Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh so long ago..

Nearly 22 years ago there was this boy who had just gotten married to this girl, they were preparing for their 1st of what would be many precious babies. Boy left for basic training with many hopes and dreams and to take care of girl and baby. He flew ALL the way to Alabama for what would seem like eternity, but in reality was for 16 weeks. Boy worked hard and push- upped his way through training and learned how to be a soldier-girl missed him, alot.. Yeah, this is the story of us. Yesterday Sal was pinned his E8 and SOOO many memories flooded my brain while they were making speeches about him. I remember the day he left for basic training, we had only been married a week and he would be gone for our first childs birth. I was so sad for days when he left, I think I cried an ocean of tears.. I didnt want him to be gone, or to miss out on our pregnancy.. I learned quickly that me doing things on my own would definately be a normal way of life. So, Sal and I originally had said only 1 enlistment, then get out, get on with the highway patrol and move into a cabin in Flagstaff.. HAHAHAHHAHAH jokes on us, that never happened, LOL.. I remember arriving at our first duty station where Sal was the LOWEST ranking person on the ENTIRE post.. He was an E1 the day he arrived and the next day they promoted him to E2. We of course learned alot of things the hard way in every aspect of our lives, but we stuck it out. Many times we had no money, or very little of it, but we made do and just enjoyed our baby and each other and had to depend on each other for everything. Im not sure why we didnt end up getting out after the 1st enlistment was over in 1993, but im glad we didnt. We have had such an amazing time and have been able to be part of something wonderful. Sure, there have been bumps along the road whether that was with the military or our own lives, but I really cant imagine life any other way. The people that we have met over the years, the wonderful places we have been able to live at and the many experiences we have had. So, as I was putting Sals new rank on him, I litterly looked at him and remembered what he looked like when he was an 18 year old E1, he had a sparkle in his eye and loved the Army and what he does and loves being a soldier, he had the SAME look in his eye yesterday. The passion is still there for the Army and TAKING care of soldiers and being a soldier and living the life with integrity, honor, duty and loyalty.. Now I know why he never wanted to get out, he still is in love with this. So Sal, I wanted to let you know that I adore you and love you and am BEYOND proud of the man you have become. You take such wonderful care of OUR family and of OUR military family, you live what you teach and I know you can look in the mirror and be proud of yourself.. I love you honey and thanks for showing me the world, like you promised me 22 years ago...


  1. awwwww! mushymushy lovey dovey post ;-)

    Congrats to Sal for making E-8!!

  2. Beautiful, I really wouldnt be where I am without the amazing support you have given over years. Any Soldier that says they did it without a spouse as the back bone is dreaming. I love you beautiful!

  3. That is just soooooooooooo Beautifully said. I'm PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU, Thank you for serving our Country. Love you, Aunt Ellen