Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good gravy people!!

I have decided that there are just people out there in the world who LOVE LOVE LOVE drama!! Im going to give some military spouse advice....

1-if your eyeballs arent calibrated, how can you POSSIBLY know that an MP is speeding.. Also do you know that the MP isnt going on a call and for some reason isnt running lights and sirens? YES, your direct tv person is well aware of the rules on post, as im sure they come on and off that installation daily!!!

2-Dont wait until noon to call into the central appts line.. Call at 0645 if you want a same day appt.. I seriously have been stationed at Ft Bliss for 5, count them 5 years, 2 of those very recently and I have NEVER had a problem with getting ANY appts nor has ANYONE been rude to me on the phone. WHAT I THINK, is that maybe YOU are throwing these people attitude and getting it right back-is that right on their part? no, BUT they have a job where they have ZERO control over how many appts they have, that is given out by the clinics...

3-handle your business! Is it neccessary to complain on FB about something that YOU can fix yourself? BE PROACTIVE.. If you see something wrong and you dont feel the MPs are doing what YOU think they should be doing, then contact the station commander, with dates, times and names

4-The military wants us as spouses to be self sufficiant, that means that we sometimes have to figure things out and do what we need to do, it DOESNT mean to bitch and complain about every stinking thing on your post....Volunteer-be part of the solution, not the problem.. I have lately seen the oddest complaints on websites and im just shocked at some of these military spouses, they are acting like children.. WE ARENT children, we are grown men and women and SHOULD be able to figure MOST things out.

5-The ONLY way you will meet people is to get out and do it.. Volunteer, get involved.. This doesnt mean you have to volunteer on post, you can volunteer anywhere in your military or civilian community...

6-Realize living on post is the same as living off post, you will have neighbors that you like and dont like. THis doesnt mean that you have to be BFF or enemies with each other.. I can be friendly with my neighbors but not nosey or meddling.. I know that at times, people will have parties, or have loud moments.. I adjust, if its something that is happening daily, then YES speak to someone, if its here and there then be patient.. If YOU are throwing a party, speak with your neighbors to let them know that people will be arriving at such and such a time and what time the party will be over. Explain to your guests where they can park and where they cant, if you have a guest that is being a little "difficult" ask them in a kind way to tone it down a little and go back to enjoying the festivities....


  1. I think I love you..
    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, I read all that earlier! I can't believe some of the things that people do/say. I try to offer advice there when/if I can, but mostly don't post there.

    Most of the 'issues' are common sense things... Like I tell Jake all the time, common sense isn't as common as we're led to believe! It has become UNcommon sense because people fail to use their heads anymore.

  2. That is excellent advise for everyone!!! Mary you always keep things real, we miss you!!!