Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I started out feeling accomplished.. And then I got out of bed LMAO.. Today is my day off, so I decided that Roman and I would run some errands. FYI for peeps coming here to JBER ALaska-NOTHING Is open before 10am.. Seriously.. I went to the post office and they were not open until 10 am and closed from 1-230 for lunch.. REALLY? Then went to the credit union to open an account, you got it!! they dont open until 10, so Roman and I walked around the px and putzed around a bit, then went to the bank and then the post office and now home making some chicken and dumplings. I also emptied out my FB friends list and only left those that I truly care about. SO many times we get friend requests by people we dont truly know and automatically friend them.. I do it because I get alot of messages from spouses with questions, but I shall henceforth be more selective unfortunately. The weather is getting colder and colder with each day, it makes you feel alive when you walk out the door in the morning. Today I saw such a touching nature moment. I was driving my the fire station and saw a cow moose in the middle of the road and her baby was still on the grass eating.. She stood strong and didnt move out of that road until that baby was by her side, moms are moms whether we are humans or moose :) we love our bebe's


  1. Glad I made the list. It's so funny that sometimes random things you see make you think of things deeper.

  2. Awww...I wish you had a picture of the moose! So cute.

  3. I'm glad I made the facebook cut. Whew!
    The title of your blog post made me laugh. My youngest daughter says "Oh mylanta" all the time and she cracks me up. I don't know where she got that and I had never heard it before.
    She's one of my favorite people so you must be cool :)