Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Rules are made to attempt at keeping us safe. The military ESPECIALLY has MANY rules and regulations because its an organization that is in the business of discipline and structure.. If rules and regs are not things you like to follow, its fair to say that you shouldnt go into this "business" and MAYBE, just MAYBE you need to find another line of work.. The reason im blogging about this is because I belong to a FB page that in theory is WONDERFUL, BUT has turned into the biggest whine fest I have ever seen about 1 military post.. So, the other day a gentlman(and I use this term LOOSELY) inquired about WHY must the ARMY still require that we have a DOD(dept of defense) sticker on our POVs(privately owned vehicles) and that he had just gotten a ticket because his wasnt displayed as required(que violins, maybe even the smallest violin for extra measure). Well, many people responded, middle of the road responses until a brave soul challenged his integrity and leadership(this is a leader among the military) He responded in a polite, yet insulting manner, stating that he isnt one of those "brainwashed people" and he feels NOT displaying his sticker is thinking outside the box (he is paranoid obviously, about terrorism) He also stated we all that follow the rules can continue to advertise that we want to die by displaying the sticker properly.. So, since when do soldiers get to pick and choose which regulations they will follow? So, when my husband has a soldier that has beaten his wife or child or drove drunk and killed someone, the soldier can say, "well, I chose not to follow the regulations that I SWORE TO TAKE when I joined the Army???? Umm no, not gonna fly my friend, not going to fly.. Its leaders like this that destroy the WHOLE esprit de corps.. With that said, the military wants everyone to be free thinkers, BUT its a balance. The ONLY time you dont follow an order is when it isnt a lawful order.. Putting a sticker on your car that is about 3 inch by 3inch isnt being brainwashed or advertising to be killed, its following a rule and reg that for some reason the ARMY still chooses to use. I think people tend to get a wee bit paranoid about terrorism.. Should we be watchful and mindful of the things we do and our surroundings? Abso-freaking-lutely... BUT paranoia breeds paranoia and when we are paranoid, the terrorists win....


  1. *sigh* I read that the other day. That page has the potential to be so useful, and the COL has helped me twice now, along with answering minor questions.

    I wonder if the man wears tin foil hats to keep the aliens out?

  2. For God's sake.. it was a COL that suggested not using the DOD sticker? Don't get me started.
    Rules are rules, even the stupid ones were put in place for a reason. Probably because someone stupid did something one time and the rest of us pay now.
    Oy! I feel your pain!

  3. Oh, speaking of COLs and paranoia... we have a neighbor, just moved in and ordered a set of sheets for his move until HHG arrived. The box arrives from Amazon.. he doesn't remember he ordered them. He called the MPs AND the freakin' fire dept/bomb squad because he thought someone sent him a bomb. Seriously? How important do you think you are????
    There you are.. another example LOL (yes, he was a senior officer)