Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Did you think I fell off this island?

Haha, just been busy with life, kids, work, home, etc.. You know how it goes. I cant believe the holidays are here!! WOOHOO!!!!!! I love it! Even working retail, I still love it. So, living in Alaska is a VERY different experience-not a BAD experience, but it is a different culture and lifestyle here. Here are some of my funny tidbits of what I observe here-

*EVERYONE has staticky hair

*EVERYONE rolls up their jeans(so they dont get wet in the slush)

*Frozen snot is the norm

*Falling on the ice is the norm and nobody bats an eyelash

*Your truck sliding across the tundra doesnt cause panic, You just roll with it, LMAO

*people take their kids to school on sleds

*cold stone is still a busy place at 13 degrees

*moose dont slide on the ice

*people do really wear muklucks

*the frozen tundra doesnt stop some women from wearing hooker heels(but watching them walk is HILARIOUS

*reindeer sausage is number 1 here!!

*reminding 2 boys that santa lives just a few hours from here is FABULOUS!!

*We all wear spikes on our shoes here, BUT ME, because they are UGLY LMAO so Mary will continue to slide into buildings!

We are really having a fun time here, even Sal-who dislikes the cold thinks its beautiful. Dom thinks he is living here forever and if you tell him anything different he has a nervous breakdown.. I think HE is the 1 child out of 6 that isnt going to EVER like moving.. I have been working alot and I really do love it. I work for some really nice people

It is alot of fun living here, that is for sure. Tony has basketball tryouts next week, so lets wish him some luck!!!


  1. Poor guy is in for a shock when y'all have to move again!

  2. lots of staticky hair here too -- i hate it! ~~ Sissy