Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alot of things this month..

in regards to recognition.. It is The OFFICIAL month of the military family and national gratitude month.. 2 wonderful things... So, to my fellow military families-past and present, I want to thank you all for being the wonderful, loving and giving people that you are. The military family is simply amazing, I see it daily military families go through and sacrifice and it is just stupendous!!! Even military families I dont agree with are amazing, LOL.. Military families go through a buffet of situations, feelings and emotions.... Here are some examples that an average military family may go through during a 4 year enlistment:

1- most likely 2 deployments

2-at least 1 mistake regarding their military pay

3-seeing their soldier for an hour or 2 out of the day

4-trying to get Dr appts in a timely fashion

5-plumbing going on the fritz

6-a family emergency

7-saying hello and welcome home to their soldier

8-explaining to 1 or more children why the soldier parent cant be there for a bday or holiday

9-meet a life long friend in another military spouse

10-realize they are stronger, braver and smarter than they give themselves credit for.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I wonder why we put ourselves through this... Oh yeah, I know why-because we are in love with a soldier and we do what we have to do to keep it all together. We do it to make that soldier proud and for them to succeed in this. We also provide comfort for that soldier when that soldier has had a horrible day and just cant seem to do it anymore. Military families are some of the strongest people I know. I have to give a shout out to our children.. Nicholas, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anthony, Dominic and Roman, THANK YOU for providing us humor and reason for the push to succeed.. Just looking at you 6 makes us want to always strive to do better. We have dragged you to Virginia, Germany-TWICE, Italy, Georgia, Texas-TWICE, Missouri and now Alaska. You have had to change schools and meet new friends at the drop of a hat and you all make it seem so flawless and okay. I cant imagine what it is to move in the middle of highschool to another place across the world and jump right in with a good attitude and do what needs to be done.. They say that an NCO is the backbone of the army and the spouse is its heart, well you kids are the backbone and soul of this family and we couldnt be more proud of you all. You have had to say goodbye to your dad MANY times for deployments, ftx's, schools, training-but you did it with a smile and a hug and that kept daddy going.. I know it was hard to not have him home for Bdays, Christmas' easters, big sport events, school plays, etc.. But NEVER did you complain-EVER.. You really keep this military family going. I also must thank you all for being just good kids-NOT PERFECT, but good. You made my job 100 times easier, with a few exceptions LMAO.. We honestly just couldnt have gone on with this life we chose if you all hadnt been so wonderful. So, daddy and I want you to know we love you and thank you..PS-daddy's new retirement date is 2018 LMAO.. So much for 20 years..

To Sal, thanks for the ride of my life. We wouldnt be a military family without you, LOL.. I dont know how you do it sometimes and still manage to be sane.. Thank you for making me learn about the military and keeping me informed. You are a soldiers soldier and when soldiers tell me how much they admire you and look up to you, it makes me want to burst with pride!! You rock!!! THank you also for keeping me in Vera Bradly, jk!

I guess that also covered what im most greatful for as well, LOL..

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  1. I know A LOT of military wives look to you for advice and guidance Mary. So thank you for being so knowledgeable and not sugar coating it. Those who call you a friend are truly blessed.