-if your eyeballs arent calibrated, how can you POSSIBLY know that an MP is speeding.. Also do you know that the MP isnt going on a call and for some reason isnt running lights and sirens? YES, your direct tv person is well aware of the rules on post, as im sure they come on and off that installation daily!!!

2-Dont wait until noon to call into the central appts line.. Call at 0645 if you want a same day appt.. I seriously have been stationed at Ft Bliss for 5, count them 5 years, 2 of those very recently and I have NEVER had a problem with getting ANY appts nor has ANYONE been rude to me on the phone. WHAT I THINK, is that maybe YOU are throwing these people attitude and getting it right back-is that right on their part? no, BUT they have a job where they have ZERO control over how many appts they have, that is given out by the clinics...

3-handle your business! Is it neccessary to complain on FB about something that YOU can fix yourself? BE PROACTIVE.. If you see something wrong and you dont feel the MPs are doing what YOU think they should be doing, then contact the station commander, with dates, times and names

4-The military wants us as spouses to be self sufficiant, that means that we sometimes have to figure things out and do what we need to do, it DOESNT mean to bitch and complain about every stinking thing on your post....Volunteer-be part of the solution, not the problem.. I have lately seen the oddest complaints on websites and im just shocked at some of these military spouses, they are acting like children.. WE ARENT children, we are grown men and women and SHOULD be able to figure MOST things out.

5-The ONLY way you will meet people is to get out and do it.. Volunteer, get involved.. This doesnt mean you have to volunteer on post, you can volunteer anywhere in your military or civilian community...

6-Realize living on post is the same as living off post, you will have neighbors that you like and dont like. THis doesnt mean that you have to be BFF or enemies with each other.. I can be friendly with my neighbors but not nosey or meddling.. I know that at times, people will have parties, or have loud moments.. I adjust, if its something that is happening daily, then YES speak to someone, if its here and there then be patient.. If YOU are throwing a party, speak with your neighbors to let them know that people will be arriving at such and such a time and what time the party will be over. Explain to your guests where they can park and where they cant, if you have a guest that is being a little "difficult" ask them in a kind way to tone it down a little and go back to enjoying the festivities....

Friday, October 8, 2010

17 years ago today

At 1149am in Phoenix Arizona I met a little man who would bring more love and tons of laughter to my life.. Anthony Giancarl Urzi.. He was 8lbs 11ozs and 19 inches long and a tiny bit of dark hair and gorgeous olive skin.. I had returned to Arizona from Germany to have him, because of the due date and sal's PCS time.. so my sister was in the delivery room with me. She was in high school and I thought it wuold be a great form of BC LOL... My labor with him was relatively easy, no drugs and about a 5 hour labor. He was (and still is) one of the most handsome guys I know. Tony was a very easy baby, but became a very difficult toddler and little guy.. WHEW he wore me out somedays, BUT he has turned into a fabuluos young men! Tony is the Adam Sandler of our family. Everyday something hilarious comes out of his mouth!! He is a very strong and silent type at times and ALWAYS honest.. Anthony is GREAT at so many things. He is a fabulous baseball, basketball and wrestler. He eats AMAZINGLY healthy and lives at the gym, which I will take anyday over a bratty kid that is running the streets.. Today Anthony, we celebrate your special day and it has been a wonderful experience seeing you grow. I know you will follow your dreams and be a success at ANYTHING you do, whether it be in the NBA or as a police officer.. Thank you for keeping us smiling.. KISSES my son, kisses..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hola Amigos!

Did you think I fell off the earth? Nah-I have been a little sick and just trying to sleep it off and keep the family running, LOL.. I feel MUCH better today though, thank goodness.

Im watching THE VIEW and their hot topic is about the case of the father of a soldier suing that wackadoo church for protesting his sons funeral. He won the case and then it was overturned.. I just dont get HOW in the world these people sleep at night, protesting such a thing. All this man wanted to do was mourn the death of his brave son and these people(and I use that term loosly) took away from that. I refuse to name the church on my blog, because they already get enough notariaty, BUT they SHOULD be ashamed of themselves for what they do. They should refocus on their teachings and beliefs and try and become BETTER people, not worse. Soldiers families go through enough stress during the time of a loss, they dont need that nonsense to deal with or see..*off soapbox*

So, I start my cashier/customer service training today, should be fun. Its only 4 hours so that isnt too bad. We are all doing okay, just keeping busy and WARM!! Its getting cold here..I keep hearing that this is supposed to be a bad winter, BUT bad winter definition depends on who you are talking to around here, LOL.. It means its going to be SUPER COLD and not a lot of snow, or A DUMP of snow and cold enough, LOL.. SHHH, dont tell Sal its going to be a bad winter-haha.. We arent sure we have an FRG yet, LOL still waiting on that news.. I did hear back from my ICE comment on the youth services and ODDLY they now have soccer for 4 year olds AND they said because Dominic and Roman have "experience" in gymnastics, they will put them in the next class up that doesnt have a waiting list.. I love ICE comments.. I dislike bad customer service and YES even in military facilities we as military families are entitled to good customer service.. I know alot of people just accept it because they dont realize that there can be something done in these situations.. Always handle these people with kindness though, so you dont get accused of giving the attitude or being classless. *military spouses-there is your tip of the day, LOL*